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Arkansas Bisexual Personals

Arkansas Bisexual Personals on Bisexual PlaygroundArkansas Bisexual Personals on Bisexual Playground
28 bisexual guy from arkansas looking for fun
We are a couple from hot springs Arkansas. Looking for a bisexual female who likes to party and get freaky
53yo bisexual male in arkansas looking for something in memphis little rock jonesboro area
I am older guy who loves porn escepially bisexual, and kinky. Have long white hair mostly in pony tail. I get hot just reading the personals. At my age I don't get out much but was kinky before kink became of ok. Also like water sports
Bisexual dad and grandpa in a sexless marriage. Looking for local cocks to play with. I’m around ARKADELPHIA, Arkansas. If you’re close let’s get together
We are a young bisexual couple who just relocated to Arkansas. We are looking for same sex encounters and possibly for couples. Overall we are just hoping to meet interesting new people.
The popular topics list shows you which category a post is in. The recent topics list doesn't and personals posts from couples in Arkansas are highly unlikely to be for me, so I think it would be useful to have two separate lists for recent personals and recent discussions as the latter is really what I'm here for.
“Wild” can mean anything. Was it somewhere you could have been caught? Was it in the woods? On a plane?

For D and I, I think the wildest place was in Arkansas. “Arkansas?” Yes, Arkansas. We paddled a canoe out to an island (Sugar Loaf Mountain) in the middle of Greer’s Ferry Lake. The island had a trail that we climbed up over 500 feet to the highest point, and there were these huge boulders on top. We found a big flat rock, and had sex in full view of the surrounding area, with a 360º panorama. There was something very primal about it.
Bentonville Arkansas/bella vista / Rogers Arkansas
Looking for Arkansas cock this weekend. South Arkansas. Come fuck us.
Hey, Primetime. Try posting in the Maine personals forum, unless you’re looking to travel.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB
bill, i don't think that separating the personals from the discussion section would decrease the popularity at all. i think that both have their place and that those of us that read the forums for the discussions would keep them moving along :) those that are looking for the personals can do the same.
sunshine and babe


Women Who Like Bi Men
Sorry folks, but I have to say it. This is an Interests page, not a Personals page. You are supposed to comment on the topic of interest, in this case "women who like bi men." That said, I think it shows how difficult it can be to find a lady like this. I have only ever known one in my life, and I'm 53. I'll admit to being quite envious of guys like the male half of CuriouslyPlayfullCpl. Yes, you are indeed "one of the lucky ones."
Bisexual Couples Having Sex
arkansas anyone
Couples Looking For Bisexual Men
Hey there, anyone in NW Arkansas lookin' for fun?
If there is any bbc in sw Arkansas please contact me
1 Woman For Woman
Arkansas women in here?
All Men Orgies
Absolutely if Arkansas I'll be there and love it


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.