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Boy am I glad this interest was listed if it wasn't I was going to write to the Webbies. With that said There is nothing better than a long floppy foreskin to suck on, I love the feel in my mouthBlowjob and the feeling of that skin sliding back and forth on his cock is wonderful. I also love to hold my hard cock head to head and slide that skin over both of our cocks,when we cum like that you can watch his foreskin bulge with all that cum:-P:-P:-P
Well if there is anyone interested in a Uncut Cock in Chicago....shoot me an email.
I personally love being uncut, Dinky has two photos in the gallery. I hope you enjoy.
Looking for people in MA area who like to suck my uncut cock.
I Love sliding back the foreskin on an uncut Cock as it gets hard and exposing its mushroom shaped head before I slide my lips over the head and down to its base. Yummy. Wink
Hey I have an uncut cock and it loves to be play'd with. SE PA Philly area . Lets play!:-PLaughingLaughing:-P
I love slidding back the foreskin on a throbbing uncut Cock and teasing the head with my tongue before taking it in my mouth... Blowjob Yummy... :)
I love uncut cock love to play with the forskin with my tounge HugHug:-P
(The following is to be enjoyed, although there's no way I'll have bareback sex again until there's a cure for HIV/AIDS...) There's nothing as satisfying, to me, as having 10" of UNCUT MAN-MEAT MAKING LOVE TO MY ASS, both with my legs over his shoulders and when he bends me over - feeling every inch giving me ecstacy... Slowly at first, as I get used to him - then faster, as my lover's passion grows - ending in a man-pussy farting, slurping explosion of pleasure as he cums deep in my ass, his cum running out me as we lay there panting with exhaustive pleasure...
i have never had the chance to suck a 12 inch uncut cock.but would love to give it my best shot.would love to run my mouth,an tongue.around there anybody near syracuse,ny.that has one.(LOL)
i would like to suck an uncut cock i never have had one anyone want a Blowjob
MMMM there is nothing better than sucking the last drop of cum out of the foreskin when they go soft.:-P
As a young boy I was assamed to be different and others stared I had thoughts of cutting myself,but now today I am so happy to be uncut all the loose skin,I enjoy letting others put the head of their cocks up in my forskinand we rud the two heads together..
uncut cock what can i say i love cock but uncut is the best i love to pull on the forskin stick my dick head in to his skin noting better in the world maybe two uncut dicks later
nectcruiser' post from 2004 reminded me of the times I've shot my wad in a partner's foreskin. The one that makes me hottest to think of was with an older guy -- I usually go for younger, especially uncut younger. But this guy had a hard, hard dick and an amazing foreskin. It was long and fairly thick, compared to my almost-paper-thin one. So when I was ready to come from sucking on his foreskin for so long, I got up, pulled that beautiful skin over my cockhead, and shot and shot. His foreskin bulged, but it managed to hold my load. The guy pinched it as I pulled out to hold in in. Then I lay down, and he kneeled over me and let the cum fly out of his foreskin and into my mouth. It was so fucking hot, looking like he was the one doing the cumming. In fact, it was so hot, he promptly shot his own load, which quickly followed mine into my mouth. I'll never forget that one, and it taught me not to dismiss older guys out of hand.
uncut is the best!
i want to suck an uncut penis.
I would love to find a nice big uncut cock that is could hold and play with in north central ohio. Discreetly of course. I would want anyone coming over and taking it out of my hand. 8+ would be real nice, maybe even black.
I LOVE mature uncut cock! Is there anyone in Louisiana that fits that description and needs a good BJ contact me!
i enjoy my uncut meat
Looking for horny bi-gay uncut tops ,for the pleasures we can share. No pain,might consider a ltr. with
I agree they're great ! :-P
I love uncut cocks, love the way the skin slides up and down in my hand and mouth. Looking for cocks near Ocala florida. let me hear from you cum one cum all.
I would like to have a meet with a small group of uncut men like myself . Maybe make a regular thing of it find others who would like to cum visit, be our toy for the day or ?
I always can of leery of uncut cocks until I was of a web site and hook up with a bi man also he had a 7in cock when he show it to me I said oh know don't like uncut he said why did you have one before I said know he said while you do like cock right I said yes while just touch it he reply so I did it felt smooth in my hand like it had lube on it so I started jacking it I would cover the head and back down again then I saw pre cum leaking so I bent down to taste it and he said there you go not bad right I said and lick a little pre cum off it them said what the hell I took his cock all way in it felt different for sure I would my lips and move the foreskin up and down his cock them when he grab the back my neck I knew he was going off so I swallow his load right down with know problem that was my first uncut but not my last and I must say it really felt good when he fuck me you could just feel the fore skin sliding up down his cock t felt awesome.Kiss:-P
Would love to try sucking a uncut cock in Edmonton
I enjoy other uncut men like me,hit me up if you like to share our foreskin together
would love to suck smooth uncut cocks around california mo
Uncut Penises on Bisexual PlaygroundUncut Penises on Bisexual PlaygroundUncut Penises on Bisexual PlaygroundUncut Penises on Bisexual Playground

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