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Beutiful Romantic Naked Sucking Breast Couples on Bed Pics

Beutiful Romantic Naked Sucking Breast Couples on Bed Pics on Bisexual Playground
I'm a bi-male that enjoys both sexes and loves getting naked with others. Truly love having my cock sucked my men and sucking theirs. I also enjoy photography and like taking pics of others and having pics taken of me naked.
we both like sex we have a lot in commen and we also keep the naked pictures to our selfs i do not show my wife and naked pics of women and she does not show any naked pics to me but we both love getting naked we dont send pics sry
I am a 40 year self described breast fiend ;) I love a man and his hard dick, but nothing beats a woman's breast mine included. I think about sucking tits all the time so I'm usually hot a bothered and will step into the bathroom at my office and pull my tits out of my bra and let them rub up against my dress for the rest of the day. Something about talking to my coworkers with my tits out under my dress while they're unaware really turns me on. I've definitely been known to pull my tits out in the car while I'm driving alone and get lost in driving my nipples wild. My biggest fantasy is a breast sucking 69 with a woman with beautiful tits and nipples that fill my mouth with joy. I'd love a breast pen pal if not local. Let's swap breast stories and pics.
30, handsome sexy, married guy, looking or some fun. Prefer couples/females. Watching couples Breast play--love sucking tits. Give GREAT massages for couples.
we are beutiful romantic, easy going , spiritual funny couple looking share a lot interets
were good people just trying something new in our relationship we are clean, and safe, we are smokers and oca.drinkers not to often ...... were just out here looking for a new experience........ a beutiful women or a beutiful couple hey lets chat!
if we was closer i love breast milk i would breast feed off you with both of us naked
I too am looking for breast play. i have extremely big nipples - great for sucking. Unfortunately, I'm in the Rio Grande Valley in southern TX. May be traveling to DFW area in May. Would luv to get together. New member here but will be posting pics soon.
There are a lot of people in denial. Especially men who claim, "I'm straight but I like sucking dick". I get that, as that describes me. I have no romantic interest in men, but I love having sex with them.

As has been mentioned, there are a lot of couples where one is bi and one is straight.
If you do something with a guy that you can’t do with a woman then I wonder if it isn’t more curiosity than being bisexuality.

I was always interested only in women; I saw so many pics and videos of women sucking dicks that I started wondering what it was like and that, of course, led to trying it myself. Pretty much the same thing happened with anal sex; if it hadn’t been something new that I couldn’t do with a woman and therefore became curious about, I doubt I would have ever tried either it or sucking cock. I can’t imagine having a romantic relationship with another guy but I have found my fascination with cocks to be ongoing. Anal sex, not so much.
I would love to breast feed you. Sucking on my breast so hard tasting my sweet milk. yummy!
Looking for woman for freindship and mutual breast sucking. I have a breast fetish and want to lick some nipples and tits and have mine done too. Discreet female inquiries only.


Attractive Couples
Some REALLY AWESOME couples on here!!! But in my opinion they should post NAKED pics of themselves!! Don't have be sexual just NAKED!!!
Being Naked
I don't have a beutiful body but I like feeling the warm sun and breeze on my body. Since I'm home alone most of the time and i live in the country I am naked most of the time. I wish my wife liked it but she will not even go to bed naked. I'm naked right now. I even work in my shop, garden and grill naked unfortunatly I have to get dressed when my wife comes home. :)
I love playing with breast, sucking and bitting them massageing them . breast trun me on and make me wet!!!KissKiss
Picture Trading
I think that trading pictures is a good way to see who you are dealing with when they don’t have a web cam. Also it is interesting to see what type of pics people have that they are willing to trade. I am willing to trade pics with any ladies that want too, but they will be mine, since I am not permitted to trade pics of my wife without her permission. Though if she gives me her permission then I could trade them too, but that’s only once she gets to know you. I have clothed and naked pics for trading so if you decide to want to trade please tell me which you would want. ;)
Erotic Photography
:)Laughing I like to watch and look at erotic pics especially of Cocks and Pussy. I have never been photographed myself naked or anything. Sexy nude pics are sexy to look at for sure.Kiss
Dining Out
Now we know people who do this almost every night and we think its great if you are that lazy and have the money, but to alot of us Dining out is a treat and away to be romantic with each other. It is a great way to start of a romantic evening and the best way to end it is eating your dessert and I do not mean at the resturant unless you want to be kinky. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf


Hey, thanks a ton. I absolutely love your site. There are so many beautiful posts/pics here. Mmmm, could be fun.