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Adult Bookstore with Gloryhole Pittsburgh

we are an open couple who really enjoy the lifestyle we really like adult theatre and bookstore ang gloryhole sex
Curious about being sissy. Love being treated like a woman sexually. I am submissive. Fantasize of being gang rapped, gang banged, one or more users of any age and race. Especially like the idea of being a sissy boi for blacks. Love being in aN adult theater or bookstore gloryhole being a raw sissy faggot
Bicurious mwm looking for mr right for an encounter outside an adult bookstore
Straight Just wondering about the adult bookstore world
Straight guy who likes to jack off in an adult bookstore video booth while another guy watches me.
Upscale , clean guy when I retire I plane on traveling the country hitting every adult theater/bookstore
The best advice I can give you is to look it up online in your area that's what I did and I find a few con to look up adult bookstore with gloryhole or adult theater
Gloryhole at an Adult Bookstore. I love Gloryholes.
First time was a black man through a gloryhole in an adult bookstore. It was the best tasting thing I’ve ever had. I’m now a cum addict and will eat it from anyone’s cock.
What you are describing here sounds like Victorian adult bookstore. Didn't really have a theater, but the arcade had many gloryhole booths and the owner liked to play too?

Liked this arcade, only had to pay an entrance fee, didn't have to feed the machines to keep the movies going.

Big Sky Bookstore had an arcade, a movie theater and three voyeur booths with women who would do dildo shows, etc. They would also stop the movie in the theater 4 times a night and one of the women, would come into the theater. Do a strip tease in the front, then nude, go through the rows dancing for tips.

Lots of touching of the dancers 😈😎
Ever been to Adult World on Touhy or 15th Ave bookstore or bookstore on Manheim?
Do it at a bookstore or hotel setup as a gloryhole where both of you get what you want without ever seeing one another.


Glory Holes Florida
I'm pretty sure the adult bookstore i used to go to which was called Adult Superstore Warehouse off of Sample and Powerline had gloryholes. I know they had booths that you could rent to watch movies. But I hear it was also a Gloryhole. I found this out a year after I left South Florida.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I love the adult bookstore if I wasn't for the adult bookstore still only be getting f***** on my girlfriend's dad but the bookstore I can go get dressed up I can get f*** I can suck dick
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I love to suck cocks and swallow in the Adult Bookstore gloryhole. Yummy!!!!
Glory Holes Montana
Montana Gloryhole locations (Adult Bookstores): Missoula: Fantasy for Adult (2) locations Billings: Ball Bookstore The Victorian Great Falls: Pretty Girls Butte: Rocky Book Store
Adult Theaters
I once dressed in a minidress, fishnets and high heels. I had make-up on and a wig and I went to an adult bookstore and had fun watching people look at me. They knew I was a guy, but most just stared at my butt and legs. A few younger women were there and they watched me as they whispered and giggled. I took my time looking at magazines and even went back to a booth, one with a gloryhole in it. The feeling was intense and I carefully, enjoyed myself. When I left the store, several people watched and smiled at me.
Glory Holes
Just got finished with a great gloryhole meal..Went to the local adult bookstore just after lunch hoping to get luck. Put ten dollars in credit on the machine and wait for what seems to have be forever before I heard the door on the booth next door shut and lock. Then I was on the hunt!!!! Looked through the hole to see and man in his early thirties rubbing his cock through is pants. Put my two fingers through the hole, then pulled them back and wait a moment before getting down to hole level. Much to my joy and relief, he was pulling his cock out and stroking it. Stuck my mouth up to the hole and wiggled my tongue and Bam I had a cock down my throat sucking like a kid deprived of his favorite sucker. This carried on for about then minutes before I felt his cock swelling in my mouth. Let loose a nice size load of his cum down my throat. But much to my dismay he pulled back quickly stuck his cock back in his pants and left. Bummer. Love Good Gloryhole Fun.


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