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Crossdressers Lingerie Girdles Garters Nylons Slips

Crossdressers Lingerie Girdles Garters Nylons Slips on Bisexual PlaygroundCrossdressers Lingerie Girdles Garters Nylons Slips on Bisexual Playground
I hve interest in Crossdressing (Non-Passable) in Lingerie, Heels, Spandex, Silk, nylons, Garters,Corsets, Girdles, Anything Fem, Other Fetishes You may ask.
Panty and femininity enthusiast. Panties, lingerie bras, girdles, bustier, garters, nylons, tampons, lipstick, heels, and the like. Enjoy masturbating for hours and hours and hours.
I like to dress in panty girdles, nylons, or garter belts, nylons and nylon gowns while having sex either by myself or with others. I like to wear panty girdles with nylons crotch's so I can do the pantie rub........
Older sub cd into shapewear and girdles. Been dressing since I was a kid. Mom knew, supported, and encouraged it. Looking to meet others into shapewear, nylons, and fun lingerie.
I am a crossdresser who has stayed in the closet since I first tried on my sister's panties when I was 12. I have enjoyed the wealth of pics and videos available on the internet to enhance my solitary enjoyment. Now, I am seriously looking for another crossdresser who shares my tastes in retro style panties and lingerie, circa 50s & 60s. I have a wonderful collection of panties, bras, stockings & garters, slips, skirts, breast form & wigs.
Discreet: Tall Handsome Clean Cut Fit Single Masculine Ex Linebacker... NYC /NJ area ::: STD Free ::: Willing to try anything Erotic once ... I love Str8 & Bi Girlie Girls. I have a lusty Leg Fetish ... love all types of high heels, mini skirts, tight suits, panties, nylons/stockings, garters & lingerie!
I am a cross dresser who loves panties, nylons, garters and lingerie, porn, toys and role playing. I love to get spun and have nasty fun with other men.
I'm a single bi guy in orlando who wants to have some fun. I enjoy cock and pussy, and really get off on hot transsexuals, crossdressers, and transvestites who like to dress sexy with stockings, garters, lingerie, etc. I want to meet you and play, have fun sexually and maybe get to be friends and just hang out. I'm 47, but look younger, and really look forward to meeting you!
I've loved the feel of silky womens intimate apparel against my body since about age 3 or four. Got caught with mom's panties, girdles and her slips. Mom finally had the talk with me at maybe 5 or 6 and asked me why I do this and I simply told her I liked wearing silky panties. She would put a pair of panties in my drawer and wash them if I left them on my bed. I had a great life wearing lingerie!
I also love to wear panties, slips and lingerie, love to jack off with silky undies, would like to meet same minded individual. Have little experience with other men. Love to watch movies and use slips, half slips night gowns to play with, you?
love being a girl wear garters and nylons daily
Any bi guys into getting a regular panties/nylons/lingerie grp going in the 978? i'd be happy to coordinate if there was enough interest. I'm Brian, 49, bisexual, and into having sex with men with all wearing sexy lingerie.


love wearing vintage nylons and girdles a retro girl
I love to wear silky nylon thighs in multiple layers. I also like to wear thigh highs in layers on my arms as i give myself or someone else a nylon handjob. I love the silky slipperyness of the nylons as they lure the cum out of me or someone else. The only thing prettier than silky nylons are silky nylons with cum on them. I also love to wear silky pantyhose under my layered silky nylon granny panties and silky nylon slips and gowns. Anything nylon deserves to be worshipped with cum. :)
Well I am a CDer of lingerie and have been for a long time. After my divorce it is hard to find a woman who enjoys this too as most feel its only for them to wear ! and if a guy wears lingerie your a freak!|8B I love to wear garters & stockings and always matching lace thong under my jeans, or a lacy boyshort under my shorts. Nothing lkike watching a gal pull my cock out of my lacy panty to give me a BJ , and yes I do love the feel of hands on my hips bieng rode by my gal or guy. So if you read this babe and like it let me know
I have lots of sympathy and understanding for Lacywu situation and share his love of lingerie. Personally to find a mature lady who shares my love of retro girdles garterbelts French knickers is the holy grail
Old For Older
my first time on this site looken for bi sex cd 60 yrs or older looking for 3some like wearen pantys used or cum filled like to try cleanup cock hold bi women and cd men I like pantys panty hose garder belts nylons slips
Forced Feminization
I'm w/m47 who is closet CD with mostly lingerie for 25yrs.At 22, I ffound Mom'spanty drawer treasures really enhanced my JO pleasures! Since then, I've had fantasies of Being caught &....after a quick scolding/spanking, encouraged to enjoy a mature woman's large selection of lingerie..Sheer hose-G-belts-girdles & panties & insisting on dressing me & fem-pampering me(after a warm shower together). Next, takin" to her spacious bed-tucked in snugly. "mom" teaches me how to lick & tease her juicy loins into 3-4 quick orgasms)spurting in my face as she squeezes my head between her lusciuos thighs &yelps in pleasure!! Then comes the strap-on-3-somes etcHug


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!