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Gay Trucker Sucker Rest Areas

I'm a 48 year old gay white mail i have reddish brown hair, Hazel eyes, With a mustache / Beard, Hairy chest, 7 1/2 " cut. I'm Versatile in oral & anal. But I do prefer to be a bottom I have no teeth & I love to gum & deep throat hot daddy trucker cock. I'm a Very, Very talented cock sucker & Kisser. You wont be disappointed.I like getting into Roll Playing, Phone Sex, Outdoor Sex, Walking in the woods nude, Skinny Dipping, Camping & Making love by a roaring Campfire for hrs. & hrs. under the stars. I really love going to Truck Stops, & Rest Areas & hooking up with Hot Daddy Truckers Between 49 & 75 & getting in there trucks & have sex in there sleeper. There's just something about having sex in a Truckers sleeper. Don't be shy let's hook up a play. ( BJ )
Trucker sucker with skills
67 yr young, brunette,165 lb, 5' 4.5" tall, 38 C, single (have bf) sexy sextegenarian. Can meet along I -40 between Muskogee Turnpike, OK and Alma, AR. interested in meeting for sexual purposes only. I like the idea of meeting , no names or pleasantries, just get it on! Prefer a trucker with room to play in cab or someone with room to play along the roads I drive. I can meet at truck stops, rest areas, off ramps, etc. Just need a cock occasionally.
I wear very short daisy duke shorts everyday I drive my truck. I like to walk around at rest areas and senic view areas also. 3/4 of my ass shows plus my balls and cock hang out. I like to suck dick, swollow cum and have my ass fucked hard.
In general terms, I'm just your everyday normal guy. I've got this love inside for random (actually not so random because I'm picky). I really have a bit of a fetish appointing in the cab of a truck even though I've only done it once. When I say that I'm picky it's not so picky about the person is it is hygiene but I really do prefer people or maybe just a few extra pounds. I've spent a little bit of time just sitting at each of the nearest rest areas and just haven't really figured out what I guess you would call a secret code. I frequently stopped at one of them during the weekdays toward the end of the day too do my reports and have often wondered why I haven't been approached when I know what's going on around me. Often while I'm sitting here in my pickup my truck will creep buy me and then pull off to the side close to me. I'm pretty sure I know what they want and that's kind of what I want to but I don't know what the next move is to make it happen. What I do know is I'd much rather be able to make arrangements ahead of time so as not to be so noticeable to others. I am almost halfway between the Ozark rest areas And Knoxville / London areas although the second one is closed for a while it should be open again soon.
Good looking 5/8 155 lbs tight swimmers build tight ass 7 inch cock thick mush head I like being with truckers. I love the open road like to have sex on the road in all parts of the country. I love the outdoors love being naked as much as possible and love being around other naked truckers.I like truck stops rest areas pretty horney most of the time. Want to meet and hopefully find a trucker and steady sex partner, for good hot sex.
Been a trucker for 40+ hung out in truck stops or rest areas.....
I am a trucker and I am always looking for cock to suck, It is not as easy as it used to be. But rest areas are good places
Willing to meet at rest areas, truck stops, off ramps...I want to fuck a trucker in his truck!
Drove over the road for a short while and there are a lot of truckers that enjoy some companionship along the way. Back then rest areas were really busy with plenty of truckers looking for some action. Rest areas seem to be more restrictive to playing around now with the new restrooms and improved security.
Question for truckers... how does someone let the truckers a rest areas know they want to play? Like a signal or hang out near the bathroom? I drive all over the country for work and I’ve never been able to find cock at a rest area... are rat areas off the freeway different from “truck stops”?
Very discreet but always wanted to be sucking and getting fuck by trucker in his truck or rest stop no games don't want money just feel of trucker around Cochran and Dublin ga please text


Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I'm a trucker and i stop at a lot of rest areas hoping to find someone. I never have any luck. Hopefully soon i can find a good one. I am new at this but i am willing to give and receive. Hug
18 Wheeler
My first M2M experience was with a trucker at a rest stop. He sucked me thru a hole in the wall between stalls. I've fantasized ever since about meeting up with a trucker and repaying that awesome favor. I've had a very few experiences since then, but still looking for that trucker that wants a BJ everytime he comes thru Lafayette, La.
Been a trucker is lonesome at times boring its awsome when we get flahed by a slow passing car/suv. Wether a girl or guy. It wakes us up. So if u ladies n gentlemen read this dont be shy we dont bite. Show ur assets we will appreciate it. I travel mainly east of mississippi river. Most of the time i park at rest areas/parking areas n get naked. Love the feeling of no clothes. If u like to see i will show if u like what u read email me and see what happens. Would love to try my first tv tg cd girl.FlowerHug;)
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I am her in Phoenix and would love to hear if anyone has information on truck areas and/or rest areas to just hook up for sex. How do you let someone know if your in a restroom or parking lot that you want to play? I'm a bottom, i suck, love facials and rough sex, and i swallow if made too.
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I have sucked so many cocks at rest areas on rt 80 in jersey for years ive been watched, done groups and stayed to do as many nen as possible. seeing men go into the woods drives me crazy. I always follow and watch as they take out their cocks to tease me into getting on my knees to lick and suck their balls and their delicous assholes.Sometimes they piss in my mouth and I swallow every drop,then sucking them off while I look into their eyes as they cum.I dont have any transportation to rest areas now so I have to find horny men in the dover/denville area I have a cell phone and would love to hook up with all horny dominant males. blacks and latinos,groups a definite plus
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I just simply love to go to the rest areas and find a totally stranger and suck him off. Damn just thinking about it makes me want to put on my high heels and go find a rest area.


Thank you, I am sure that this site is going to leave the rest behind in the dust. Thanks for giving us the heads up!