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Erotic Senior Stories

Erotic Senior Stories on Bisexual Playground
Clean cut business guy with a very erotic mind where I write stories and actually act the stories out.
I would best describe myself as a wildy curious woman about all types of sexual activity, and erotic talk. At this point I prefer erotic stories, conversations,, as that for me is what builds up the fantasy, and who knows from there.
I'm a senior bi, who loves sex with other senior men. Don't get me wrong, wouldn't turn down a mature senior woman if she was interested. I'm 70, 6'4", 245 lbs, silver hair with mustache, and always engage in safe sex. My morals, being a senior adults, I just love being with men and women around my age, who are seeking the same things I am.
I am a very open-minded 20 year old latina who wants to experiment with other girls and couples. I enjoy watching couples and being invited to join in. I am a writer of erotic short stories and am looking for more "hands on" experience for my stories. I love Latino and white guys and gals so don't be afraid to send me a little note ;)
I am a petite woman at 5', 120lbs, very outgoing, loving, kind and inquisitive. I wright erotic stories (unpublished) and fantisize how it would feel to be one of these characters, eg,: me and 2 other women, me with another woman and a man, me and 2 men, me in a group of men and women, very erotic. I would like to enjoy this experiance with YOU.
Eager to read erotic stories
Teri: I, for one, am glad you were inspired to share your erotic stories/life here on BiP. Keep the stories and us cumming :-P
Besides the extremely well done website and the people i have meet over the years my favorite part is the forum posts, the stories and antics of the members is not only funny at times but extremely erotic. there are many time when i am on the road alone and in the mood and need just a little help to put me over the top. that's when i come in here and read some stories. i admit i have a wild sex life but i meet my match with many others in here. keep the wild and exciting stories cumming
What happened to all the swingers from the 70's. I think they are still out there, still interested, but may have given up in the face of "youth".
I have read of the senior citizen sex revolution in the FL and AZ senior communities, but see no evidence of it here.
Perhaps I will go to my local senior center and put a 3 X 5 card posting on the bulletin board :-)
I like your erotic fiction send me an email at I’m kind of a writer myself quite great short stories but I love erotic fiction especially fantasy stuff and role-play
I love hearing and/or sharing TRUE erotic stories about younger and/or older experiences involving your first sexual encounter, getting caught in the act or nude, catching someone else in the act or nude, and really love other "VERY TABOO" erotic subjects, etc. Let's have some fun!
count me in i luv to read erotic stories :P


Erotic Fiction
I love erotic stories as well.... and I love this website for stories... it's all free.... Enjoy! Kiss
Erotic Fiction
I LOVE LOVE LOVE erotic stories...I'll masterbate to stories anytime...glad I'm not the only one....Kiss
Bisexual Seniors
I am a older bi senior man looking for senior men and senior crossdressers around the knoxville tn area for private discreet fun. I can host
Audio Erotica
I love Audio Erotic Stories
Erotic Fiction
does anyone know a good free erotic stories website
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
this is something that really drives my crank... more pics please... like erotic stories of this....Flower


HI Bill and Pattie, thanks again for your kind welcome and making me feel at home here on this site. I think if I stay here long enough and make friends like both of you, I will live all my possible erotic fantasies and some I have yet to think of! Really makes life worth living and spreads happiness in the world! Thank you again, Ray