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love to catch a load in my mouth and share with my girl
that is so hot ..sharing cum with my man..ur right..makes us want to have sex with each other more...:-P
love to share my mans cum with him too..not just cum he gets in his mouth..:-P
that is so hot ..sharing cum with my man..ur right..makes us want to have sex with each other more...:-P
:-P who likes sticky cum kisses????:-P
I love sticky cum kisses!!! The smell, taste and stringy clumpy texture drive me wild!
I Love to share sticky cum kisses. Yummy Wink
Sharing a load or two, better than second hand smoke! Full of protein and love potion 69!
Had it done by my girlfriend two weeks ago. One of the best kisses I've ever had!:-P:-P:-P
I have never tried it but it sounds"HOT"!Kiss
I enjoy it when one of my girlfriends does it to the other (yes I have 2, but only 2).
One of them, the one not listed in our profile really likes to snowball me as well.
love to give a kiss after a bj, what other way to says thanks?
What I like to do best is I cum all over my wifes tits. then sh svoves her tits in my face so i can lick it all off. them we share a sloppy kiss. it's great !!
Nothing more erotic than sharing some love lotion, with your man or especially with another fem--Love it!!!:-P
Never knew zactly what ya called it but I call it mmmm mmmm good! LOLLaughing:-P
oh yea.i love to cum in my wifes mouth then she lets it slide into my mouth and we kiss
been there........done that.........Want more & MORE!!!!!!!!
I love to give and get cummy kissies...;) the more the better :-D
One of the weirdest bits of wiring i've found in my brain is a complete inability to eat my own cum even though I want to. I've practically begged women I've known to snowball me, but they've all been weird about it--won't do it. The closest I've come is to masturbate on my chest and have a woman reach beHIND her, rub her finger in it a little, and put it in my mouth. She wouldn't even LOOK at me--pathetic. I've got to find a woman that will be cool with it, but every woman I meet is so g** d*** homophobic! Well, I'll probably learn blowjobs anyway, but I sure would like to find a woman that would get into snowballing me.;)
I love eating cum. Before I ever had the chance to taste another guys cum, I used to enjoy my own...and I was thrilled when was with a partner that would not get grossed out and would willingly allow me to lap up my own cum...or better yet, share it with me in a kiss. When I'm with guys...the ultimate reward for me is ending with a mouthful of a guys yummy cum. A funny story about that...I was once with a m/f couple, and it was the first time the guy was ever with another guy. After him watching me eat his gf's pussy, he wanted to see what it was like to cum in a guys mouth. So I eagerly obliged. He then kissed me..said his first time kissing a guy...then suddenly stopped and yelled..."I just realized...I just came in your mouth! You swallowed it all before I kissed you, right? Because that would be gross to kiss you if you still had cum in your mouth."
It's makes me sooo hot to watch a guy have sex with with his wife or girl friend then I go down and suckit out while I get it either with a gal with a strapon or a hard cock and get sucked to yum any invatations?
It is such an erotic feeling when my wife sucks me to completion.....then slides up to my mouth and opens hers.....and my juices drip down into my mouth....and then we kiss passionately. We are so in love.
My first post here... soon after my divorce in '97, I found myself dating a real. Freak... that is the only word to describe her. In every facet of her life she was eclectic bordering on just weird.. But she was cool, very sexual/sensual & incredibly intelligent . Anyway.. My ex-wife was a prude, laden with all kinds of hang ups. When I told her i was Bi, she flipped, I jetted... I met this gal, we started trying all the thins I couldn't with the ex. One night... she had made me hold off cumming for 6 days. I was so pent up I thought I would sneeze cum. She had been plotting for a long time, I later found out... She had given me incredible blow jobs from our very first "Platonic" date. but that night she was in total Porn-Star mode... she was putting on a show. She kept holding me off for over 2 hours.. She'd get up, get a beer.. get a snack.. all while I was ragging hard. Finally she sensed she had taken me too far over the edge... I was so dizzy from the release I was barely aware she was still there... then she was sitting on my chest & grabbed 2 fists full of hair & started kissing me.. My cum drizzling on both our chins & chests.. I was delirious. I don't think I had ever cum so much volume before & she saved it all for me... I didn't know what it was called then,, Didn't care.. She never would do it again. She did take my load a couple times & snowball a couple other guys we were partying with to see their reaction & gauge their openness... so HOT.
damn y'all this is making my cock fucking ROCK HARD!!!

Who knew such a nasty thing could be so fucking erotic.

I have enjoyed sucking cock that has fucked I wanna "snowball" and kiss afterwards.

Love t suck a sweet cum job!:)
I love when a woman holds my load in her mouth and then shares it.:-D
This is so hot of a topic that everyone should try it. Love to go down on a gal right after I do her and suck my cum out of her. Its XXXciting to snowball too. any Bi couple in the area please IM me and lets doit
i have never did snowballing before but it do sound hot
Love it when my wife snow balls me. Also enjoy licking my cum from her pussy and belly.
Any ladies want to spit cum in my mouth?
First time I did this I didn't know my gf had sucked the hubby off in another room. She came in as I was doggie fucking his wife and started french kissing me. It took me a few seconds to realize she was passing me his jiz. She was laughing and I was annoyed because it was unexpected. Since then she would open wide showing me the cum in her mouth. Then it was more sensuous.
One of my first girlfriends turned me onto this, many years ago. She was sucking my cock and when I blew my load into her mouth she pulls off my cock and with my cum running out of the corner of her mouth, plants the hottest french kiss on me, pushing my cum back to me. Swallowed every drop and I've been hooked ever since!:-P
I didn't know the term for it, but my girlfriend and I have been doing this for years. She loves giving me a blowjob, but does not like to swallow. After she sucks me dry she kisses me and I suck my cum from her mouth and I swallow every delicious drop of my cum ;) !!!
My fiirst blow job from a guy He wanted my cum and when I did cum he swallowed most but asked me if I wanted a fast and I paid back and he let the remaing cum fall from his mouth into mine and I swallowed. Then I blew him and swallowed all his cum my very first load and first time sucking cock.
My wife turned me on to snowballing. lol in anger because I didn't warn her in time to pull off and she immediately kissed me and shoved it in my mouth and said how do you like it? DAMN! I loved it.
Message me if you want to 69 and then mix our cum together and have a nice long passionate session of kissing with it in our mouths. This is one of my favorite sexual fantasies! Kiss
Snowballing on Bisexual PlaygroundSnowballing on Bisexual PlaygroundSnowballing on Bisexual PlaygroundSnowballing on Bisexual Playground

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