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Bi Sexual Married Couples Playing with Other Married Couples Videos

Bi Sexual Married Couples Playing with Other Married Couples Videos on Bisexual PlaygroundBi Sexual Married Couples Playing with Other Married Couples Videos on Bisexual Playground
I am a bi sexual man who enjoys playing with men and couples, male and female couples and married couples. I enjoy everthing that does not involve pain. Safe sex is a must and just like Las Vegas, what happens here stays here. Prefer older men and women over 45.
Married couple, have some experience in foursome swinging and even several threesomes. Mainly we go for oral sex, but we are open to go further than that with the right people. We are both bi-sexual (yet 70-80% straight). We are looking for couples that are married to each other, live together, or are committed to each other (and certainly we do not want to meet couples that are married to "others"!). We are also looking for single M/F that are not married nor cheating on their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.
I am Married swinging alone,bi-curious to bisexual have had some experiences,I am in good shape,average to stocky build,cowboy type,clean shaven(you know what I mean).Brown hair and green eyes.I have a great personality and easy going,not pushy and discreet.Looking for couples and singles for some extra fun sexual activity.I am up to almost anything,XXX videos,toys,role playing,lets talk about more.
I am a white, slender (size 6), happily married, bi-curious female living in the triad. My husband knows of my desires and is supportive, but will not be involved in intimate activities I may encounter. I like all kinds of music, traveling, and photography. I just want to have sex with girls, not scrapbook with them. Anything above this is just to give you an idea of who I am, not really what we would do together. I'm into a few simple toys, vibrators, scarves, very girly stuff. No S&M, strapins... ugh. I'm seeking a very feminine and pretty girl like me. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples. I'm not into couples, so don't ask, it will be just me and you... girl-on-girl. Now a couple of girls would be ok with me, just not traditional couples.
We are an Open-Minded very friendly married black Couples living in the Columbus, Georgia area. We are disease and drug FREE. You MUST be also.. :) We are seeking other married couples and single bi females for some sexual and non-sexual fun. We prefer building a friendship first and then becoming more when everyone is comfortable. If you are interested, please contact us ASAP so that we can make some plans.
I am a married man looking for sexual roll playing with men, woman , couples and crossdressers and shemales.
Hello to all married Indiana couples. 47 y.o. single white bi male here in Northwest Indiana looking for married bi couples or a married couple in which hubby is bi or bi-curious and wifey is straight to hookup for fun and sexy MMF times. Please email here. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

I am solely attracted to women, but fantasies of sex with men and couples. I think about oral and even anal sex with men on a frequent bases. I married and enjoy sex with my wife. She doesn't know about my membership to BP, but I have been a member here much longer than we have been married. I am straight in relationships, but bisexual in my sexual desires. Some people have a strong sexual side and are uninhabited in sexual desires. Doesn't make them gay to want sex
I'm a mature bi-man in Dallas who is looking to make friends and sexual companions with couples and select singles in the DFW area. If you have a father fetish or just want to get together with someone who is mellow, intelligent, and highly sexually charged, email me here and let's explore our mutual interests. Please no married men who are playing without their wives.
When we signed up 16 years ago, the site was just a few years old. I discovered the site through a Usenet group! That’s how long we’ve been paid members. Back then, it was mostly couples looking for other couples or singles (unmarried, in other words)

T. of IonSawmill (cis-male-bi, he/him)
Coastal Alabama, USA. Seems like lately it’s been overrun with married men cheating on their wives with other married men.
Does anyone agree with me that we could use a couple more categories in the 'Looking for' portion of our profile? Some of my suggestions would be 'married men, married women, male couples, female couples, and groups. I know some people interpret 'singles' as unattached and there are quite a few people that will play without their partners participation and we quite often would like to meet a same sex couple or group and think it would be helpful if other members could see at a glance that we are open to those opportunities.
We totally agree with what was said here.
We think no one here is judging this or that person by having an affair or whatever called.

Some couples simply will not hook up with married males or females if their halves are unaware of their sexual activities out of marriage

Personally. We have male friends that We play with that are married. Their wives are unaware of that.
That does not bother Us.
Nobody is perfect. We are not perfect also..


NJ "affair couple" (married, but not to each other) has special interest in bi married ladies, young bi married men, and bi affair couples like us - we figure you understand where we're coming from, and also the extra "logistics" involved...
New Jersey
Any attractive bi "affair couples" (married, but not to each other) interested in playing with same? Contact us...
I agree fliriting can be a good ice breaker. I Love flirting with woman and men and couples. Love flirting online in chat rooms or IM's. Gets both parties in the mood and to get to know eachother better. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota married bi-sexual female looking for BI=SEXUAL FEMALE/BI CURIOUS FEMALE FOR FRIENDS //WITH SEXUAL BENEFITS... THANKS BRANDI.:)Hug
1 Man On 1 Man
Want ongoing suck buddy to 69 with in the Bishop, CA area. Must be some guys on the total DL that love or want to try sucking cock that go skiing or snowboarding on a regular basis? Married couples++, Married on DL+, single, 1 or 2 men, gay, Bi, Tranny, cross dressers, I’m all about having great sex in my life. Love to please men & women. Horny 24-7.
Porn is great!!! Gets the juices going and keeps your mind from losing the sexual nature within us all. Most married cpl's w/o interest in sex should watch it together and alone. It keeps the mind healthy and sexual! The "bad" syndrom of porn is not "bad" it actually stimulates the mind and body. Too bad so many "straight laced" couples don't look at it this way! They'd actually have better sex, commitment, enjoyment and true love for eachother! Half the American population keep their sexual sides so hidden that they don't even know how to get out of their own way! Hug
We're a central Orange county bi married couple looking for bi singles and couples for hot regular sex and singles, couples, and nude families for nude beach/resort/home fun


Hello, how are the two u doing? Well I am doing good lots of studying and typing. I am in my last year of college. I am 28 year old male. I was married for 5 years but I lost her to cancer at the age of 24. I am bisexual and looking for a couple to become intimate with and long term friendship. I love your web site and I feel that u have done a wonderful in helping pursue their sexual interest. Also, I wanted to tell the two of that both of u are sexy and u make a good looking couple. Thank u for the welcoming letter.