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Adult Theater Sex Bisexual

Adult Theater Sex Bisexual on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Theater Sex Bisexual on Bisexual Playground
we are a very freaky married hispanic couple that like to hit local adult video shop or adult theater
Adult theater purveyor. Always looking for fun!
later,adult theater gobbledygook
interested in Adult theater or glory hole sex
I am a bi-curious white male. I've had several bi experiences (mostly being sucked at an adult theater) and would like to go a bit further.
I like toys, porn, DP, pnp, adult theater fun, big cock group and sometimes il wear a skirt or more if you like
Just east of Gainsvelle Fl at corner of 26 & 301 there is an adult store with theater and booths 2 of which have glory holes. Clean place nice staff also have a theater I enjoyed playing in both booths and theater.:-P
Have an adult theater here in Billings, MT. Has regular theater seats, not couches. 24 total seats. Mostly gay/bisexual guys, but couples do stop by. Have spent many an hour sucking cocks and ccassionally boobs and pussies too.

Tuesday night's are T-gurl movie night, Wednesday night is Gay movie night. The rest of the nights are "regular" porn. They rotate 4 movies per day.

The staff is generally cool with the activity in the theater.
I live in Dfw area and there's at least 6 not counting the theater/swing . It's called the lido in Dallas ,it's a two stories. Up stairs is theater and rooms.on Friday and Saturday it's couples only $18 singles can go up for $150.00. Down stairs is another theater for gay and viewing booths,plus full adult store.Sunday thru Thursday's ,$18 gets you every wife and I have had a lot of fun there.
I have been a long time fan of going to Adult Theaters for naughty play. The excitement of sitting in a semi-dark theater with a perfect stranger whom I have never said a word to sucking my cock as others around us watch and jo is a huge thrill to me. I have had many such encounters. After meeting my wife I would tell her of my theater adventures. She thought they was really hot too. We tried to go as a couple a few times and only once was it very fun. That was in a theater in Las Vegas and she ended up nearly naked (sun dress completely unbuttoned and laying open, nothing else on but shoes). At one point she had 4 or 5 pairs of hands feeling her tits and pussy and legs as she sucked one cock and I sucked another... After playing for a long time I crawled between her legs and fucked her as a couple guys fingered my butt and tweaked my tits. She had a cock in her mouth as I filled her cunt with cum. Such fun.

Our other attempts to relive that exp have been ruined by way too aggressive and pushy guys. So now I go alone wishing I could sneak her in without anyone seeing her so she could see all of the fun I have. All of the theaters here in Sacramento are closed now, damn it. There is one 70 miles away and another 90 miles away so I don't get to them as often as i'd like.

How many of you go to adult theaters for fun, either men going alone or going as a couple? Any ladies ever attempt to go alone? Do you have a theater near you where at least some cock sucking can happen? Love to hear about all of your stories and hear where the good theaters are located.


I have posted a story of my first adult theater experience on the Nifty's Sex Story web page under gay/encounters titled Adult Theater Experience.

I don't think there is a theater in fullerton lived there 4 years and lived 2 blocks away there is a regular movie theater over by Costco adult theaters seem to be in la Hollywood but now im in san diego just an update
What you are describing here sounds like Victorian adult bookstore. Didn't really have a theater, but the arcade had many gloryhole booths and the owner liked to play too?

Liked this arcade, only had to pay an entrance fee, didn't have to feed the machines to keep the movies going.

Big Sky Bookstore had an arcade, a movie theater and three voyeur booths with women who would do dildo shows, etc. They would also stop the movie in the theater 4 times a night and one of the women, would come into the theater. Do a strip tease in the front, then nude, go through the rows dancing for tips.

Lots of touching of the dancers 😈😎


As you can tell by my name I love to look. When not watching porn on the Internet I go to a ABS or adult theater. The theater is about 70 miles away so I can't go as often as I like. The place is clean and relaxing. You might see a couple going at it or some guy stroking his cock watching the movie.
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I'd love to find a job in the sex industry. Working in an adult book store. Maybe an adult theater. I'd really like to do a gang bang rape video with only BBC. If nothing else, working in an all Blackmans gym as a towel boy. Lindawantabe
Glory Holes Tennessee
Adult World is an adult store/arcade/theater about 30 minutes north of Knoxville, I-75 exit 141. Most of the arcade booths have glory holes. I sucked 2 cocks there yesterday!
Adult Theaters
Can anyone tell me if there is an adult theater in or around Winchester, KY.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Adult theater sex is great. Everyone should try it.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
there is an adult theater in flint


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