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Crossdressers in Bethlehem Pa

Crossdressers in Bethlehem Pa on Bisexual Playground
Sexy Bicpl living in Bethlehem ,Pa
I am 45 years old who lives in Bethlehem pa. Looking for a girl to have some fun with and possible a threesome with.
im a bi male who likes crossdressers and sissies....i like crossdressers to wear slutty lingerie and be sub.
I have been a workaholic for too long. Enjoy crossdressing and would love to spend time with other crossdressers and women that love crossdressers.
LBi crossdresser looking for interesting people to help me with my dressing and have fun at it other crossdressers women who like crossdressers or couples who would like to get to know I am a clean person married to a women in open marriage after I told her about my crossdressing
28/m/detroit dominate I love crossdressers nothing turn me on more.I love dressing em...I love men in langerie all types o? Heels n.wedges r my favorite.I wanna fck more den one at a a group fck wit jus me n crossdressers my dream..if this is you HMU ASAP..DON'T BE SCARED
Just a reminder that trans women and male crossdressers are different. Some crossdressers may eventually transition, but there are cisgender male crossdressers who experience no gender dysphoria and never feel a need to transition.
what about guys liking crossdressers or crossdressers liking crossdressers? i'm game for all of it!
Well we have noticed that all sites limit their blockings to Single females, Single Males and couples. How about adding crossdressers, trangendered and things like that to the list of being able to be blocked. I mean this would help people out that are interested in crossdressers but not men. They could block single men and crossdressers would still be able to contact them even for transgendered on the female fact. Some people would like only to be able to be contacted by transgendered females and not true females if yopu know what I mean is this something that can be done?

I am not sure if it can because I have not seen iot done on any other site maybe it can be a BP only thing until someone else catches on.
I'm in Bethlehem
AC is a bit far.... I'm in Bethlehem,PA
Bethlehem here also


Glory Holes Pennsylvania
The green door on Pembroke in bethlehem, and copies on stefko,also in bethlehem. There is another one on Rte. 611 west in tannersville
Glory Holes Pennsylvania
Anyone in Bethlehem PA near Bethlehem diner on catty rd wanna suck dick?
Glory Holes Pennsylvania
OMG no posts??? Great GH in Bethlehem on Stefco BLVD and an aweome adult move place not far from there on Pembroke.
Cock Sucking With A Transgender
I want to suck Dick I like crossdressers
Married Crossdresser
Looking to meet crossdressers around Richmond, Va.
Crossdresser Male To Female
Any smooth passable crossdressers want to service me


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!