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Black Woman Fucked and Fingered by Two White Guys

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Black Woman Fucked and Fingered by Two White Guys on Bisexual PlaygroundBlack Woman Fucked and Fingered by Two White Guys on Bisexual Playground
Hey my name's Chris πŸ–€πŸ˜ I am a white girl inside and outside I was born a male for right now πŸ™‚ lm wanting to become an actual White girl πŸ–€ I am πŸ’― black guys only and girls are too. I'm bisexual I think. I am more into being with black men really, if your a white girl that loves black men too hmu :) and black guys hmu too especially black guys πŸ–€ hehe ☺️ I'm attracted and feel in love with being with black men only πŸ–€ my first time I was 13 years old and I have always and will be with black guys πŸ–€ I don't mind being friends with white guys but your not my type πŸ–€ I'm submissive and fem bottom πŸ’― bottom only, if I'm with a female she has to accept that I like riding that black cock like a cowgirl and twerk my thick fat white juicy ass while I'm riding black guys πŸ–€ πŸ₯° I've only been with 3 or 4 black men. I want to be more a lot more than 4. I have emotions and my feelings are literally female chemical change inside my head that makes me feel like I'm supposed to be actually a white girl instead of this white boy I am. I am πŸ’― a white girl especially in bed with black men! Anyway hmu Id love to find a dominant controlling, and forceful black man and or black men as in always wanted to be with two black guys at the same time πŸ–€
im a straight guy who just likes to have sexual fun with guys. i dont like relationships with guys. i like sucking dick, being sucked, being fucked, fucking, getting my ass rimmed, getting my ass fingered by guys. with girls- anything
Average sized white male looking for black guys only. Be at least 7in or bigger. Looking for dominant black guys only. I want to be used like a whore. Fuck my face and nut down my throat. Really want to try a BBC blowbang, so if you have a crew thatd be awesome. Have not been fucked in the ass yet, but am really wanting to lose my anal virginity to a BBC.
My beautiful wife is a 25 year old very attractive very fertile white woman whom I want to be in a serious very committed and submissive relationship long term and getting pregnant by black men. I am an inferior 27 year old white male trying to become black owned sissy fuck slave and serve worship obey and be feminized permanently becoming a black mans bitch want to be forced to get butt and boob job and be fucked by alpha black daddy’s for the rest of my life. I want to be on my knees every morning waiting for my black master to wake up and give me orders or grab me by my face and spit in my mouth or make me suck his balls and rim his alpha male ass hole I will be the happiest white sissy ever if I am able to find black men who want to take a white boy and his wife and force me to my natural place as a sissy servant taking all my manhood and allowing me the honor to serve worship and get fucked by black cocks.
Im shaved head very tattooed short 5'4 I love sucking black cock and being fucked by large black cocks. Sry just not into white guys.
I am a female, bi, 19 and white. He is bi, 22, and black and mexican. We live in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Im into white girl and black guys, and he into white girls and white guys. Been together for 2.5 year...and we never had guys or girl join us but we want too!!
Wish I had a nice 11 inch black cock in my ass. You don't have to be that big, I just want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a black guy. If you want to fuck a white guy, here I am. I'd like to taste the cum from a black guys cock too. Come on guys. Make me happy.
I love watching a black guy feeding his dick in a white guys mouth! I was at an Abs the other day, looked thru a glory hole and there was a black guy getting sucked by a shy white guy! You could tell he was new at this, ever few minutes he would pull his mouth off the black dick but the black guy would gently pull the guys head back to his dick and fuck his mouth some more. So hot to watch that white guys suduction!
I love to fuck a woman in the ass. It is so hot feeling her muscles tighting around my cock. I have fucked a couple of guys in the ass and it was great. I have been fingered, rimmed and had anal beads. I cant wait to be fucked for the first time
Im not a normal white guy who really fantasizes about black guys! I am attracted to only black men because my first time was with a black guy when I was 13! He was my best friend growing up. We hung out every day! He made me into this haha and I love it. Yes I want to be double penetrated and be gang banged, yes. I'd love to meet a black man πŸ–€ that is of course dominant and controlling is my biggest attraction and as well as black guys have the best and most amazingly beautiful personalities, that is the biggest one for me! I keep seeing all these dudes bagging to be fucked by BBC's y'all seriously should lay off no wonder why they aren't talking to you 🀣. I'm on here because I'm looking for something real and serious πŸ–€πŸ₯° Ive got my kinks and stuff like everyone else does but I'm more respectful than a lot of you guys saying your sub, sissy, BBC slut, okay if that's the case quit bagging post something normal like this post :) yes I know my profile has what I'm into and what I'm doin//looking for as far as black men! #blacklivesmatter #weallmatter #letsallgetalong4once
Hi I'm Cindy a crossdresser,,I read the posts here,,,and guys don't give up, there are alot of xdressers around..I for one...I'm into Black men but I will make love to a white guy,,but I prefure a Black stud..I'm a white crossdresser 5'5 Tall ,got a soft white ass for my man..Look at my profile and maybe we can hook up at a motel..Hope to hear from you all Black studs..
i havent been fucked by a guy since i was a teen when my black neighbor moved out. he had an 11 inch cock and i used to get fucked by it daily. ever since then i have been obsessed with huge black cocks. i miss having my white ass pounded by black cocks. if you are interested in making me a very happy little slut just message me for pictures. and if you have any other friends that would want to fuck me with you, the more the merrier. my ass was made for pleasuring black cocks.:-P


Interracial M4M
Any Dom black men want to talk? πŸ–€ I'd like to get to know you and see where it goes :) more then one black guy is welcome to hit me up ;) I'm a white girly sissy I'm attracted to black men only πŸ–€ πŸ₯° and Its not a fetish either lol I'm committed to and only to black men :) I really want to be double penetrated I'll do anything im forced to do and wear :) I'm a good white girly slave for black men and I'll take every bbc like a true slut I am. I know I don't look like I suck cock especially black cocks but oh boy your in for a treat black guys πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ was told I suck bbc and get throat fucked like a real girl haha same black guy fucked my baby momma and he said I suck cocks a better then she ever thought about haha
Black Men For White Couples
Oh yes, every white couple should invite a Blackman into the bedroom. The white man should suck the Blackman hard so he can fuck the white woman. Plant his Black Seed deep in her making sure to impregnate her. In the mean time, the white male is his boy toy and the one who will support the Black Baby. .One day the white race will be Black. Lindawantabe
White Guys Getting Fucked By Black Guys
I am a white guy in Ozark, Alabama that wants to meet a couple of nice clean disease free young black guys for sex. I like one- on- one sex, threesomes with me in the middle, and i think that i would like to take on 3 guys at the same time being fucked by all three in a row. I would like to have at least one black guy over 2 or 3 times a week for sex. Get in contact with me and lets get started.:)
White Men Love Black Cock
It is such a turn on when you hear guys of other races put black dick in such high praise,especially from the white guys who most of my sexual partners have been sure I rocked my dock out with my kind, asians, Hispanics ,western indians, island native men, but I love my white guys and a lot of them dig me and I never ran out of a white guy when out of the blue they say can I suck your cock,they must love black cock, I have gotten some mind blowing head, now I'm in search of my next three some with a white couple, it's been awhile and every now and then I like to spice it up and that ' s an invintation, whoever reads this it could be you , I want my coc k sucked and I want to suck coc k ' so somebody hit me up for good dick and great sex!
Black Bi-curious Males
Black Masters..Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser.. Being a white slave to a Black Master is what i want to experience, as all whites and white couples should..To be Black owned as it should be..Personally i believe all white "males", married or not should be transformed into she male slaves for their Black Daddys, just like i hope to..And white women are the sluts of the Black Men..i'm in the Waynesboro Va area..
Gay White Masters
Black male in CT worships White Men, loves sucking White cock, licking White ass and being fucked, the strap, the crop, the flogger. Would love being used by a small group of White Men.


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