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Anybody with a web-cam interested in starting a game? Since it would be on-line, we'll have to adapt some of the rules. ;) Let me know folks. Jodi
Your "challenge" is almost enought to make me go buy a web cam tonite. :-)
An idea that might work is creating a private table with invites only with the yahoo Texas hold'em game and have a webcam ring set up. Could be fun....
I have a webcam and I'm on Yaho messenger,, but not sure if anyone wants to see me naked.... Laughing
id try it
This is the game me and Lisa have fun playing. We are looking for another couple will enjoy the same. We are from IL. and will exchange pics with anyone close to home.
This was how had my fist taste of cock. I lost.....hmmmm maybe I won after all.
Wouldn't mind to have a game of strip poker using my web cam with others. Would like to have another couple or female to participate with us. who knows who may win...
This is a wonderful way to help new friends lose their inhibitions on the first date. It can also be a lot of fun when everyone is naked and the winner gets to dictate what the loser has to do.... :)
Anyone in N LA County interested in a game of strip poker where the loser bottoms to the winner for the evening. When both the winner and loser go home with a happy ending.
I'm terrible at poker. Anyone want to play? lol ;) Ali
Anyone in vegas?
Strip Poker on Bisexual PlaygroundStrip Poker on Bisexual PlaygroundStrip Poker on Bisexual PlaygroundStrip Poker on Bisexual Playground

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