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Do Hermaphrodites Ejaculate

Do Hermaphrodites Ejaculate on Bisexual PlaygroundDo Hermaphrodites Ejaculate on Bisexual Playground
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I personally know several who can not have orgasim from their vagina. They do stay wet and they ejaculate through their penis. Well, that's what they told me. One of them has a brother who is also hermaphrodite but can not ejaculate through the penis. He is living as a man and he has some medical issues. That's my personal experience being friends with some. And I seen their stuff. They are pretty proud of
Hermaphrodites are extremely sexy.
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Actually, there has never been any true peer reviewed studies on female ejaculate, just various small random samplings. In all cases, there has been urine found in the ejaculate, from a small percentage of urine in some women, to being almost all urine in others. In the cases of the lower percentages of urine, that was typically found in women who "gushed" some liquid during an orgasm. In the cases of women who ejaculate a large volume, their ejaculate was found to be very high in urine.

It was found that women who "squirt" larger volumes tended to have weaker pubococcygeus muscles (the muscle the kegel exercise is used to strengthen) that allow urine flow during orgasm. It's really just a matter of tensing, relaxing, and loosing control during an orgasm that allows urine to flow. The misconception (popularized by my own Industry...The Porn Industry) is that it is all female cum.

This stuff is all easy to find if you do proper searches.
As a bisexual woman having a transgender is the epitome of having the Best of both worlds since they don't make hermaphrodites anymore
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my lady used to ejaculate when i ate her out and she took a hit
I am 61 years old and have heard of hermaphrodites most of my life but have never seen one or new someone else that has seen one. I have my doubts that they exist. Is there anyone out there that is a Zwitters and would you be willing to share a photo or two? Thanks LARGEBODY
Love the feeling of Plunging- Pete but can't seem to ejaculate


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!