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District of Columbia Bisexual Personals

District of Columbia Bisexual Personals on Bisexual PlaygroundDistrict of Columbia Bisexual Personals on Bisexual Playground
I am 5'10 .Bi Male College student .I live in Columbia SC I am 240.I am working out to be 165 .I would like to find a older fit man who also lives in Columbia SC who can help me with my goal If you can help Kik me alex1997i I am starting to take my fitness journey for real I am 23 .I hope I can find an older fit mentor in Columbia sc I can't pay but I can chores or run errands if that helps
Hey ladies.....I'm a single AA male, residing in the District of Columbia. I have no kids at the moment. My main reason for this profile is to meet other like minded single women/bi-sexual women. Kids aren't an issue if you have any. I enjoy MMA, Boxing and WWE . I attend church and would like to meet a woman that have a common interest.
i am a openminded individual living in the columbia sc area. I stand 6'1 with a fit muscular body. I am looking for other bisexual, straight males and females or bisexual couples to play with.
Im 35 years old bisexual female looking for some fun in columbia ky
I'm bisexual, but looking for a girl. I go to Columbia College Chicago, and a like to party way too much.
20yo bisexual female. I want to meet people in the columbia area to connect with and see where it goes if there are any questions i will answer so ask
Hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but posting naked pictures of your ex or current partner without their consent is a crime. As of 2020, 41 states and the District of Columbia have specific laws outlawing distribution of sexual images without someone’s consent. Only Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Wyoming have no law regarding what is known as “revenge porn.” In Arizona it will get you on the sex offender watch list.
BP has always been at the forefront of imporvements to the site. I have watched it over the past everal years, and it continually amazes me that the ownership finds the time and takes the interest to "do it right".

So . . . here's a new challenge -- location.

We're not dealing with the electoral process here, but rather, the getting together of like minded individuals. So to put up personals by "state" just doesn't make sense.

Look at almost any state, and you'll see there are wide variations in population centers. Look at a map of Maryland some time. There are probably four distinct areas:

1. Western Maryland (west of Baltimore, all the way out to the West Virginia area). Folks in Western Maryland, moe than likely, go to Pittsburgh for fun.

2. Baltimore area.

3. DC suburbs (Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Northern VA)

4. Southern Maryland, extending South from Annapolis.

5. My loney environs, the "Eastern Shore" of Maryland, which often feels to us, like we belong with Delaware more than anywhere else. That 100 mile long Chesapeake Bay has two bridges. I'm only 20± miles from Baltimore, yet by highway, it is either 97 or 110 miles!

Here's another example: Folks who live in the District of Columbia (DC), will often list themselves as active in MD-burbs, NoVA, and DC. And another: Philadelphia area. Philly folks often list themelves (if available) as SePA, SoNJ, WesternBurbs of Philly.

It would be a lot of work, but but perhaps the way to ease into expanded Personals locations would be to have a box to suggest a new "location"? For instance, you could suggest NYNJCT which is a common area for those around Northern New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut. The Moderators/Owners could view it on a map to see if it makes sense.

When I lived in Nevada, Nevada wasn't good enough for a location. Hell, I lived in Northeast Nevada, 400 miles North of Las Vegas, and 298 miles East of Reno.

Anyway, it's a suggestion for improvement.

Hi.We are looking to see if anyone is available this Sat, 14 Apr in the Columbia area. Looking for couples, bi men and bi females. Would love to get a group together. Looking to host a hotel in Northeast Columbia
I'm a little more than an hour from Columbia, but I did used to live there. I can't think of any places in Columbia to find cock. There aren't many anywhere in the greater Nashville area.
Hey, Primetime. Try posting in the Maine personals forum, unless you’re looking to travel.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB
bill, i don't think that separating the personals from the discussion section would decrease the popularity at all. i think that both have their place and that those of us that read the forums for the discussions would keep them moving along :) those that are looking for the personals can do the same.
sunshine and babe


M-M-F Threesome
Looking for couple - bisexual male for my first MMF encounter Anyone in Columbia SC?
Ditto that Dot! I still have interesting dreams, after living 8hrs away, near there, i loved every trip i drove to A-dam, the Canal district, shopping, the food and museums, and most of all the awsum Beautiful (but goofy!) things to see!
Transsexuals That Want To Be Fucked
Any one in Columbia
Glory Holes
Looking for gloryholes near Columbia SC. Please help!
Glory Holes
are there any glory holes in columbia sc?
Glory Holes South Carolina
Looking for gloryholes around Columbia South Carolina please if you know help me out!


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.