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did this with a couple of lady friends they bent me over and strated stuffing things in my ass:):)4 vibrators at once,two dildos, thier fist, bb bat, bottle, i loved every minute of it.:-DHug
I normally like to start off with a mid size plug then move up to a large one, been using a blow up plug lately works great but jelly plugs are the best, Still can't get more then 4 fingers in, but I have a big hand so I think thats good. Anyone what to help?:)
I can take a 3" plug. I love the full feeling it gives me
For anyone who enjoys anal sex as much as I do. Anal stretching offers you a good way to prepare your butthole for a hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of it. Over the past several years I have been able to stretch my butthole to where I can now handle an 8" long by 2" wide dildo without any problems. Being able to do this allows me the ability to prepare myself so I can fully enjoy anal sex without any pain at all...Hug
i can easily take a 3" butt-plug,and all kinds of dildos.i can almost take 4 fingers.i cant take a fist,but i am working on it.i tried a 24 oz. pepsi bottle,buy cant get it in my ass.any suggestions on how to streach my ass enough to take it ///??????:):);)
this is my favorite besides giving blow jobs i can take 4inches in diameter quite easily with little lube my many toys just need a real person or persons behind them :-D
Seattle area couple - we both love it when Patricia fists Michael's ass, he cums soooooo fucking hard!!! She wants to try fisting him and another guy or a girl in her pussy or ass at the same time. Anyone local want to join us??? Michael can take TWO 2" diameter dildos up his ass or one 3" diameter dildo. Being stretched and gaping open is so hot!!!
Love the feeling of my hole being stretched with my big dildos ... would love to try a fist at some point ...
Sweet Fucking Yes, The Wider You can Get My Very Tight and Sweet Little Hot ASS Hole To Get ? The More It Will Make Me Want To Fuck ? One and ( ALL ) That can Get tHERE Cock Very Deep Into Me and Make My Tight Hot ASS All Very Creamie, MMmmm Yes, FUCK ME ToNight and You's Will CUM AGAIN AND AGAIN ? Kiss :) Flower Hug
I would like to ty this with a couple where the woman is stretching my ass while I am sucking her husbands cock until he cums in my mouth
I've been stretching my anus for a few years now and I enjoy the feeling of it being wide open. I would love to chat with other dudes who are into similar. Den
I stretch my anus too.. i have a huge dildo called "BAM! Realistic Dildo", and I also use any aluminum cola cans normal size. Blows my mind that width! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my hushband loves to be fisted he just cant get enough of it i have put my hand all the way in his ass the first man i ever did that for
i have been fucked twice. Both times it was quite painfil. the two times were years apart. How can i make it less painful?
stretching your ass and getting your sphincter to allow penetration is very helpful if you are going to attempt to be bottom for anal sex. I had imagined anal penetration from when i was 12 years old and began to suck boys' dicks but i never acted on it. I got various toys which I inserted in my butt. I found one great rubber dildo which was hollow, yet firm so I could insert it with or without a vibrator in it. It was rather thick, tho and I could not get it in me but i kept trying. One night I sat on it and it popped right in and after that it was not at all difficult to insert it . when I finally did let a man fuck me, He was able to penetrate me with ease and I have been happy to accomodate anybody who will do me the favor and screw my asshole ;)
Mmm very yummy and I love playing with my Daddy as he knows exactly how to stretch my ass penetrating both the internal involuntary anal sphincter and external voluntary anal sphincter. This way he can enter both much easier getting deeper inside me.
9X12 is a good stretch:)
Love two
I want to be nasty
I want my ass stretched
Beautiful tiny limp clitty
I started stretching at age 10 first time I came was from being fucked now ts the only way I like to cum
I have a big bubble butt that needs stretched but that's the too big I believe for me I know it's going to hurt sometimes a little pain makes it feel better I do want my ass fucked badly 0
I would love to be stretched or like my first cock be a black Cock but anything that is fat and long will work I do love to suck and swallow also
like to put my cock into it!!
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