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Blowing His Load in My Mouth

Blowing His Load in My Mouth on Bisexual Playground
Horny big thick cock love glory holes and meeting random girls/couples and blowing my load i there mouth with my thick cock
Need to be fed a nice fat dock until it shoots delicious not thick chk into my mouth that I can savor gargle then let slide so Lowly down my throat to my anticipating stomach right now the bigger and thicker the load the better I like a load to fill my mouth all the way up until it leaks out and runs down my chin while I try to bull it all down my throat yummy yummy not thick cum fo
5 10 muscular I Love sucking other men and boys cocks! Cum spew is my middle name. I want to be throat fucked 24/7 365 I'll suck your cock right off your body, I want your spew load so bad. Lay me please and fuck my mouth! Standing setting or laying down I want my face fucked! I want to eat your cum! I am desperate to blow your penis! Now and forever please fuck my face baby! PLEASE! I need your tasty cum load so bad! PLEASE FUCK ME IN MY MOUTH! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I can meet you anywhere in Florida if you will promise to fuck my mouth! NOW< NOW< NOW! FUCK MY FACE PLEASE!
I love sucking cocks at my in home Gloryhole and I always swallow your load. I can deep throat a 9 inch cock BALLS DEEP WHILE you are blowing your load deep down my throat.
Looking to blow my load can bust some big ones and would possibly be up for femme cd blowing me but has to be feminine other than that strictly straight
I am a 65 year old healthy straight guy 200 pounds. I am looking to suck my first cock. I want the flaccid dick to grow in my mouth. Then I want the guy to shoot his load in my mouth.
I like hard dick stuffed in my mouth blowing a big hot load of Jizz
Just enjoyed my partner blowing me so well taking a load in her mouth and making out. It was just heavenly.
I'd love to feel you inside me riding my ass till your ready to cum pulling out and blowing a load in my mouth mmm I wish I had a mouthful of cum to swollow now
gosh, all these wonderful people and etymology discussions, too...

I think a &quot;blow job&quot; sprang from the resulting &quot;blowing a load&quot;...and countless generations of young fellatists therefore came to require the admonition to suck, not blow...names can be so misleading...

many women I've known have enjoyed a little blowing across their pussies, more so than guys seem to appreciate blowing on hard cocks...maybe it more aptly describes going down on a woman, after all...
i wish i could say i have but still have wet dreams at night about it (so does my wife)
i keep fantasising about getting a hot cock or strapon in my ass and a real hot cock in my mouth blowing its load... but so far its still a fantasy
Been sucking cock since my early teens, was hooked after my first. Every load tastes slightly different , but they all satisfy. But don’t forget about pre cum either. Love it when it unexpectedly starts oozing in your mouth while working up the guys hard on, has a slightly different, much sweeter taste than the main load. And acts as a n aphrodisiac to turn on the sucker so much that you become driven to get your partner uncontrollably worked up and you anticipation of him blowing in your mouth and down your throat becomes almost too much to bare until his geyser explodes. For me it is much more about the act, physical and emotional connection, than the taste, but certainly enjoy that bonus. But pre cum is what really starts the race to kick the sucker into high gear with unconttolable


Cum Swallowing
there is nothing like sucking another mans cock , an to have him shoot his load in my mouth is just mind blowing , but to have it oooze down the back of my mouth is heaven:-P
Golden Showers
An older man I saw in college,on and off,used to fuck my mouth and my asshole,before blowing his load in my mouth and all over my face...and then would take me to the bathroom and make me kneel and jerk-off while he pissed all over my fce,in my open mouth and all over my chest,stomach and cock until I would explode all over myself.Since then several of my girlfriends have also given me golden showers and cocktails!
Men Who Shoot Huge Cum Loads
I had a hot evening last night... blowing 2 guys and getting 2 loads each... much to my surprise every load was huge... 2 i took in my mouth, and 2 i requested to get all over my faggot face. i lovew that feeling of cum ropes landing on my face... cock heaven.
Cum Swallowing
I love having a girl make me cum in her mouth and then come up and kiss me with her mouth full of cum! I have never had the chance to experience it, but I get so turned on thinking about having a guy explode in my mouth and fill it with a huge load of cum and then take me in the ass and shoot another load deep into my ass...... Oh God! Any helpers out there? ;)
Cum Swallowing
I love to drink my cum and have ever since I could cum. Having men cum in my mouth turns me on so much, I won't swallow right away. love to swish it around in my mouth and maybe share a long cum kiss with him. also lovel to clean up a freshly fucked pussy full of her hubbys juices, and then cum in her mouth and lick up my load. will drink cum anywhere, anyhow and any age, the bigger the load the better::-PHug
Cock Sucking Guys
I started sucking when I was 12. In 2011 I had found a suck bud and he only lived a few blocks from me. He would cum to my house once a week and we would suck each other off. The first time he started to suck me and I knew I was going to cum so I let him keep sucking. I couldn't hold it back and I came in his mouth and he swallowed my load. I then returned the favor and sucked him off. I took his load in my mouth and swallowed all of his load and since then I swallow everytime.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!