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Blow Your Cum Load on Own Face Pic

Blow Your Cum Load on Own Face Pic on Bisexual Playground
5 10 muscular I Love sucking other men and boys cocks! Cum spew is my middle name. I want to be throat fucked 24/7 365 I'll suck your cock right off your body, I want your spew load so bad. Lay me please and fuck my mouth! Standing setting or laying down I want my face fucked! I want to eat your cum! I am desperate to blow your penis! Now and forever please fuck my face baby! PLEASE! I need your tasty cum load so bad! PLEASE FUCK ME IN MY MOUTH! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I can meet you anywhere in Florida if you will promise to fuck my mouth! NOW< NOW< NOW! FUCK MY FACE PLEASE!
A man that loves to get face fuck and have him blow his load in my mouth
I am a 55year old biwm. I'm slightly overweight. I am looking for a bi or gay male or group that would like receiving oral sex and fucking my cherry ass. I want him to blow his huge load on my face and take pictures of me with cum everywhere
Nice honest guy here who loves to suck cock I am clean ddf and very discreet i ask that you be too. I can host during the week up until about 4pm. Not asking for anything in return other then for you to enjoy yourself and blow your hot load down my throat or on my face. If you are verbal that is great too. Prefer guys under 48 and cut.
I really just want to suck a dick honestly I have never tried it and want to be someone’s little dick sucking bitch for some reason. I prefer a black guy to blow his load in my mouth or face, but I will try any dick at this point as long as your clean.
Average guy who's been fantasizing about trannys and sucking cock more and more for the past decade. It's no longer just a fantasy, its an obsession. I NEED to suck a cock. No strings attached what so ever. Show up with your cock and nothing else. You don't even have to tell me your name if you'd prefer not to. Keep your corona mask on the whole time. This can be completly anonymous, I really just wanna suck a cock. I'm sorry, I did once for like 2 min but the guys boyfriend came home so I had to stop. He said for having never done it before I was pretty damn good! Come blow your load down my throat, or on my face or on my chest or creampie my asshole! Shit, come blow more than one load. I'll suck your asshole while you get your second wind and regain the feeling in your cock. No strings bj's. Bring your friends, we can have a little blow bang and bukakke! As long as everyone's patient I dont care if the line is 5 deep. I'll play any fantasy you want so long as I got a cock in my mouth. BDSM, taboo, cuck, interracial, incest, gangbang, pissing (on you or on me) pretty much anything. l so wanna fuck your tight little boy butt. Dont worry, I'll suck it and lick it and get it sopping wet before I stuff my cock in you! Obviously this is also AFTER I manually relieve you with my mouth πŸ‘…πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸŒΉπŸ·πŸΈπŸ­πŸ ‘πŸŒπŸ†πŸ“πŸ†•πŸ†“πŸ†’β™‹π Ÿ’― contact me tonight, have own place, complete privacy.
I love both, I love when my wife makes me cum on her face or tits, or it's so intense I have to blow my load deep up in her because I can't hold my load any longer
I'd love to suck your COCK an 69 with you an blow my load all over your face one day.
I’ll be fully down to blow a load on your face my girl loves it
When I was younger I was able to and sucking on the head of your cock was amazing.
My ex-wife loved to watch me blow my load all over my face.
Looking for a cock to blow a load in my ass this weekend who wants to blow a load inside me I'm waiting
I've been in threesomes where I thought the other guy was open until we actually having sex. The guy was a turnoff. He told me whatever I do, don't blow my load on him or near him. ???? I thought what's the point?

Although it is not mandatory, but when I'm involved in a threesome and I'm in a position where the guy is going to blow his load, it's no big deal for me where. My only focus is how to satisfy the woman that we are with.


1 Inch Dicks
Anyone wanna jerk and blow load in my face
Men That Want To Suck Cock
I like tobe on my knees & have a man fuck my face & blow his load down my throat. It makes me feel so submissive.
Men That Want To Be Sucked
Hey! I'm an experienced bi male cocksucker who loves deepthroating and swallowing. Blow your load on my face! That's cool too! Have friends? I'll do them too! I travel all over the country so contact me!
Men That Want To Be Sucked
I need a dick to suck. Im shy but im a freak in the bedroom. I live in butte mt. Please just let me suck your cock! You can fuck my ass and blow your load inside to! Or just finish on my face or force me to swallow. (I like feeling like a dirty whore if you didn't get that)😘
Guys That Love Cock
I suck a lot of cock and love every one! The feel of a soft cock swelling to perfection in my mouth gives me the best hard on! The small ones blow their loads in my mouth and I swallow every drop! But the bigger ones that go deep into my throat are my favorites! I take them deep and massage them with my throat muscles and they blow their load directly down my throat! Sometimes when I'm with a group of guys, I'll suck them till they get close, then suck the cum out of my favorite one while the others shoot their loads all over my face! I love being a cocksucker!
Cum Swallowing
I love to swallow a mans hot cum. I often tell them as I am sucking their cock not to cum in my ass because I want them to take the condom off so I can so I may enjoy the juice I deserve. One time a guy came so much in my mouth and on my face I was covered lying on the bed and he put a mirror up to me so I can see that his large thick load was all over my face and I licked it all off using my fingers. I was spent from that huge load!


Hi again Bill and Pattie, thanks for your last note. I hope that our referrals evolve to the paid status soon... And we've seen a few that we suspect will end up there sooner rather than later. On perusal, it doesn't look like we refer a lot of straight peoples at all - I suppose that's one of the many benefits of living in the light - even when we cross the line into the the community. If half those guys didn't burn so many calories pretending they're straight, swing clubs would be a lot more fun. Anyway, I digress... But I simply dig the stats that you collect on site activity - you're really in tune with what's happening here. So, I've agonized over writing this testimonial, and it dawned on me in the shower this morning why - the one thing that we really have some huge kudos to lavish upon you for.... Is not necessarily the affiliate program.... It's the external profile link. You have got to know how unique that is in this market. My gosh... I don't have to code it, I don't have to host it, the interface to get it there doesn't insult my intelligence, but even the garden-variety WebTV loser can get through it. And once I've filled out my profile, I don't have to insult (spam) people to share it with them. There's nothing more obnoxious than clicking someone's profile link and meeting face-to-face with a gimme-your-credit-card-login-page. I guess that's what the evil empire gave us that big x up there on the right for. You guys rock. And saving us all, those useless hours answering the same set of stupid questions from people that share no interests with us - may get you eligible for sainthood (if you believe in that sort of thing*) so without further adieu... Here's the little blurb that ties the two concepts together... We're pleasantly surprised to keep finding one awesome feature after another. We thought that our favorite benefit to even our 'free' membership was the external profile link. Anyone we give the link to can view the basics of our profile - on the first click - no strings, no hassles. That shows a lot of class on Bisexual Playground's part because it's a true dedication to making a contribution to the lifestyle community. But guess what? Visitors to our profile want one of their own, and they join the site anyway. And we earn points for all those new members that we can use to upgrade to paid status. Wow. We put the link in our AOL profile as an experiment, and 3 weeks later, we're close to having earned enough points for a 6-month paid membership. Quite simply - the affiliate program works, and everyone benefits. Thanks! Anything I've written above is fair game to tie to our id in your efforts to improve and build this great website. Our very best regards, devon and Scott