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Blindfolded Girl Has to Guess Her Boyfriends Penis

Blindfolded Girl Has to Guess Her Boyfriends Penis on Bisexual PlaygroundBlindfolded Girl Has to Guess Her Boyfriends Penis on Bisexual Playground
Hey Everyone! We are a cute, young couple looking for a bi-sexual/lesbian to come and have some fun with us! ;-) My boyfriend and I have been talking about having a threesome for a while now, so i guess i would like to find an attractive girl between the ages of 18-24 to help make my boyfriends fantasy come true!
Im a shy guy,5’10 fair and good lookin i guess,haha But im skinny fat and i have a small penis 😭 i havent had much sexual experience as you can guess so im here to explore and down to try anything 😉
Im a 28yr old male that is looking for someone that likes what i like, i guess i could be bisexual, but i just like sex with females and with them using dildos and other anal toys on me, never had or thought about having a real mans penis in me, i guess if you think i am not bi then be it, i dont know what it would be if it isnt called that.
Well I think I like penis. I guess you can call me bi then but I guess I won't know until I try hmu if you want to be my first.
Bicurious really sums it up for me. I would say I am a fairly typical college, currently going to school near Rochester NY, grew in a small town, etc. In other words, nothing unusual about my life. Sexually I have had boyfriends, but I would not consider myself “slutty” in any way. My life started to change a bit though when at a frat party I made out with a girl on a dare. It was then that I realized I might be bisexual, and now that I have had time to think about it I'm sure that I am. Sexually, I am looking to really explore the limits of my sexuality. I guess I'm a small town girl who is now looking to "try it all". Oh, and in my defense, the picture I posted was taken while I was slightly intoxicated.
Hi, i'm a very free-spirited down to earth girl who loves to have fun! I like guys and hey I even like girls too. I guess that's why I'm on this site huh? hehe anyway, well I'm looking for a guy to have fun with or a girl who can have fun with me too, or meet a guy AND a girl and have fun with both of them at same time. A couple I guess lol Anyway, thanks for checking out my profile, if you live in the louisville / southern indiana area, hit me up and let's hook up alright!?
a recent fantasy of mine is to be in a completely versatile bi orgy with a minimum of 3 guys, 3 girls, toys, strap-ons, etc. additionally guy #4 (me) and girl #4 are blindfolded. then everyone gets busy. who's cock am i sucking? who's pussy tastes this good? who's topping me? who's ass was my cock just slid into? and on and on and on. then when everyone is satisfied we play a guessing game to see if girl #4 and i can guess the person we did certain things with. oohhhhhhh... that was you!! i thought it was....

then at the next orgy a different guy and different girl are blindfolded.....
II have been with a couple and i was orally pleasuring the girl and she was sucking on her boyfriends dick. She asked me to stop a minute and close my eyes. I have never been quite that surprised but she stuck her boyfriends dick in my mouth and I went with it and swallowed first time and I enjoyed it. I like it with a man and a woman when all are involved. It is just difficult to find s couple though. I am interested in learning more about how to make love to a man and a woman. Not just giving him a blow job.
Girlfriend, take it from a girl with a Penis, sometimes it's itchy when you have to use cheap pantyhose and sometimes it gets in the way when you jog. I think I really look odd when I jog and my Boobs and Penis is bouncing at the same time Laughing
I tuck, but when it comes to jogging, forget it. I do use long tshirt
Penis Envy
If I had a penis I'd wear it outside
In cafes and car lots with pomp and with pride
If I had a penis I'd pamper it proper
I'd stay in the tub and use me as a stopper
If I had a penis I'd take it to parties
Stretch it and stroke it and shove it at smarties
I'd take it to pet shows and teach it to stay
I'd stuff it in turkeys on thanksgiving day
I'd rival my buddies in sportscars and stick-shifts
I'd shower my spire with girlies and gifts
I'd peek around corners
I'd aim at my toilet
I'd poke it at foreigners
And soap it and oil it
If I had a penis I'd run to my mother
Comb out the hair and compare it to brother
I'd lance her, I'd knight her, my hands would indulge
Pants would seem tighter and buckle and bulge

A penis to plunder, a penis to push
Cause one in the hand is worth one in the bush
A penis to love me, a penis to share...
To pick up and play with when nobody's there

I'd sit like a guy, I'd straddle the chair
I'd play with my fly, albeit with care
I'd dip it in chocolate, I'd stick it in sockets
Go to the movies with hands deep in pockets
I'd stick it in vacuums on vacant verandas
Gas-guzzling bottles and poodles and pandas
And puddles and drain pipes and doggies and ditches,
Pool halls and potholes and bottles and bitches...

If I had a penis, I'd climb every mountain
I'd force it on females
I'd pee like a fountain...

If I had a penis I'd still be a girl,
But I'd make much more money and conquer the world.
Me and my girl going to be another couple you when we get there their two teenage daughters and their boyfriends are naked having a foursome we are told that we can do anything we desired to them or have them do to us and we suck and fuck everybody swallowing everyone's come
My first time with a girl was with a girl I had dated who was engaged to another guy. I guess that counts as sex-with-an-ex. I also had sex with a girl who had dumped me, and then she called me up a few days later looking for someone to go out drinking with.


F-M-F Threesome
i love it when my girl friend puts my penis in her girl friends anus, she puts her face right down on her girl friends anus while my penis is in her, and then i don't cum, but she takes it out, and her and her girl friend kiss my penis,
2 Girls 1 Guy
I am looking for a bi-sexual girl to fulfill mine and my boyfriends fantasy. Nothing kinky. First time for both of us
I've never been blindfolded and I've always wanted it...I've wanted to be bound spread eagle and blindfolded. I would have no choice but to take whatever she gave me. If there are any women in the Rockland/Westchester(New York) area who would like to do this w/me get in contact!
Pee Hole Insertion
I am thinking of wearing a prince's wand that wraps around the penis head. Any thoughts on this, I'm just not sure that I want to pierce my penis to insert a wand permanently. Please give me thought on this. I hope I will be able to make my penis hard and keep it that way.
I am looking for a bi girl to have my first experience with and a male with a big penis :)Kiss
Jack Off Buddy
It would be nice to have a jack off buddy in my area i have a nice sweet penis i masturbate every day i love dicks & dick heads my dream is to have a man's penis in my hand & lick the head run my tongue up & down his gorgeous looking penis lick his balls lost all of my right leg when i was five i have a prosthetic leg right now I'm in a wheelchair all the time


Hi thank you for the e-mail. So far I love you web site just that what I'm looking for is for girl on girl action and I would really want to see it. Thanks again for welcoming me into the site.