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Hubby Films Wife Going out the Door for Her Date and Coming Home After Date

Hubby Films Wife Going out the Door for Her Date and Coming Home After Date on Bisexual Playground
I'm a wife whos hubby is deployed and he will be coming home soon for 2weeks and then heading back I would like to suprise him with a 3sum. if anyone is intrested please let me know, hubby wil be home after a day or 2 after Thanksgiving... we will be in the VA area so please let me know time is almost agaist me. Thanks everyone.
2 floirda bi-guys very easy going and would like a bi - female to date both , we are building a new home and would like to find a petite bi girl to date or live in ..
MexicanAmerican 40 years old just curious to see what this app is about.. I don't date men don't date couples I will date a marry woman of husband is aware and ok with it
Pretty laid back most of the time, listen to jazz on the way to work and nickelback on the way home. Like working out and college sports. Looking for a possible lunch date or happy hour date in Tampa, Fla.
I am a mature fellow with a curiosity toward the fem vs male side. I have been a bachelor bid date before so I would guess that I am good looking enough for women to actually bid to go out with me. I did the date for charity and was surprised to be asked to be up on the catwalk. I am very curious to go on a date with like minded person. I am going to repost this to get what I want right later this is my first post.
I'm spontaneous, courageous, anything u want. I like girls who r open minded. IF they're not, than i don't want 2 be with them. I kiss on the first date. I make out on the second date. I have sex on the third date. Every date after that, i need sex too. i love rough sex. Girls who moan and groan make me horny. If the don't, then they're too soft. At dates, i love to sit next to girls and reach down their pants and underwear and finger them. If they don't let me do that, then it's over. If stuff doesn't go my way, You're not the one for me.
My wife knows I tried to get her interested in a 3way she did not go for that she said I could play but only without her. She told me only to tell her when I am going on a date, but not about what I did on the date. She will even let me use the house when she is not home. since we came up with this plan, I cannot find anyone for real that really wants to meet on this site. Just endless chat
I need lube to jerk off I am out...

I am going to gas station

matching bra and panties. womens yoga pants and sweatshirt... who wants pic first..

I have super small little titties .. you could not titty fuck them if you wanted too...

Talk to you when I get back... I have two super small titted lesbian friends... they have showed me their tits many times they are smaller

I am so excited to go to store in bra with booobs...

my super bi friend is out on date with guy... 4th date.... they are both coming over or he is taking him home and coming over
Delilah, rather lofty expectations for a first date, although could be a consideration I suppose - what happens between the first hello and the actual date. Before I take any date to one of my fav places, I better have some sense that the date has a real interest in me, rather than the dipping (in this case the wallet). Unless there is some mutual attraction, the approach you outlined sounds more like materialism than establishing a relationship.
I am in the process of planning an all girl get down at a hotel in Birmingham, AL. Ladies, please email me via this site to let me know if you're interested. Although, I would like to host the party in November, I have not finalized a date. In your response to me, please let me know which date(s) would be best for you. The final date will be decided upon based on your responses. I look forward to hearing from you all soon...mochaBrown~
I forgot to mention this. One of my pet peeves when it comes to dating.....CELL PHONES!
Take me out to dinner, your phone rang, guarantee that I am out the door.
I was watching CSI last night and the man was having lovely date with a lovely woman. What happens? His cell phone rings! I said to myself, "OH FOR GOD'S SAKE...If I was her, I would walk right out." Well not to be suprise, being a lovely and sophisticated lady she is, she was gone the moment he discontinued the call. HA! You go girl!
When you are out on a date, PLEASE turn that damn phone off. Expecting emergency? Consider making other arrangements such as rescheduling the date. It's simple and doesn't take a rocket scientist.
YOU MUST BE A BI MAN RE-INCARNATED! Not only are you a gorgeous woman, but you can empathize with men. I wish I knew women as well as you know men. You must be flooded with men that want to date you. I think you once said you would only date bi men and like you, once my divorce is final, I will never date a het woman. I want someone that feels the same way I do. If it can't be you, I only hope it is someone as beautiful as you and has the same outlook and knowledge you have.;)
Don't stop writing, let me know when you post so I won't miss any KissHugFlower


Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
My wife just left for a date...after she got ready she let me lick her pussy and ass to make sure everything was ready for him...and before she left she pasted to me in Yahoo IM what her date, a Dom, said to her in chat... "yup im going to lick you your going to suck me real good im going to fuck you and shoot my load in the cup and your going to take it home and once your home your going to smear it all over your used pussy and make hubby lick it all off" It's gonna be a Loong few hours waiting for her to get home...I can't wait. She told me the next time they get together she's gonna bring me along to watch and to clean them both up afterwards. She said he'll grab me by the hair and shove my face into her pussy as soon as he cums in her and pulls out.
Cheating Wives
Never had to worry about my late wife cheating. We had an open marriage, she coukd date anyone she liked. She dated a could of men, but she rather date a sleep with married women.
Open Marriage
My late wife and I had an open marriage. Which for mean she could date and sleep with either and male or a female friend of ours. And the same was true for me. The only thing was we told each other if we had date that night.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I am a 38 YO W/S/D-D FREE/Bi TV, I.S.O. fulfilling my fantasy date. The date would include dancing, dinner, flirtation, and then non stop sexual gratification. I have written a novel on my p.c. about it and would be willing to send it to whomever would be interested. I am going to lose faith in ever getting some cock to suck on. Any parties game in and around South Carolina? Let me know, cause I'm sure ready for some action!!! My girlfriend says that she "knows" the signs of my coming orgasm, and I would like to know firsthand what she is talking about. I guarantee you, I can definitely pleasure your discriminating tastes...
Black Dick
My wife has been having sex with Black men exclusively, for the past 8+yrs and totally recommends it to every white woman who asks. She has been the virtual "property" of her current BF for the last 2 1/2 yrs, as a "time share" wife. Coming home from the motel after her second "date" with a Black man, snuggled up to me in the car, she plainly stated that she would not stop having sex with black men even if I asked her to! Safe bet, because after watching the intense orgasms and the total pleasure I have witnessed her receiving I would never deprive her. Also seeing what her lovers can get her to do is a total turn-on for me. Can you spell T-O-T-A-L S-L-U-T. lol
Oh yeah i love hvin a hot wife Helping her dress up for her date Her telling me how big his cock is Then when she gets home with her pussy full of his cum She mks me eat her out as she tell me how good he fucked her How her sucked all over her big tits and left his marks all over them Mmmm im sooo lucky to hv a hot wife 😍


Maybe I'll be able to write another compliment. Within 24 hours I had found and made a date for a meeting with an almost perfect play partner. Will know in 24 more hours if I can write a success story. I do find the site easy to navigate. One of the better sites I have ever used (including business sites). Jay