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Forced Bi Mistress Long Island

Forced Bi Mistress Long Island on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Bi Mistress Long Island on Bisexual Playground
i am a male 48 yrs old and i want to be forced into submission forced into feminization and most of all b forced to get on my knees and service my master or mistress of what ever he or she desires
I am a long time crossdresser who has always wanted to be a woman (or as long as I can remember). I love the idea of forced feminization and that of having a mistress/master in general. I’m a little shy to begin with but I’m trying to come out of my shell!
I am a 21 yr old male who is curious about crossdressing and serving a Female Mistress, i would like to be forced into sissy outfits to please my Mistress.
I am a submissive sissy. I am 5"5 and I weigh 234 pounds I'm a bigger guy. I am looking for a daddy or a mistress/ dominatrix. I am into forced feminization and being forced to suck a cock or eat a pussy
I'm a 22 yr.old Feminized TV Slut, desiring to serve a very Dominant Strict,,"Kinky" - "Ultra Nasty" Mistress,, and Dominant Black Master with a really Big BLACK Cock,, whipping , spanking, bondage, hairpulling, verbal abuse, forced Bi-Training, public humilation, Rape, forced pimping, Gloryhole Sucking, Facials, deep hard Anal, and Serving thy Mistress well !!!!!!!!!
submissive sissy cuckold with limited experience. have been dominated,sissified,and somewhat cuckolded by past girlfriend and X . neither was all that into it.have had bi submissive feminization fantasies for years and crave the real thing. would like to find couple or possible dominant tv/ts to put me in my place (on my knees). would love to be forced to give oral service to master and mistress, especially when the mistress has a pussy full of hot cum. enjoy being dominated, feminized with sexy lingerie, humiliated,and forced to serve sexually and otherwise.some mild pain ok nipple torment etc. but nothing too extreme. USE ME!
bi m 34 seeks fun cpls on long island for sexy times.....long island 34 5'11 230 oral and long lasting..lets connect and have some fun
OMG Mistress Saylenia, spank me beat me make me wright bad checks. Your a hot Little Mistress. Whoops I'm sorry Mistress, forgive me Mistress.
Hug Flower Petee A little Victorias Secreat
mistress delin will own you bi male slaves,as long you no smoke,no drink,drug free! no limit! must be into saver pain and take anything mistress delin says! 24/7 live in slaves! write slave want be own by mistress delin
i'm a hot sissy slave that is in dire need of a long term Mistress. i will do whatever pleases you and your friends. Mistress will be very proud of Her new slave.
damn what about being my Mistress?forced feminization ... suckin cocks for you 'public humiliation.. If interested shpot me text
Submissive locked in chastity..cock is dripping.. Mistress wants me to suck cock and swallow. My first time so horny and nervous but I must do this soon!! After I swallow you you can let me cum if you want but I must swallow my load as well. Put panties on me if you want, slap my ass or balls. You must host. 38 m white in great shape. Looking for older with nice clean white cock. This is real. Long island, ny please


Sissy Slave
I have been looking so long for that special Mistress ,to make me her's to do with as she pleases,24/7 ,,I will be her bitch slut,slave sissy ,sissy maid ..or even her little female puppy,, I know she is out there,, I wonder what I have been doing all thes years & still have no one... If there is a Dom that wants to train me ,,I'm very open ,, I love bondage ,humilation ,24/7 LTR....spanking, oral forced ,, pup collared.. watersports ,, let me know ,,im sincere honest ,and loving ,, So if You Can Help me find someone ,,Pease help ..!!! KissKiss
Pussy Worship
I would love to be forced to my knees between the legs of a woman and forced to worship her pussy for long periods of time:-P
Hot Long Island guy looking for a hot TS. Want to have some fun!:-P
1 Man On 1 Man
When and where 63 Mwm Long Island Ny
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Are there any on long island
Transsexuals Who Suck Cock
Looking for a Hot TS on Long Island! Any out there???????????:-P


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