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Adult Wife in Maine Wants to Fuck in Maine

Adult Wife in Maine Wants to Fuck in Maine on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Wife in Maine Wants to Fuck in Maine on Bisexual Playground
i am 5'4" tall 120 lbs 59 years old. i shave my balls and ass. i where glasses.i live in maine so anyone form maine call answer anytime.
shaved masculine retired firefighter from up north looking for real discrete and regular fwb. bi married to wife who has had zero interest in sex or romance lst 20 year. i travel allot to chicago to text to florida and maine
New in Maine..looking
I'm 27 just moved to Maine from Boston. Looking to have fun
Hi, we are a curious Maine couple looking for the same.
im 22 from maine im about 5 foot 6 137 pounds
hi guys this will be my first time my wife wants me to try it.if you like to show me please let me no. looking for some one in northern maine.I am up there three nights a week I stay in caribou maine.ok then if I can;t fine some one in northern maine; where do I look; or go; help me I am sure some where there is the right guy waiting for me.let me no.
formally from maine.. up north between augusta and bangor you can sometimes find moose.. deer are everywhere including on the highways.. be careful..late july can sometimes get warm...where in maine will you be heading? maine isnt really big and unless you meet people on here.... things are "closed" around there as far as swinging and such.. good luck and enjoy !!!.. i miss maine and hope to go back someday/...
Is there hospitality in Maine. My Wife & I are traveling to Maine in July(late) and wonder if there is anyone willing to host us a night or two, or meet for a meal. Recommendations of where to see moose appreciated.
Some geological engineers from the U.S.G.S. recently surveyed some property in New England and found that in a certain area, the New Hampshire and Maine border must be changed.

They stopped at a farm house to inform a farmer that he no longer lived in Maine, but now in New Hampshire.

After a long pause, the farmer's blond wife grunted and said, "That's good. I couldn't take another one of these Maine winters."

Be Happy
D i c k:)
Hi, Maine is the place to be. The people are great there. Hope you hook up. Just got back, going again myself in the morning to Appleton, and then to Millinocket. Very short notice but I do this alot. Go to the Northwoods and travel the Golden Road if you have time by Mt. Katahdin. See moose, bear, dear, best Maine has to offer. Good luck on your trip. ctearl- Ct. longing for Maine
We had some heavy rains and power outages but all is well in maine :) Well, at least in my area of maine


Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Can not wait for the two adult bookstores in Portland Maine to reopen. Have sucked many cocks for cum there and have had same done for me. Ass fucking is quite common and appreciated too.
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
there was a rest stop in Maine that you could go there anytime.for a threesome. i sucked many cocks there.everytime i got close to the rest stop i got a hard on right away.then i would walk in the woods there was men evrywheres wanting to get suck off or they would go down on you.the summer time this place was awsome for great sex.i was sucking a man thru a glory hole i was bent over and i had a guy taken my pants down.he was sucking me then he wet my nice bun hole and stuck his big cock in my ass.boy that felt good mmm i was getting fuck and i was getting fuck in the mouth.there was lots of horny men was like paradise. i gone to this rest stop maybe thousands of times.but the damn state of Maine shut it down.they close it.all the nice places where i use to go are close down. Bert a friend ps i will write other stories soon.
Transsexual Personals
If u ever come to maine let know💋😘
I luv to dress up if someone near me maine
Breast Milk
Anyone in Maine want there breasts sucked? ;)
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked
Anyone in Southern Maine Want a Blow Job


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.