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Feeldoe Panty Harness

Feeldoe Panty Harness on Bisexual PlaygroundFeeldoe Panty Harness on Bisexual Playground
Male feminine panty gimp slaves. Panty hose masks and boobs all skin tight panty. Can take 10inches and 4 wide up ass. Pull a 5inch butt plug outta my ass fast, you and your white girl of the week can laugh as I go into a faggot convulsion or piss all over myself
We are interested in talking to people who have used the Feeldoe
single bi black male 40 yrs ,love all sexual activity.have a festih for panty love seeing men and woman in sexy panty great turn on. lookin for couples or single male,female, for real time panty play in the austin tx area
straight male,interested in feeldoe, and swallowing woman's cum
Profesional Gentleman curoius in feeldoe type pegging. and or possible M, F, T
Satin panty sissy luvs being a hot panty slut for horny men to use and enjoy
We have tried three different types
Feeldoe, a Vac-U-Loc harness and a simple crotchless modle
Shelley didn't like the Vac-U-Loc because the hard base pinched in some rather sensitive spots. The Feeldoe was better, but lacked control and tended to pull out of both at times. Her favorite (so far) is the crothless. The long waist strap is comfortable and the jell base of the dong has no sharp edges to poke and prod her.
We have a feeldoe. It's good strapless but we also have a harness for it as well.
Well we use Adam and Eve a lot and they have a huge selection of dildos that can be placed into a leather harness they sell.....They sell on for Plus size women which we have and it works AWESOME! We have a feeldoe and while it is fun. It is also a little on the small side for us....I prefer a nice big cock.....therefore we use multiple sized dildos that fit into the harness..........That web site will give you a very vast selection and everything you heart can desire.......check it out.......
I love our feeldoe. We use a harness with ours, but because its planted in her vagina she can get some awesome thrusting going on:-D
We have the feeldoe, it's nice.once in place, if the woman keeps her legs together, it works well, also good for sitting on with the woman on her back. A harness could facilitate a bit more action too. It is a nice fit and does feel nice, but we have a couple other strapons with bitter "cock"s too. The feeldoe is nice in that it is a great spur of the moment toy :-)

Now for a curiousity question kws992 ... your profile says you're a single bi guy???????
Had never heard of a feeldoe, but here's a pic of a nexus...usually runs about $70+ online places, can be harness worn.


Strap-on In Ass
I need to get a picture of the "Feeldoe" I saw recommended bi another member. I bought one so a woman could fuck my ass with it as I suck her hubby's cock. I SOOOOOO want a woman to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on or Feeldoe. The Feeldoe plugs into her pussy and so she gets a sinsation as well!!
Panty Boys
you freaking panty boys turn me on so much.... i love all the different styles and colors.... and here i thought i was alone in this world with my panty fetish
Males In Panties
I would really like to find a friend who is into mutual panty play, a fellow panty lover. Stockings, garterbelt add to the fun. Nylon silky panties are a super turn on for me. You?
btw, anyone in here ever use the nexus or feeldoe? any comments? *S* i've used both--or rather had both used on me . . .
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
such an exquisite sensation' want to try a feeldoe:)
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
I can't wait to try a strap on with hubby. Any hints on the best ones to buy, harness and penis both please. :)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!