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i would love to meet a hermaphrodite not for sex just to be a friend and to see how can a person live with haveing 2 private parts so get back KissFlower
hermafrodita a god of love .. mmmmm really one reason of be here is my very big wish ti}o know one, i think nothing better for love that a girl with 2 genders and pretty lady curvy body as girl and somthing extra...wo
Would love to meet a female praticing Hermaphrodite I here they can achiece orgasms with both genders.Hug
i want to have sexual experience with a hermaphrodite i want them to fuck me in the ass and lick my pussy and ill to the same for her/him i want to 69 white sucking dick and licking pussy
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser seeking Hermaphrodite! Flower
i dont think it could get any better then to be able to suck cock and pussy at the same time
I would love to meet a hermaphrodites, for friendship, Love, Sex, and maybe more depending on how things go.
couple would love to meet hermaphrodite for lots of fun
I am intersexed xxy penis no virgina but I do have overies and no sperm
I love sucking on BIG clits they are much easier to access and they always seem to be hyper-sensitive. My fantasy is to suck the clit of a intersexed pussy, if that's you hit me back with an IM or email!!
We would Love to meet and befriend a hermaphrodite and see what kind of sexual fun we can have...:)
I would love to meet a fem hermaphrodite for friendship and possible LTR...
an hermaphrodite is probably the absolute best of both worlds . although it may be hard to live that way, i have no idea, i think it would be a wonderful day if i ever met one. male or female. i think i'd like to try and carry out a fantasy with one, and possibly get to know one on an interlectual manner rather then sexual, AT FIRST, LOL any takers? Kiss Flower
We both would love to pieces a wonderful hermaphrodite lady,, if that is, any near us, give us a look and a shout if we interest you, we will treat you like a queenFlower
As oral is my passion i cant not imagine the joy of pleasuring a hermaphrodite . It could be said the best of two worlds but my pleasure would be the pleasure they received I'm in Central Florida ladies if your interested in a chat:-P
hello i am looking to chat with any hermaphrodites on site distance maters not i am fasinated at the possibilitys and just want to get to know a few respectfully thank you
I would like to meet with a Hermaphrodite as a friend very intersted in how they have to live.
I have to agree with most on this post. I am fascinated by an androgenous person. I think I would be so honored to give pleasure to someone with both sets of genitalia. I think they are so lucky to have both.Kiss I live near Albuquerque NM and would love to have relations with an androgenous person. I would feel so lucky.
I would love to meet a Hermaphrodite to be friends and hopefully more. My fantasy is to eat pussy n suck dick n finger his or her asshole all at the same time. That is pure heaven.
Any Hermaphrodites interested in hot horny sex please let me know
I would be honored to serve and service a hermaphrodite! A Pussy and a Cock is absolute perfection!
Your fantasies exceed the reality.
Yep the best of both worlds
Hermaphrodites on Bisexual PlaygroundHermaphrodites on Bisexual PlaygroundHermaphrodites on Bisexual PlaygroundHermaphrodites on Bisexual Playground

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