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Cunt Stretching

Cunt Stretching on Bisexual PlaygroundCunt Stretching on Bisexual Playground
My personality is like Goldie Hawn. Goofy and Wacky! - Men want to fuck me that way. ....Take advantage of me.... Up in my cunt ... 'when I get one.' I am sooo wanting 'that!!' ... A cock slip up into my cunt ... And pump me 'hard!' ...'I'll love that !'... ...And make me cum !! I haven't had sex in a long time. The 'next' time I cum ... it will be with a man's cock in me! ...And him rubbing my 34B tits! I get so hot 'waiting ... I fantasize a man pleasuring my cunt, while I lick and suck another man's cooperative cock I'd like them to both cum in my cunt and mouth ... all at the same time!' And fill both my cunt and mouth ... while I eagerly drink them both all in ! ...I'm going to be 'man candy!!'... Sorry. ...I don't have a picture.
I'm a nice looking 26yo White Male, looking to get into a bi sex threesome, and fill a pussy up with cum and eat the cum out of her cunt, and also watch another guy eat my creampie out of her cunt.. ; )
wet tight pink pussy cunt boi loves to please str8 athl/musc masculine can use my body as you and fuck my cunt...married men especially welcome....text me eight one seven eight six three three five seven three
Looking for hot gloryhole action with BBC. Possibly host for the right person. Must be disease free. Act like a decent human if let into our home. Expect for my hubby to video us. He won't bug the guy. He just loves the cuckold. We are chill. No drinking or smoking for me. My hubby gets down 420 style. We have no kids= me having a tight ol twat. We are about draining nuts and stretching counts. Lmao...not really the stretching. Also only my hubby goes down on me.
LOVE WATCHING GUY FUCK CUNT. Love eating a guys ass while he's fucking cunt.
SWF 46, fit & trim, small, perky tits, tight body, high, round ass. Cute face. Submissive only. Long, blond hair (perfect for grabbing to force my head down onto your cock). Hard limits: no kids, poop, animals. blood or permanent infliction. I am into all fucking and oral- with regards to both: throat, face, cunt, asshole. Licking, eating sucking and being licked, eaten sucked. Fisting, DP, Gangbang, Bukkake, Objects/toys/food, Gaping/Stretching, BDSM, Device Bondage, Spankings/Beatings/Whippings, Golen showers, RAPE (extra points here!
Love getting peeks at those soft tiny white cotton panties with a damp spot knowing they are teasing me just wishing I could could see that soft bald mound hiding underneath. A hairless virgin cunt hidden awaiting a nice tongue to spread her soft young folds to make her cum for the first time then easing that big cock head inside stretching her for the first time like she does with her hairbrush handle when she knows daddy is watching.. mmmmmmm I remove the days of watching my step daughter play with her tight little cunt she’d pull her panties to the side and rub her hot slit for me and push her fingers in it and lick them clean as she looked at the door knowing i was watching her with a massive hardon wanting to push my cock deep inside her wanting to breed that velvet soft virgin cunt for the first time
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hi guys im a sexy transvestite looking for SEX Need cocks in my CUNT come to me in anaheim split me open cum in my cunt feed me your wet dick
The head opens that cunt, but that big shaft rips your cunt!!!!
hey Cherie ,its Joe ,tried to call Bill earlier but no answer . you should come out and visit me . im getting ready now to go to a nice friendly adult theater. the guy working is a good friend of mine . we have rented one of the theatre rooms for the night. i have mature hot female ,my age and we have a younger couple ,early 30s. we are the father and mother and they are our son and daughter son is bringing his best friend, he loves to eat the cumloads out of all our assholes. they all are just getting me broke back in , so i will have a small butt plug , but mother ,daughter, son and friend will have big buttplugs up there asses. mama has the biggest butt plug , its huge. when we rent the theater for the night . we can lock the door and play naked all night . then there are regulars that come in to store on Friday nights. so JT knows them and hell let them know that we have rented the theater room , so depending who all shows up , we will have at least 2-3 more couples and a few men that turn us on . also single females usually come in pairs . so will have a few single females. then once we get all fired up we open the door and tell all the single guys hanging around that they can watch ,only if they can jackoff and shoot big cumloads from watching . and alot of times these single males .just love to suck cock and eat huge loads . so if you 2 come out to visit .we have all kinds of places for kinky ,nasty, fun. i am going to tell mama and the kids about you 2. i told mama that Bill hads 1 nice big cock , i also told her you had nice gapping cunt . mama really gets turned on by huge stretched holes ,all holes on both the men and women.mama loves showing off how big her cunt and asshloe are , baby girl is wanting to have hercunt an\d asshole as big as her moms ,she says there going to be even bigger athan mamas, my son s asshole can and loves being fistedmmy son will get on his knees while mom and sis sit on couch with legs spread wide open and will fust fuck both their pussy at the same time. we have women and men beg to lick his fists clean. while hes doing that ,i will have my fist buried deep in his shithole as im super stretching hiscock shaft so that his foreskin is stretched to the max. iwill have some other of our friends pulling and stretching out my foreskin,because ill have 2 pairs of nipple clamps, 4 clamps with chains connecting them and some weights added to them , that really stretches out my foreskin an d then either some guy or cunt can stick there whole mouth inside my foreskin, i am so hot i have my cock pump hurting so good. wish you could be here ,because you 2 are as kinky as me. would love to have mama and the kids watch Bill shoot a huge loadin my mouth and i could share it with each one of my family, mama would love to see you stretched wide open and have several huge loads shot in your gapping cunt so she and sis could bury their whole face in your cunt and suck up every drop of cum ,that was dumped in that nice gapping cunt hole.then since JT always gives us a good deal,we will all share his cumload ,man can he shoot a load,, then will let him eat out everyone of our assholes and mama and sises cunt then if we have anything left son and i can both dump a load down his throat. do you think that you would love to have a night like that . if so it can be arranged. gotta go mama just came in and turned on the porn,she has a nice summer dress on with no underclothes. she just pulled out her huge buttplug so i could lick it and spit in her shithole to lube her back up . she says shes had it in since6;l55 it is now 8;26 and she still has all night to go .shes reading my email to you and she hpoes you get turned on to this as much as we do . sorry got to go mama wants me to fist her cunt as she fucks me with my butt plug , she says that i m going to move up a size tonight and she cant wait to see me swallow the whole thing ,right up to the base.
im not into serious pain myself,i do love the stretching sensation though kind of like anal just have to be real careful and clean things really good.when i inject a little lube it has a slight sting but it is just the ph balance and i goes away in a minuite and i just started out with smaller sounds until i found find out what size i was massages my dick from the inside and it feels really wonderful.especialy rose bud sounds i found on line.


Ball Pumping
Ball pumping and stretching is cool. I do stretching. I love the look and feel.
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I like eating a cunt while a big cock is in it and even pullit out and shuve it down my throte then slide my cock in with it in her cunt. iv don this i would also like to havea big cock up my ass and one in my mouth at the same time then after coming in her i get down and lick that cunt clean i mite even try some doble anle any cople out thair like to try that im kinda afrade that will turn womean off
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
The first time we did this was totally unexpected. One of our good fuck friends was ramming his big white cock up my wife's gorgeous black pussy and once he filled her cunt with his cum, she stood and walked over to me and stood spread legs over me, looking down on me and she just let his cum drip from her cunt right in my mouth. Then she made me lick her cunt as his cum dripped from her. I eagerly did so and while I was doing it, he became hard again and moved in behind my wife and slid his hard white meat up her black ass and slow fucked her ass while I continued licking her cunt and slurping his cum from her sweet ebony pussy. Gorgeous!
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
Ahhhhh...eating cum from my wife's pussy...and it came from some other guy's cock! There's nothing that is more sexy then that to me! I love to watch a huge, hard cock fuck my baby's shaved cunt till he cums deep inside her! Hug Then to have him slowly pull his cock back out, and as soon as it leaves her cunt lips, I wrap my lips around the cock and suck it clean! Then my wife make's me lay on the floor as she mounts my head. Then she lowers her just fucked cunt to my open mouth. She pulls her hand away and the strangers cum runs from my wife's cunt into my mouth!Kiss Any thoughts or Fantasies to add?:-P James & Rae
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
I dated a couple who let me eat my own cum from his wife's cunt as he sucked my cock and cleaned it. Then I started licking her clit as he fucked her and then enjoying all cum in her cunt was incredibly delicious and erotic. Makes me hard now to recall it.
1 Man 2 Women
My wife and I luv to do this. She is so fucking hot. My wife's tight athletic body and incredible ass drive me nuts. She brings home a hot horny coed in leggings for us to play with. My wife lays back while the coed eats her sweet wet cunt and I kneel behind the hottie rimming her asshole while she fingers her dripping cunt. When I can't take it anymore, I rail her sopping cunt and then eat my huge creampie licking off the cum dripping down her legs. The coed cleans off my cock.


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