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Chubby Bisexual

Chubby Bisexual on Bisexual PlaygroundChubby Bisexual on Bisexual Playground
Mature chubby bisexual. Smoker looking for other chubby bisexuals.
I am a bisexual guy going through an awsome part of his life exploring all that life offers! I am a chubby guy not big and fat just chubby!
Jen-Bisexual, 5'5" 164 lbs, 46 DD, chubby, sweet tasting. Joe- straight, 5'6", 165 lbs, 6" long, nice body, loves chubby large breasts.
bisexual husband wanting to meet chubby bisexual men or bbw women for no strings attatched sex.
We are a bisexual couple that would to get into the lifestyle. I am Caucasian 5'9 44yrs old chubby guy and my girlfriend is a mixed asian 5'6 33yrs old and very sexy curvy. We are both bisexual with no experience.
I'm a black gay male.I'm 5'5,190lbs,40w,7"uncut.I' m chubby and looking for someone who is chubby themselves or likes chubby men.I'm a down to earth guy,real relaxed,real cool,like to chill and watch tv with friends or whatever they want to do.I'm very open to do new things.
I am looking for chubby bisexual couples, I am a single bisexaul guy 5'5" 220lbs.
I live in the long island area (stony brook, lake grove).

I would love anything chubby ....

Young married couple looking for a hot chubby white bisexual female age 20 to 29 to have a good time with we live in athens tx
bisexual man looking to play, i am a chubby man but super clean. versitile as well. about 6 to 6.5 inchs/ cut/ thick. and my mouth will work wanders on your cock
We are a chubby couple looking for other chubby fully bi males or couples in or around Coventry RI to get to know and meet up for an exciting night of pleasure. We would love for the male to be in to anal both giving and receiving.
hey were 25 chubby and bi curious looking for the same in another couple we prefer a chubby fat couple to play with as it makes us more comfy with our bodies we live east of pittsburgh
Hey, guys; I'm 22, shy, a bit chubby, and extremely bi-curious. I've never so much as touched a guy and am looking for somebody who I'm comfortable with, to initiate me or speaking on skype. I ideally would like someone 30-59 whos a bit chubby like me with a bit of expirence, good conversationalist, dirty mind, and patient (this is super important, because even posting this is making me nervous.


Chubby Men
Chubby here. Love the look of a hard nippled chubby man with a raging hardon. Chubby guys can suck a mean cock too.
Chubby Girls
I'm a chubby but I also adore a chubby whether male or female. There's something to be said for having something to hold. Love it!
Chubby Bisexual Men
I'm chubby so don't mind chubby we all need it right? I'll help you all out . Lafayette, IN
Chubby Girls
Both my wifes have been chubby girls and they were easy and eager for sex whether with me or the many other men who took them to bed. Love their big tits, big asses, and their big appitite for sex. I lift my glass to chubby girls! Would like to love them all.
Chubby Girls
Bisexual Guy
Looking for matured, very retired chubby or overweight or extra plus sized men. Looks I don't even care. Really I don't. I need to huge w/chubby older. I really need to be around older men who are fat more so. I have a affixation towards hanging bellies, I don't care about dick sizes. I don't even suck. I just am a bottom and femme. I don't wear makeup really but I wear eye liner and lip boom. My jeans are super tight see selfies. I have allot more but this site, is limited in uploads as U can see my profile is filled up. But I like shooting selfies of myself as femminite and have more. I really need you to live close but if your in surrounding southern california, you should be able to ---drive over to meet me okay. I am so into fun... I want to find a guy that loves giving rimming allot and slowly.. Email me;


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.