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Gay Men Tied Up in Tights

Gay Men Tied Up in Tights on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Men Tied Up in Tights on Bisexual Playground
easy going guy who is into CD/TV's, i have thing for tights/pantyhose and nylon i would l ike to try some tights to tights frottage and nylon encasement has been a thing i would like to try
Nylon tights and stockings worship fettish and I love COK in tights to
I like to hold hands tied together with my partner touching tongues and noses french kissing having our legs tied together as well and wrestling while we're tied up
i am male 42 years old and love to wear pantyhose or tights . love to meet other men who like the same for some tights fun
I'm a sporty 6ft 1 guy but I like wearing panties and tights ...I'd proberbly wear more if asked. I'm very curious and want to take a nice dick in my mouth and suck it ...this is a must for me then I would like to try anal .....I also wouldn't mind dating couples or women who like men in panties and tights
i'm very shy and new to this, would love to make new friends, especially, shemales, tranny's and cross dressers also would love to here from tights/pantyhose lovers and ladies who love wearing tights/pantyhose and helping to become female with advice and tips,.open to suggestions.
This is for all the men and woman who like to wear tights I ordered some new tights online from a place called snag and they just came in and I had a chance to try them on and they are amazing they are very soft and stretchy and men they work well with our manhood and don't restrict or feel like they are crushing you cock. I just thought I would share my experience with trying some new tights that I know alot of men are now doing more of
I love it looks awesome I go out in public with tights and shorts on and Noone has said anything to me yet. And I still have yet to venture out in a skirt and tights I would like to but a little nervous about that

I am looking for some fun with tights loving people in Essex.

Everyone will be wearing tights and the scenario could be me and a couple or a number of guys with maybe a women joining in or directing things.

Not interested in meeting for 1 on 1 fun with a guy
I feel the same as you love our thongs I have been wearing tights for several years now and only about 6 months or so it just started feeling natural and I was hiding it before now I wear my tights with shorts and it makes me feel so sexy
have been on all 4s but have also been tied to a saw horse (there's a name for it but i can't remember it) bent over it and tied ankles tied and men used me for over 2 hours never got to see some of them they just lubed up and slid in me till the came. my friend untied me after and told me what a good bottom sub i was and he would do it again for me.
Slowly introduce her. Buy her some sexy thigh high stockings then pantyhose and tights. Tell her how sexy and erotic they look on her smooth legs. If her response is good and you’re progressing well in the relationship, please shave your complete undercarriage and legs (very unattractive being in nylons with hair) slip into a sexy pair of pantyhose or tights under your pants 👖 and let the evening progress!


Being Tied Up
I've never been tied up before. I love it when I feel helpless and totally dependent on someone. Being tied up, not knowing when you'll be untied or what a person will do to you while your tied, WOULD BE A TURN ON. Lindawantabe
Forced Sex
I would love to be tied up and forced to suck and fuck hands are tied and my legs are tied open.. so i have to take cock in my mouth pussy and ass...and swallow cum..
Kinky Sex
I love being the Submissive in a B/D S/M relationship with men,women couples or groups. I've been ask what do you want done once you are tied up.My answer is if I'm tied tight enough you can do whatever you want. My purpose of being tied up is to be totally at the mercy of my Mistress, Master. And yes pain and or humiliation is expected. How far would you go once I'm bound,I'd love to find out
M-M-M Threesomes
One of my favorites as well. But one of the best times was the first time I was tied up. I was with two friends that had done me before so I was comfortable when the tied me to a coffee table on my back with my head hanging ogg the edge backwards, and ly legs tied up exposing my ass. They proceeded to take turns fucking my ass until one came over and shoved his cock into my moaning mouth and throat. That soon followed with loads of cum! :) Happy times.
I love leotards and tights
Men In Pantyhose
I'm a man who loves wearing pantyhose, tights and spandex.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!