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I have a dual problem.First, i have always been small(5" erect). I now have sugar diabetes and it has taken away my ability to get erect so i am now 3" ,not enough to penetrate my wife or girlfriend.Luckily my GF loves to suck me so i'm not left hangin',LOL.Any one with similar problems TESTIFY!
I don't have that proble, but I do have a small cock that needs to get off, by a man or woman!!!
I've alway been small but with age I seem to get smaller...about 3.5/4 in erect. Looking for someone who loves to suck and be sucked
yes i can relate to thunderstruck as i have diabetes and have lost my ability to achieve an erection but my cock still responds to a sucking mouth and i can still cum. my gf says its easier for her to suck a soft penis as she doesn't gag and can still suck it to completion and she loves to suck my balls which drives me crazy. to get me to cum in her mouth she lets me fuck her ass with my fingers. as to being able to fuck her we purchased a strap on and let me fuck her this way and its just like the real thing and no she doesn;t risk the chance of getting pregnant this way.
looking for a bi male in ohio so I can have my 1st. anal exp.
If we were only closer Daveyn
my GF luvs my lil dick in her ass !!!! N i luv when A BIG DICK is fuckin her pussy MMMMM ?????:-P:-P
I got me one of these.........:)
At 5" I am pretty average. Still small cocks are fun! They are so much more fun to suck and when a man cums, it just as rewarding. The measure of a cock cannot be determined with a ruler! My motto is that the best part of a cock is the base where it attaches to a wonderful man! Hugs :-P
Im a anal virgin and I like small cocks and want and need one up the booty can anyone help me?
I posted 4 pics of my useless dicklet. This is why I'm used like a girl now :) Hope you enjoy.
Riles please let me take your cock in my mouth
I like all sizes of penis and find joy in it all.
Small Penis on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Penis on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Penis on Bisexual PlaygroundSmall Penis on Bisexual Playground

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