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Reading stories gets me hard quicker than looking at pictures. Is that the case for anyone else?
:-D Billi I see we are on this one too. When I masturbate I don't use pics anymore I read and like you said it gets me hard in a minute. The best place on the web to get erotic fiction is the list is endless no kidding
Erotic fiction gets me hard a lot faster than pictures do most of the time. Though I really enjoy writing them too from time to time. Especially when I can use this writing skill of my in role-playing with women or cybering with them. If there is one thing I love better than getting off myself is knowing that I can write sexually enough at times to get women off. I live to serve where I can and pleasure where I can.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE erotic stories...I'll masterbate to stories anytime...glad I'm not the only one....Kiss
does anyone know a good free erotic stories website
I write erotic stories. I find it great fun; besides, the look on my reader's faces just gives me a rush!
I love erotic stories as well.... and I love this website for stories... it's all free.... Enjoy! Kiss
We love erotic literature as we do phone sex and erotic e-mails. We read them to each other while we masturbate. My gal is soaking wet in a couple of minutes and I'm rock hard. Sometimes I take Viagra and I can keep cumming for about 3 hours though after the first couple of times, I'm shooting blanks. She doesn't know why I can't keep shooting juice. Once I took 2 Viagra pills at once. I'll never do it again. I was hard for 6 hours and it hurt like hell. When it finally went down, it shrivelled up and looked like a piece of raw ground beef. I couldn't have sex for a week and had to sit down to pee. Double the dosage was certainly not double the fun.
ell Check Spell Check My fantasy...I arrived at the hotel bar a full hour before Jeff & James were supposed to meet me there. Since this was my first threesome, I was both nervous and excited. Alternatively, my nipples were hardening while my damp pussy tingled in anticipation. I ordered a and quenched my dry mouth while savoring my body's growing responsiveness to my recent decision to turn my long awaited fantasy into reality. My pulse was racing slightly while pictures of threesome sexual positions swirled in my head. Even my fingertips were overly sensitive as I slowly drank from the wine glass and absently both the stem and rim ever so lightly. Our conversation was brief, light, and warm. We were three consenting adults - one older woman and two younger men - on a joint pleasure mission and it didn't take long for the three of us to agree that we should move upstairs to the room I had rented earlier. It was a gamble renting the room before we had even met but as a lady poker player adept at reading men between the lines, I already knew from our emails that the odds were great that we would be making final table that evening. The first kiss proved and as I pulled Jeff into my arms and pressed my body tightly and my lips softly his, James pressed his body tightly into me from behind, slowly lifting my hair and kissing the back my neck. I turned my head around toward James, glancing over my shoulder and I could see James and Jeff's eyes locked onto each other and then they both tuned towards me and smiled. I rotated around then to taste James mouth and I felt Jeff press into me and kiss my neck from behind as James had just done. Breaking the kiss with James, I eased out from between the two of them and turned them slightly to face each other. I guided their heads together, kissing their cheeks in passing and as they kissed each other, I flattened one hand on crotch and the other on Jeff's crotch so that I could feel them harden under my palms as they kissed and their heightened... TO BE CONTINUED...I NEED A DRINK AND I HAVE THIS BURNING DESIRE TO CHECK EMAIL!!!:)
You go girl!!! I love erotic stories and can't wait for your next installment. Maybe I can get my grove on and write a few myself. Welcome to BP. You are going to fall in love with the people here. I know I did. I married her too. :>)
You really should post this in the general forum or under Erotic Fiction on the forum page. That way many more people will read it. You will be supprised at the responses. Kisses
Erotic Fiction on Bisexual PlaygroundErotic Fiction on Bisexual Playground

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