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Wife Bends over and Stranger Fucked Her

Wife Bends over and Stranger Fucked Her on Bisexual PlaygroundWife Bends over and Stranger Fucked Her on Bisexual Playground
We are a couple looking for a bi sexual guy to have a threescome with my fiance is bi curious and wants to be fucked in his ass and also wants to watch me get fucked by a stranger .
im from australia, and working in asia. but travel exensively. Asia Europe, US every year. i am searching for 1-2 wemon for discrete sexual relationship. bifems , and couples that dont mind thier wife being fucked by a stranger. i am in vegas this jannuary so let me know so i can make arrangements to meet. cum on your tongue soon light
hi looking to meet like couples for fun with me and my wife, my wife is just discovering lesbian but i love bisexual for sure love to suck be fucked and swallow cum, I also love to see my wife fucked and she is beautiful
Hi we are a happy couple who wants to explore our sexuality my wife wants me to get fucked by another man who has got a really big cock she wants me to be treated like a women it turns her on She has fucked me with a dildo and she really enjoyed it if anyone who has this big cock and is up for. Giving me it for my first.time feel free to text me and my wifE will join in if its big enough for her 10inch or more my wife is 5ft 2 she is tiny and she has a tight pussy she is gorgous so if u want to stick your big cock in her u need to turn her on by fucking me
I'm into the whole stranger thing. Being fucked, sucking cock, being sucked and fucking a chick.
Bi-curious couple. I trying to get my wife to have sex with a stranger
The swede's wife steps up to the tee, as she bends over to place her ball, A gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals her lack of under ware.
Good God woman ! Why aren't you wearing any skivvies ? Ole demanded.
Well you don't give me enough household money to afford any. The swede immediately reaches into his pocket and says, For the sake of decency here's a $ 50 go and buy yourself some.
Next the Irishman's wife bends over to set her ball on the tee. Her skirt also blows up to show that she too is wearing no undies.
Blessed Virgin Mary woman ! You've no knickers . Why not? She replies I can't afford any on the money you give me. Patrick reaches into his pocket and says for the sake of decency here's a $ 20. Go and buy yourself some under ware.
Lastly the Scotsman's wife bends over. The wind also takes her skirt over her head to reveal that she to, Is naked under it. Sweet murder of jaysus, Auggie ! Where the hell are yer drawers? She to explains, you dinna give me enough money to be able ta affarrd any.
The Scotsman reaches into his pocket and says, "Well fer the love 'o decency, here's a comb...... Tidy yerself up a bit ! !

Hug Kiss :-P ~ Farmy ~
Who goes down on their wife or GF eat them out with another man or stranger cum in then kisses with the warmth mouthful of cum. While ithry gett fucked again by a 2nd? Which one taste does my woman's pusssy look? delicious to eat for my man love to hear you nasty comments send pics.
I really learned about sex from a girl I dated right after college. Had some great experiences including skinny dipping in a stranger's pond, getting a blowjob in my convertible while parked in front of a friend's house, and having sex all night Until I couldn't cum again. I learned about gay sex from my ex-wife's lover when we had a few MMF threesomes. I sucked my first cock and was fucked for the first time.
His 10th grade daughter is dating a 11th grade boy. Dad thinks she knows nothing. My daughter his daughter and wife are close. Her daughter wants thong panties ... my daughter said she does to but does not want to go with her mom. Last night his wife asked me if it okay to take them both thong shopping and explained. She says I am sure u get it my husband is idiot. I wore at their age.

Now it's been 3 weeks. He puts his daughters thongs in wife drawer. His daughter makes fun of him with mom and my daughter.

He has not fucked her in months ... how do you tell a guy to fuck his wife ? If he needs a warm up first I will jerk him off.

I even told him I feel bad for his wife.. just fuck her.
He said would you just fuck yours... I laughed and said yes.... she would insult me and I would fuck her ....

Just fuck your wife it's a pussy. I do not think you would... I said to be honest anyone else's wife I would have already fucked her.

I already fucked and I gave list....
My wife watched me getting fucked and his wife too , they stopped playing with each and just fingered themselfs , it felt good because he had already fucked her my wife
The thought of being fucked by a stranger, in a public place.


Rape Role Play
I love the idea of being raped, I especially like the date rape idea. One of my biggiest fantasies is that my partner brings home a stranger (to me) and lets the stranger rape me while he watches, encouraging the stranger to be as rough as he likes.
Women Who Like Bi Men
my wife loves to watch me and another man go at each other,,just the other night we were having a 3sum with a male friend of mine,,he had been fucking her,so we took a smoke break,,i had no idea my friend was bi,,my wife goes to the bathroom,and out of the clear blue he bends over me and proceeds to give a me a head-job,,my wife walked in and seen what was goin on,,,she almost got off standing there watching us suck each other to completion,,,,what a night,,we are looking for men in our area
I've always loved anal sex since I was a teenager. I fucked my wife anally a few times in the past but she wasn't real interested in it. I was on the internet one day and ordered 2 strap ons. When they arrived...that night I was eating my wife's pussy. She was really hot by then & I pulled out the Strap on with a nice black dildo attatched. She thought it was for her until I asked her to put it on.. She grinned a bit and strapped it on. I told her to lay down facing up on our bed and I put Astroglide on the dildo and proceded to lower myself on to it, taking all of it inside my ass. She semed to be quite amazed as well as turned on by the sight. I began to rock back and forth then up and down fucking it like a pro. She watched me enjoying . She grabbed my cock and started stroking it till I shot my cum all over her tummy. Finally I got up and licked some of my cum from her stomach and lubricated her pussy with it and she came . Since then we enjoy anal sex on a more regular basis. She loves for me to lube my finger with the juice from her pussy and finger her ass hole with it. Since then she bends me over and sometimes fucks me doggy style.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
My wife and I have had 2 experiences like this. It started out with her sucking another bi-curious guy, and she asked if I can help her. I did, a little nervous at first, but really got into it. We then proceeded to exchange oral sex in a variety of ways, everyone taking turns and helping the other one. i then wanted to get fucked by him, but he had whisky dick, and had troulbe staying hard after we made him cum already orally. I fucked my wife missionary, and he put on a strap on and fucked me until I came in her pussy. We then ate the cum out of her pussy. We are looking for other bimales or bi couples around the Chattanooga, TN area. Please send me an email
M-M-F Threesome
I have had this enduring fantasy of being fucked by two guys. My most recent has to do with a guy in my office building I have the hots for. I imagine that he comes up behind me and grabs me into the stairwell ans starts to feel me up and kissing me. We play with each other for a while, then he leads me to his office. He bends me over his desk and fucks me doggie style while playing with my clit. we are going hot and heavy when his partner walks in. he is about to back out of the office when I motion him to enter. I can see he is hard as a rock and straining through his jeans. I ease his cock out of his pants and start sucking on his cock. The other guy starts pumping frantically as this appears to really turn him on. I am getting hornier with each pump and I take the cock in my mouth deeper and deeper until I can lick his balls. The three of us explode together in one HUGE orgasm. I then take the guy who I blew and make him lick the cum out of my pussy while the one who fucked me sucks his friends cum out of my mouth. I orgasm again and again.
Bang My Wife
I'm a guy who has been so happy these last two months because my woman has let herself enjoy the swinging lifestyle. She has banged 4 guys for me, while i watch and play. This last guy stayed over night and fucked her to at least 50 orgasms while he came over and over himself. Listening to my wife get fucked at 4 in the morning by the guy, while she screams in pleasure, and her bed banging aganist the wall, knowing he is gonna fuck her again in the morning is bliss. She was one happy girl, her pussy was swollen when he left but we had great sex that night and after and it keeps cumming. You know I was out when he got here, but when i got home they had fucked in three rooms already. He is strong and he picked my petite one up and carried her about. I don't mind her fucking when I'm not there, because it's hot hearing her tell me what happend when daddy was out. I already knew he was OK before, so i didn't have to worry about him being there with out me around. He is welcum back at least once a month for more overnight fun with my wife. Yes he is married but his wife is boring, and this guy is SOOO not.


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