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Howto Train a Sissy to Wear Tampons

I'M A 37 YR OLD M WHO LIKES TO WEAR LINGERIE AND PLAY WITH TOYS I ALSO LIKE TO WEAR PADS AND USE TAMPONS.I LIKE REALLY KINKY STUFF AND AM WILLING TO TRY NEW fantisy is to meet a ts and if all works out we get married.i also wear nail polish on my toe nails since i can hide that fact at work. and get really hard when it's that time of month for women.
Sissy bottom in training loves to wear panties and stockings and be trained to only orgasm through anal sex or toy riding and sissy hypno training that's forced and done in front of anyone master or mistress says as I'm laughed at an3d humiliated. Whore me out for you enjoyment. Into partying or being meth trained to help make me helpless and eager to please.. BBC train me. Make me a camwhore.
Hi I'm Edward I'm 21 I'm sissy boy I live in San Jose CA I'm looking for a mistress to train me to be a sissy or sissy slut I love reading,draw,cooking
hi im a shy sissy male thats looking for a woman or couple to train me up as a sissy maid. i am willing to start as a sissy baby then you can mould me the way you want. i also like bondage and mummification and breathplay.
Iam a a a wannabe sissy girl . I wanna be made in to and live as a sissy woman full time .iam inexperience white guy Iam bi but dream of be a woman a very dirty woman . Looking for nice genirous men and couple to teach me to be a sissy slut . A sissy whore for big cocks . Black mainly but will take any that want to train me . Want a master or misstress as I will take a strapon too . Iam very submissive and will obey you .
25 y/o submissive bi guy with a fetish for cd and sissy play. looking for a dom or domme to properly train and feminize me. give me the psychological and physical humiliation I need to accept my place as a cum loving sissy. open to try chastity as well Can't wait to receive my 1st list of sissy tasks and start serving you!
Looking for a Dom pimp to train and use as his whore can dress sissy clothing and put on hormones you can train the way you like sissy don’t have any privacy it is to serve
St8 ,boy
Turned sissy slut, at party by a couple of males, who made me try pnp then had me wear makeup hair heels a dress like a slut
Then turned me into a fucken cum swallower, anal slut. And love the way I look act and fuck like a girly bitch
Looking for more experience, train, 4 some fantasy etc
I am a new pansexual crossdresser sissy boy with no experience. I have lots of things I want to wear but no one to wear them for looking for some time someone to meet up and wear clothes for and whatever else. If you're interested hit me up and we can chat about it. Fingers crossed talk to you later
Omg that is so funny, And so something that would happen to
Well not buying super size tampons though..lmao
Gets me to thinking about one of my favorite little captions...
If men had Periods, they would brag about the size of there tampons..lmao

Thanks for sharing Dede...Hugs
Not a sub sissy bottom at all, I'm a top all the way, I do like my sissy's in panties but I do like to wear them occasionally as well.
true story,
my one time gf from high school met up she wanted to dress me in bran and panties and made her the sissy she wanted she took my dildoes and fucked me in my sissy pussy hole i was so turned on but sadly she left but encougres me to wear lingerie and sissy stuff and sniff my poopers so i can me more submissive to women and trans and men and i really love it.


Blowjob Train
Pulling a train of BBC's. What a great idea I'd really like to take that train at both ends. Having a Blackman driving his cock down my throat shooting his Black Seed down my throat while another Blackman is pounding my sissy white ass and planting his Black Seed where no white man has ever been. I hope this train has 5 or 6 engines. The more engines the longer the train. Lindawantabe
Black Dom For White Sub
Yes, I'm looking for a Dominate Blackman to train me for BBC. I'm serious, loyal and sincere. You train me and you'll own me. To prove that I'm worthy of your time you can have me castrated and tattooed. Owned by or property of on my sissy white ass. You can also have tattooed on my left breast,( right over my heart) for BBC only. I'll be yours to do with as you please. use me, share me with friends, or pimp me out. Lindawantabe
Black Dom For White Sub
Dear SIR Black Dom, I am a mature VERY submissive and obedient white "sissy wannabe". I need to be trained to thoroughly service a Black Man's desires. I need a thorough enema to clean my boy-pussy and should be made to wear a plug to prepare for Black pleasure. I have a "clit" instead of a cock and should be made to wear a chastity cage to keep from playing with it. This sissy would be prepared to wear anything uncomfortable such as a snug dog collar, tight corset, itchy wool turtleneck sweater,nipple clamps to keep then tender for play. I live on the S.F. Peninsula and cannot host. Submitted by subitchysweater74
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Hello , I am looking for couples to dominate me to help me learn how to wear make up , to dress and be a sissy for them , I enjoy sucking a cock tho I eat my own cum , I have yet to taste another males cum in my mouth , I would enjoy a couple who would let me be and become a sissy , cd , cum craving , cock worshiping ( strap on too ) sissy girl
Sissy Slut Training
Males In Panties
:)This sissy always wears panties.Depending on the weather,also wear other articals of womens clothing under mine when am out in public even(would be embarrassing if had to explain why also was wearing a bra:-D.Yes,i wear a night gown to bed.;)KissHugFlower


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!