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this is probably one of my favorite positions in a FFM, FMF threesome. I absolutely love to be getting pounded while my face is buried in a hot wet pussy.
I love getting fucked while licking a gorgeous pussy
I love to do 69 that's the best I like to do even when I'm getting fucked from the back real good ;);):-P
awesome position if the guy has already cum inside the pussy i'm eating even better
nothing better then eating pussy after it has been fucked and filled with hot cum
I so want to lick a pussy my man is fucking and suck his cum from her when he is done.
I like to see or partner fucking with my wife as i get between his legs and suck their mixed cum juices.When they finish their act, i suck his cock and balls and suck her pussy.I then kiss her so she taste their cum.:-P
I love enjoying 69 with my wife or another woman while a male friend is stretching my asshole with his thick hard throbbing cock and sliding it in and out of my ass...Wink
I want to suck a woman's pussy while I'm fucked by a hard dick. Really want to experience this.
Would nt be doing shit but eatin mx girl till he came then i would eat it make her cumb in my mouth till there was nothing left use it to spit on her tits she be in heaven
Wow i cant wait to experience this, it sounds so delicious and its our fantasy:-P
Wow i cant wait to experience this, it sounds so delicious and its our fantasy:-P
I would lOve to 69 while getting banged!!!!:-P
I am so freaking wet reading these posts I hope I get a serious Taker to my threesome request this thanksgiving weekend!!
Where are the women and men in North Carolina that love this? Cause I am looking for you!
How I would love to be tasting a womans pussy, and her man pounding me from behind...what a turn on this would be....a fantasy that I am waiting to ome true...will you be the speial person/persons to help me with this?
this is one of my favorite fantasies. pray that it comes to pass.
would love to eat a creampie while getting fucked in the ass
I was on the bottom of a 69 with my wife. I ate her pussy while my best friend fucked her in the ass. It was one of the best experiences i ever had.
This is how I cum the hardest getting my fat wet pussy sucked while my husband is pounding a sexy female with his hard 9 inches. We are a serious couple looking for a serious woman. No games just grown up fun. Willing to exchange phone numbers to talk and exchange texts and pics asap.
My partner is a very big squerter so we looking for the first time to meet a bi sub female to help me drink it all . An requests
Would like to be fucked by a man whilst licking out his girlfriend's cunt or fucking woman whilst sucking other guy's cock!!
i am looking a women in near missouri city, texas for 69 play. one day wanna i tried one girl and she extremely enjoyed my big cock sucking. i insert her throat, at first she throw up. then she she eat my dick the maximun speed, my juice is coming out from mouth. i ate her pussy . ho what a juicy one. sure i will try this once again. any body most welcome. no men please
This is my biggest fantasy... One not yet to happen. Just the thought makes me wet in anticipation.
I would love to be fucked while eating another girls pussy and then hit from be hind while kissing a female's breasts. I love nice full breasts.
I would love to get fucked while eating another woman's wet pussy. That is my fantasy and it is making me wet just thinking about it.
Would lover to be fucked by the Girls Man as i am forced to eat her pussy that he just fuck when she on her period.
Why is it hard finding a bi-woman or lesbian couple looking to fuck a single endowed guy? How would I get a lesbian couple to work me out in Maryland? lol.
Hmmm I to be licking her wet creamy prissy while getting slammed from behind and fingers in the ads anyone interested?
I love to be eaten out while my husband fucks the chic going down on me with his 10 inch dick. The more I enjoy it the faster and harder he will fuck her. It's just one of my faves of course.
I would love to eat pussy and be fucked at the same time
i would llike to have my tits sucked by another woman, while my husband fucks her wet pussy with his big 10" Dick, trust me she will be begging him for cum.....Kiss Kiss Kiss
I'm a 32 year old women would love to have a women to eat my pu**y while my man fks her from behind
Or i can lick hers as she licks mine and my man can pound her from behind
I would love to find a couple and 69 with the wife while her hubby pounds her pussy from behind till he fills her with his load, I get the best of everything! Lick her pussy, lick his cock, and swallow a fresh load after he pulls out. I would lick her clean then lick him clean as well.
I can't wait to make a pussy squirt
hi girls im new here in bi and if any one wants to chat send me a message
Im new too Kiss
I like hairy pussy woman to facesitting or smother met while my hands are tied
Lookingto taste botj
I want to eat pussy and get fucked by a man while I am wearing panties...
Oh said ond women i a tgurl and a big bbc
I wanna 69 with a hot woman while my husband fucks me so hard!!
I would like a woman fucking me with strap-on while I suck a dick
My bbw wife and I are looking for young bi stud to share
Well I’ve fucked my girl while she 69 with the other guy, so he licked her pussy, my shaft and balls while we both took turns sucking him
I want to lick a pussy in 69 from the bottom while a big dick slides in and out right above my face. I want to lick that cock and pussy at the same time then suck on his balls while he’s deep in that pussy.
Hmu down for anything🤤
I would find a couple for fun in the Michigan flint area
Love eating pussy also like wearing a strap on . I will fuck you and your man . Hit me up let’s talk
I would take my gf to a gloryhole and lick her pussy and suck his cock. After eating her cream pie and clean him up as well.
Looking for my third we need a woman that loves to eat pussy and get fucked
Maybe be fucked by the strapon While I give head for my protein
I'd love to meet up with another couple. She and I can 69, she sucks my cock as I eat her pussy while her partner fucks my ass from behind. Even better if I'm eating his cum out of her pussy.
This is why I'm here. I been having this fantasy since an ex slipped her 8" dildo in me while I was on top of her in a 69. I literally came for a minute.
I want to jerk off in there pussie
Come fuck me in my phat ass female let have some fun in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
My wife really enjoyed me eating cream pie while I got fuck by a 10 incher
I also like forcing my cock down her throat as her fuck boy waded her up and slam fucked her till we made hi cum. Filled that snatch up
Absolutely a sexy fantasy
Lucky dudes
I licked a guys balls while she was being fucked and sucking me off!!! wonderful
l licked cock and pussy from the bottom when she got fucked! could not keep my cock in her mouth as she was cumming al the time. when he came in her l clean kis cock off with my lips and then her pussy! so good
I licked a guys balls while she was being fucked and sucking me off!!! wonderful
I want to freak
69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground

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