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Love when my wrists and ankles are bound and my partner has total control as it's hard for me to let go of the control in sex.
I've never been tied up and I would love to try it...Just the thought of giving up all control turns me on...Is there any women in the Westchester/Rockland(New York) area who would love to do this w/me?
i've always fantasized about being tied up, anyone in GA want to try with me??
When I was in older man found sucking cock atthe local glory-hole and took me for a beer after.He asked if I had ever been tied-up.I told him "no I haven't".After a couple of beers we went to his house,where he cuffed me to the head board and put nipple-clamps and a cock-ring and dildo up my ass,while he mounted the bed and fucked my mouth like a pussy for
hours! He also fucked my ass mercilessly and stretched my tight little twink asshole until I walked like a girl! He spanked me and shaved my pubic hair(and made me shave him)and also pissed all over me in the shower after sucking him off again! The next day...I went back for more!!!!
At a sex party a few years ago I walked into a room and saw a woman with a strap-on fucking a guy who was tied to the bed and gagged. She asked if I liked it and I told her yes. She then asked if I wanted to try it. I did and she tied me to the bed, blindfolded me and gagged me, then she used the strap-on. It was terrific, Then she left me there still all tied blindfolded and gagged. I was there like that for over 3 hours. I think she passed the word and during that time, people came into the room and saw me there, A few gave me a spank, pinched my nipples, or played with my cock or my ass as I lay there helpless. Four different guys also took advantage of my position and they fucked me. I didn't know who they were, but all of them were thick and a couple of them weren't gentle as they penetrated me. But they lubed me up and used me as much as they wanted to and left me for the next. . Eventually someone untied me and removed the gag and blindfold. It felt good to have the ball gag out of my mouth and my anus was sore, but the party was still rocking and I spent the next couple of hours sucking off a few guys and licking a couple of pussies. I was really turned on by the experience. I was beginning to realize the extent of my sluttiness and I added one more thing to my sexual repertoire.:-D
I would just love to be tied up and made to do things with others, over and over again, it's such a total turn on!! ;)
I love being tied up and the helpless feeling of not being able to resist any physical advances. I'd love to be fucked, sucked, made to suck, made to lick...
Would love to be tied and fucked
I would love to be tied to a bed, and have my ass mounted and fucked like a girls. Anyone intersted?
i love the thought of being tied up,----and be fucked and sucked by 4 or 5 other guys.the thought of it makes my cock rock hard
Being tied up and forced to have sex with others is very erotic. We both enjoy being submissive.
I'm Willing, Let's Do It !:)
my ultimate fantasy !!!!!!!!!!! i have wanted to be taken by a lady with a strap on !!!!! so much !! i might be getting closer if all works out with this person i met recentlyKissHugLaughing:-P
I love to be tied up and made to feel helpless.Very good training for subs to have their masters teach them.

Dennis J
Definitely tie me up and use me as a piece of property to use painlessly as desired.
I love the thought of a guy knocking me up:)
This is a huge fantasy of mine. Anyone in the area want to make me thier submissive little slut im up for it
Always been one of my biggest fantasies.
I want to be tied up and blindfolded, completely shaved had to toe, then sucked over and over until my balls ached from being totally drained of cum. Any takers here in SW Florida?
Want to be tied up and fucked stupid and will do as u like mature also mail if intrested live in uk and can travel
i love the thought of being tied up and taken by force.. and a display of complete dominance over me
Curious Lioness seeks Playmate to enjoy Tantric Pleasures with my sensuous and very Handsome King in the City of Angels.
I've never been tied up before. I love it when I feel helpless and totally dependent on someone. Being tied up, not knowing when you'll be untied or what a person will do to you while your tied, WOULD BE A TURN ON. Lindawantabe
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