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Diy Cbt and Nipple Torture

Diy Cbt and Nipple Torture on Bisexual PlaygroundDiy Cbt and Nipple Torture on Bisexual Playground
100% submissive bottom fag guy Seeking deep brutal throat and ass fuckers Nipple torture Cock and ball torture Ass stretching fucking raped Seeking dominant abusive sadistic controlling hung bastards to use me as his cum/pain bitch
bi sexual naked slave male exhibitionist pain slut i am a masochistic pain slave that knows that slave males and females need torture pain discipline for sexual gratification and to please dominant sadists. that is why i torture myself in front of dominants and I am trained to do that for their pleasure. i am a bi sexual slave male will perform naked and torture himself for dominant sadistic females, dominant couples, dominant males, dominant biker males, black dominants & transexual or crossdresser dominants. and couples live or on cam. i'm trained to torture clamp my nipples, cock bondage and torture with clothes pins and butt plug and dildo training. slave tony is also looking for a bi dom CD to strip me naked and train me with spanking torture, whipping and nipple clamp torture and dildo training. I want to be photographed and filmed during abuse and torture training. I also will be torture trained to debase myself naked in front of groups. I would really like to submit and be trained and tortured by a dominant male/female couple for their amusement and satisfaction.
I am a crossdresser from Central New Jersey. I give and recieve oral. I will do anal with a condom. I have a 6.75 member and its med thick. I will do anything except if it requires pain, drugs or animals. Spanking, play rape, ass whipping, member and ball torture, and nipple torture are ok. A threesome with males, females, mix of any combination. Any orgy is not out of the question. Being filmed is an idea!
I'm submissive want to serve on my knees orally and anally BDSM spanking CB torture nipple play ECT!!!!!!!
Married who loves his wife but our married sex life has gone south. We used to do mfm 3sums w/ a friend but she no longer wants to participate, primarily bcuz he and I liked to do each other and she wanted no part of bisexual activity. Dont know if Im really bi or just like anal stimulation. would like to get w/ a cpl where im in the middle, or any of us could be middle while the other 2 are pleasuring. Luv to fuck freshly fucked pussy, and like receiving nipple play and ass play. Toys are fun. Im up try most anything even into some mild bdsm as in nipple torture, but dont really know my limits.
I want to explore and learn more about BDSM. I am very interested in submissive behavior. I am a very sensual female and is eager to learn. I have learned something in this process and its been worth it . I am worth it and I will be a wonderful sub to the Owner that is willing to see that and spend his time teaching me with patience. i would like to meet Dom for everything. To be for you anything and anybody, I am bi and i care about nothing just to settle down and to serve. I enjoy spanking and nipple play and lots of oral and deep throat, blowjob. Role playing and bondage and caging. Clamps and restraints with body torture. I love any activity with anal very much and pussy torture and wish it done very gently at first. I have an excellent imagination
Look like fun. I bet it would be great as a torture toy for those of us that like a little S&M with our orgasms. Maybe I will have the guys add it to my tight restraints, nipple torture, whipping, penis cage, ball weights, forced deep throat fucking, and ass rape.
my favorite miss conception of bdsm is in the SM part most vanilla folks think of SM as pain and torture but do they really know what torture can be?? tied to a bed helpless to get away while a loved one is using a feather to turn one one and get them so sexually aroused that they want to jump to there feet throw you on the bed and devourer you alive or the slow passionate kissing that drives one nuts torture and pain are not all in the same though they can be there are many forms of torture there just need to open your mind and see pass the one thing to see the many things there.

just my 2 cents:)
nipple clamps, torture etc? mine seem to be getting more and more sensetive to sqeezing etc,,, love to hear some opinions, experiances on the subject!
Looking for subs in NYC that enjoy spanking, flogging, clamping, tit torture, wax, anal hooks, rope, humiliation, cock/pussy torture and slave play! Come to your place or somewhere else and give you all that you need! Leave you satisfied and wanting to do again!
I all. I want to do something exciting for Max. maybe some roleplaying ,but need some ideas of what I can plan. I was thinking of the school girl thing-has any of you other ladies done this? we have already don't the bondage, multi partner orgys, playrape, seduction in a bar, been his collateral for a poker game- I became the pokie. spanking, titty and nipple torture and desert for one of our parties. I am running out of ideas
I love nipple play nothing more erotic than gentle biting sucking including giving a tiny hickey next to the nipple as I caress the nipple . Also I love adult breast feeding.


Breast To Breast Rubbing
Wow I love nipple to nipple but I have never tried nipple to clit. Definitely adding that to my list of things to do. Woman are one of God's greatest creations, but we are definitely the sexiest!
Breast To Breast Rubbing
I love nipple to nipple and nipple to clit....soooo erotic. I agree with ggirl3. MMMMMMM
Nipple Torture
Nipple Torture: Wonderful and essential. As an ardent cyclist for many years on a shoe string budget, I inadvertently caused pudental nerve compression damage. The pudendal nerves innervate your, anus, penis glans and/or clit. The result is the absence of sensation or feeling in these areas. A long absence from cycling may result is the return of some sensations needed during sex. I could not understand why I couldn't respond to a blow job or rimming. Subsequent to this, I also collected lumbar/sacral spinal stenosis from riding on a kevlar blanket seven days a week for six months in Bosnia. This amplifed the pudental nerve problem to some degree. The upside is that from time to time when my spine is not compessing nerves, I can enjoy life like the rest of the world. For all other times, the sensory input from pain (torture) always brings me to orgasm. Does this resonate with anyone else?
Breast To Breast Rubbing
I not only love rubbin nipple to nipple and nipple to clit, but my husband likes watching me do it also. It makes me even hotter knowing he's watching and getting off too!Hug:-D
F-F-F Threesomes
So HOT! 3 or more licking my pussy, one on each nipple, a nipple in my mouth...I'm new, but oh so ready. MA-NH area. anyone want to have a girl only party?Kiss
Breast To Breast Rubbing
You're likely thinking of the incredibly sexy sight of two women, one on the bottom with eyes half closed in ecstacy, and one on top taking in every second and every inch of her lover's body, as she moves her body so that their nipples glance lightly against each other... But I quite like it myself, and it's one of my favourite things to do with a woman. My nipples are very sensitive too, and the feeling of them running teeny circles across a woman's much larger and textured nipples is simply exquisite! With large enough breasts, I can sometimes twist my neck enough that I am sucking on one nipple, and rubbing nipple-to-nipple with the other -- wow! that's great!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!