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Daddys Finger Fucks Daughter then Fuck Her Asstr Stories

Daddys Finger Fucks Daughter then Fuck Her Asstr Stories on Bisexual Playground
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I love to read or hear other’s stories, at times more than porn. My favorite stories are at asstr dot org, in the ftp section as opposed to the http section, and then under Collections, and then under Kristen’s collection. There are other types of collections too for genre fiction but many would consider them offensive, and could even erroneously be considered illegal by the intolerant thought-police-types among us.
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Any step daughter stories?
Father Daughter Role Play
older gent 58 here looking to exchange hot stories about father daughter role play
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.
Bang My Husband
I constantly make my husband make up stories about women he fucks at work and that is how I get off!
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I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.