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Deep Anal Tumblr

Deep Anal Tumblr on Bisexual PlaygroundDeep Anal Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
5'10", 190lbs., 7"cut (big urethra) smooth all over, growin chest naturally. Loves to deep oral, LOVES anal (deep anal), looking for a partner that is good to average looking, but a she male is nice too.
She 5' 117lbsvery deep love anal rimming 69 squirting DP spanking fisting. He 6'2" 197lbs 71/2" thick big mushroom head love anal oral any thing anal
I am looking for a guy or chick to have some fun with I have never been with a guy but i love deep anal I consider myself an expert many years at it I am looking to have a discreet but kinky night with a guy/girl and some anal toys don't be hesatent to write me will travel for the right night
im a nice guy thats very horny. im a black bi male i prefer to bottom but will top for that rigth guy. my thing is im a anal virgin ive only had my fingers and a few toys up there. im very deep {loiusville slugger deep} if u get my drift. i love the feelin of being stuffed. i just cant find the rigth guy. im a cool guy and love to suck dick i mean love it. i love useing lots of spit a going slow and deep, its hard for me to stop when i get in my zone i love it. oh and the taste of cum really gets my going. so if your a top that wants a horny thick bottom that cant wait to be pounded for the first time then please dont be shy.
Bi-curious male, married. Seeking a patient, experienced hung top to help me experience my first m/m oral/anal sex. I want to deep throat and have gentle and fulfilling anal sex experience with a man who knows what he is doing. Be dom and patient clean if we click and I trust you eventually we could bare back. But I have to know you. This is for me.
Deep anal and prostate massage.
Well darn it, my VERY FAVORITE pleace to CUM bi and edge in the nude has disappeared as of 17 Dec bi banning "adult content."

Tumblr was THE BEST PLACE I had ever been to for fantasy masturbation (my most favorite form of SEX bi the way).

Do any "Tumblr Refugees" have a new place to play that is "like what we had there?"

Mind you, I adore this web site butt the "really good members" are mostly too far away to actually meet and get naked with.

BUTT, hope springs eternal.
I can have 4 different ones.

Clitotal, G Spot, Anal and Deep Pussy

Having the first 3 at the same time is an outer body experience orgasm. Which I like to call the "Tri Fecta" Doggy style, anal penetration from my partner or anal beads and my favorite blue vibrator. Provides vaginal and clitoral stimulation. I will cum quickly and hard and the most vocal.

Give it a try ladies!

Anyone else have their favorite way to climax?
I love anal play and just bouht my first pair of beads which should arrive shortly. I would like to learn more about anal toys, how to use them and their purpose. I have up to know just had anal sex, anal fingering, and dildo play. I am interested in anal beads and the vast amount of varieties, anal plugs and those funny anal dildos. I found out they even have vibrating ones. I am just so lost. Please help. All information is welcome. *mwah* Kiss Joy
I first joined Tumblr in 2013 and use to use it during the day while I was working to pop into a bathroom with my phone and watch some teaser money shot porn to relieve myself as the app would stream their videos just about anywhere but not other porn site apps~Good times~
i have always enjoyed receiving anal sex. My first encounter was as a teen and over the years i have had some wonderful experiences. i've never thought i would be considered gay if i told another man i enjoyed anal. Some men only want to receive oral and that's ok for a while. i just enjoy giving all of me to my partner for them to enjoy and in turn i enjoy feeling them deep in me... knowing they will cum in me when they are ready.
You know, they really feel different for me and the orgasms I have with anal are very different than the orgasms I have with vaginal sex (and even with vaginal I sometimes have different kinds of orgasms). I don't know what it is like for other women, but with anal, I get the most pleasure from stimulation outside,around and just inside my ass. Deep feels good but my hot spots are closer to the surface. With vaginal, external stimulation feels really good but my hot spots are deeper. One thing that is more intense with anal is when a man ejaculates in my ass. I am much more aware and able to feel it in my ass. I hope that makes sense....


Anal Top
I've always been a TOP and Love a Smooth/Clean TIGHT ASS!!! I'm Versatile in most everything else but I'm Now looking to be Versatile in Anal Sex! I'm looking for the RIGHT TOP to POP my Anal Cherry(Slow/Easy/Gentle)and give it to my SMOOTH/TIGHT/CLEAN ASS Balls Deep to Orgasm!! However I'm NOT looking for a THICK/BIG COCK! I prefer an Average to Slim COCK in the beginning/ NOT into FORCED/ROUGH or INJURIOUS ANAL PERIOD!!!
Anal Sex
I love to feel the tip of his head and play with it for a minute then i like it when he is balls deep in my ass. my orgasm with anal is much more intense than pussy orgasm
10 Inches Or More
I want to learn to deep throat long thick 10"+ COCKS. Feel their balls against my chin while draining their ball sack of juice. Please make sure that I swallow every drop. Work my virgin white ass (to any dick over 6 inches), down the full length, feel those balls slapping the cheeks of my ass. Feel your hot Seed being shot deep into my anal canal. So deep that it won't leak out. Feel your Seed crawling its way in deeper. Lindawantabe
Anal Sex
I am into recieving anal. Strap-on or meat puppet it fills a need deep in me :)
Women That Fist Men
I would like to be anal fisted by a woman with smaller hands would be trying to get fast as deep in my ass as you can without causing pain
Anal Sex
We have enjoyed anal sex for close to 20 years. Danny has always had a fetish for anal, and slowly introduced Carol to it. We practise anal sex on a very regular basis, and have introduced many men (and some women) to their first anal sex experience.

A little twist on anal sex that all couples should try.....take a good vibrator and put it in the guys ass, turn it up ALL the way! The guy lies on his back, and lets the woman get on top. The vibration travels right through the guy, into his penis, it's amazing! ...for both partners.

Danny & Carol


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!