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Age, Preference:
53, Bisexual
Gender, Race:
Male African American
Practice Safe Sex:
Once in a while
I have a good amount of experience
6' 3, 215 lbs. (Athletic)
Bald Black
Eye Color:
I don't have glasses
Interested In Ages:
30 - 45
Looking For:
Single Men
Single Women
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Long Term Relationship
Interested In:
1 on 1 Sexual Relationship
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
Group Sex
Well the best way to describe myself, I am a gamer. I also love watching Anime,Sci-fi,and horror movies...and some tear jerkers. I like to be with most people. Though I have gone out with both sexes I can say I have never been in a 3 way with both sexes. I love to have fun, I workout on a regular basis. Also know this about me I love to wrestle,it is a turn on for me. I have my rules for wrestling and they are very simple rules. If we meet and I like you and you like me we can wrestle if you can get me to submit then I am yours for as long as you want me. but if I beat you and cause you to submit...then me, and I will have my way with you. I also have a foot fetish I love good looking feet. I don't want you all to think I am freaky.... cause I am but it is also because I know what I want and what I am looking for which is a Bi woman who can accept me for who I am. Oh by the way the wrestling is for the guys who think they can take me but if some of you women feel you can wrestle me then by all means let's do it!!! =) Take care and be safe.
Getting Together:
MilkyNachos has never gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
MilkyNachos can entertain at their home.
MilkyNachos would like to meet at a Bar.
MilkyNachos can travel up to 25000 miles.
Ideal Situation:
My ideal situation for meeting is to either meet at the movies or to meet for dinner, some place where we can have fun chat and really get to know each other. Ok well we can't chat in the theater we would piss to many people off, but hey we can talk about the movie Have fun see if we have a connection. If we gel really well together then hey......all I can say is.....Breakfast included!!!!!

MilkyNachos's Rating

8.5/10 by 37 people

MilkyNachos's Status

trying to get better

Hey there!! i remember you from a long time ago and you helped me out on here alot. just a very belated from me
Dang it we missed you at the BBQ Tim! I want my clit lick! hehehehe s and es T
Give me all yer s Tim... LOL.... ya dude!!

I bet BBA is hiding his s...Trad ya some Popeyes for a few
ya and Miss you bunches!!!
I miss ya Tim!! Hope your doing ok.
, Courtney

My Milky Nachos (BBA)... You are such a Sweet ...!
Joe and I were sooooo glad we got to meet you. Joe said you can play with my toe ring anytime, and he also said you should be a Tina Turner look-a-like if you ever decide to cross over! If you get the chance to meet Tim... Do It! We are glad we did! See ya soon s and es... Sue and Joe
Tim ..... you were kickin.....I am so glad I got to meet you man .... I WILL be gettin to you through email bud are the best ....

This guy is a riot. He will have you laughing from the time you wake up till you go to sleep. Just never give him directions because no telling where he may end up. Awesome clit licks

Tim....or should I say (B.B.A.) LOL It was so great meeting you at the BBQ, you were just awesome, our sides are still hurting from laughing. Had a great time even though there was no chicken Cant wait to meet again s
Tim...... out the drive....... go left ...... left....left.... and left again It was SOOOO good to finally meet you.. and remember... I got the goods baby
Tim is such a blast in chat! Hope you can get to the bbq in July! s
Thanks for the egg where is my clit lick? LOL ya!
i think tims in cahoots with the damn heehees
could i please have an egg
What a awesome person! ! s
Where's those s
enjoy talking with you in chat!
to ya Nachos. I finally read your entire profile and wow!!! What a nice guy. My back is almost ready to assume the position..LOL.......
Much , Courtney

Hiding anymore ies?
this is the sweetest nacho i know
s es
cum on baby bring it on make my day i need a piece of ass like yours reamber loser takes all and you what you have to handel when your on the ground begging for mercy baby in all of this playing i just tyhank you for being such a sport about the hole thing you are a very rare guy who i have much respect for and much love

Here ie ie
happy egg hunting tim
I love ya Tim! you always make my morning brighter! I am still looking for you in my bushes to kidnap me! If you ever get a chance to chat with Tim jump at the chance. He will make it worth your while. He actually sent me when I was sick to see how I felt. Now that is just a sweet person! I am happy that I have met you and have a friend in you. ya Tim.
Tim is a sweetheart..what a fun guy too! Always love chatting with him. sss n es to you sweetie!
love chatting with ya i the morn. You make my day hun. Great sense of humor. ya.
You've just gotta Tim. Why? He's just a downright nice guy that'll do ANYTHING for POPEYES chicken! lmao
Truthfully, he's a very sweet individual that I've had the pleasure to meet and now call a friend. Get back to Philly soon Tim! There's a Popeyes on every corner!
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