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Foot Slave Cuckold Licking Feet Stories

Foot Slave Cuckold Licking Feet Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundFoot Slave Cuckold Licking Feet Stories on Bisexual Playground
I am a very sub foot slave who likes being used as a foot slave being ordered to clean dirty bare feet with my slave tongue
Hi I am a submissive superman cosplayer also knows as super slave. I have a shiny pink and purple superman suit . I would like to serve couple as their slave and be humiliated by licking their feet and doing hot stuff
I'm submissive cuckold who wants to serve couple from head to toes..... etc When they have sex..... Cocksucking, pussy, ass, feet licking...... etc Cuminmouth, Meet u like
I am a very open minded bi male, and I enjoy pleasing all partners I am with, be it male or female. I am very oral. I love kissing, licking, sucking, and well, ask and I might like that, too. I've got a serious foot fetish, and love licking feet.
I am a bi-curious female who has a male foot slave. I’m looking for other women who will make him lick their feet while you and I get to know each other.
Fun out going intrested Having women Using me as their pussy licking slave all day I am a very good pussy eating ass hole licking male slave I just love the taste of pussy
I have an intense foot fetish. Always have. Not sure where it came from, but I am eternally grateful to the women who indulged me. For me, it's keyed into the fact that I'm both very oral & basically submissive. Even if I'm just sitting on the couch with a woman who's barefoot, that can be incredibly sexy to me. Of course, I don't like ALL women's feet. Some just aren't pretty. But when everything clicks, me worshiping a lover's toes and soles can be as exciting for me as eating her pussy or licking her ass. One woman I knew was the closest I have ever met to a female foot fetishist. She did yoga and swam regularly, partly because she liked barefoot exercise. But she also work sexy sandals, went barefoot when possible, and love, love, loved having her feet played with. And come on! I'm also lucky that I've turned some women on to foot play. One, who's married and has a bi husband, has tiny little feet. For years, she told me, her husband kidded her about her feet, which he had no interest in. Now, when we're together, she regularly rests her feet on me, asks for gentle foot rubs, and has no qualms about me kissing, licking, or nuzzling her soft little soles. What's funny about all this is that I'm sometimes more shy about my foot fetish than I am about the fact that I enjoy sucking another man's cock, especially if his wife or girlfriend is watching. So, yeah, I wish more women appreciated this little quirk. It's actually very intimate and quite sexy...
Im a sissy boy but when i was dating i had a girlfriend who would have me rub her feet to start forplay most of the time id have lotion and rubbing her feet was hot i learned how hot she would get and i started licking them after her foot massage i would get so turned on WOW it was sooo sexy .
Foot partialism (AKA fetish) is something that develops over time but when it does it becomes very powerful. The foot centers are next to the sex centers in the brain so there may be neural pathways which develop as one explores feet.
I was introduced to women's feet in Europe and it dd not take long to get hooked on them. I enjoy sex with a woman in the traditional ways as well feet have not become the only fixation like with the man in the pic above. One has to have a healthy balance.
In the summer having women walking in sandals is for me like women walking bare breasted for others; feet have a powerful attraction.
I think the fashion industry knows about foot attraction just look in a Vogue magazine.
Is anyone in to licking feet and sucking toes, I love cure sexy feet I love licking tham all over and sucking the toes one by one. It a real turn on to have a guy cum on his feet then lick the cum off hi feet sucking the toes, and sliding my tongue between his toes licking them clean. In college I had guys cum on a plate and then rub it all over a buddies feet and then licking all that cum off, its a real turn on for me, Anyone else into feet?
Hello there I am fairly new to this site but have enjoyed the time I have been here, and have actually hooked up with a couple guys, So glad I joined. I am a 41 yearold single gay man, and have been gay all my life, started at a young age. I also try to stay very fit, you can check out my pics. I am looking to see if there are any other here that have a foot fetish? I love liking a guys feet, I maen licking them all over for a long time getting them really wet with my salive, suckign their toes and masterbating with their feet. I have not met a lot of guys that are in this. but have had a couple buddies that were in it yeard ago. love having a guy jack off on his feet and I also jack off on his feet and then take my time to lick thode feet clean lick up all that cum dig my tongue between his toes and clean them up. Is anybody else in to feet?
i am a white submissive cuckold with past experience. i aam looking for a dominant female or couple to turn me into their cuckold slave


I have a major foot fetish and my gf loves to feed me her feet. Especially while I'm getting fucked in my ass from behind by a big cock. Being a sub slut that I am I enjoy it when she is talking dirty to me while all that is going on. She makes me lick the bottoms of her feet and each toe, then she'll jam her foot in my mouth and face fuck me with her foot while calling me names (heaven on earth). That usually makes the guy fucking me even harder and he fucks me deeper and rougher... yummmy. in our pic's you'll seeone where the guy came on my face and her foot.... that's a happy ending!!!!!
Foot Fetish
Any women want a foot slave I'm your man I love a pair of stinky feet
Foot Fetish
Are there women with nice feet, high arches, wrinkled soles, looking for a foot slave to worship them?
I would love a foot job from a lady and I'll suck the cum off your feet until your feet are clean! :)
Foot Massages
normally, i don't like feet, but there are times when it just needs to be done lol. i don't; mind doing it for my guy, (when i have one) there is one guy who's feet i love, but He doesn't know it... Maybe one day i'll get to give Him a good foot rub, i think He'll really enjoy it. plus i used to do it all the time for my mom, wash them then massage them as part of a pedicure for her
i dont analyze my foot fetish, it PASSES THE 'HARD' TEST,and if it gets me/partner off, its good. like to use my feet like hannds annd rub slits and dicks w them after oiling up w massage oil. anything a hand ca do, a foot cando hotter (but then thats me)


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.