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Iowa Bisexuals

Iowa Bisexuals on Bisexual PlaygroundIowa Bisexuals on Bisexual Playground
im a punk ass bitch! hehe.. actually im just a punk :) 18/yearold/female/iowa .. looking for someone special... around iowa city, iowa.. with pictures.. and so on... 18-24 ONLY!
im single, first time in industry of bisexuals or should i say that i am bi curuios. i want to met n get in touch with the people who are been too long in this so called industry of bisexuals. i hope i could met many bisexuals out there this is kiko looking for some friends.. tenks pals...
I am a 42 y/o bisexual man living in Iowa City, Iowa.
Bi-curious single black male in Iowa City, Iowa looking for couples and single women to teach me the ropes about the lifestyle.
im 55 180# i work for jack links under wood iowa i live in councilbluffs iowa i work out with weights all the time welll when i can
She is from Texas and he is from Iowa. We met down south and were basically just best friends who loved to fuck. We ended up having a beautiful little girl and were then separated when he moved north back home. Neither of us liked that to much so i moved to the freezing less populated Iowa and the rest is history. .we got married in 2011 and have been together ever since.
HI, I am in Iowa and would love to get together if you are coming near. I live where Iowa , Illinois and wisconsin meet
great idea bear... i too surf trying to find news about bisexuals and you can find gay or strait tidbits but none really says much about bisexuals.....i also agree that it shouldn't take much to add the addition... maybe if everyone was asked upon signing in for 24 hours or whatnot i would be willing to bet that ev everyone would agree....:)
Here is one man's point of view since I am into bisexual females: You can meet feminine bi women at an upper grade lounge or club that caters to bisexuals....or you can go to a local adult bookstore and ask for a listing of clubs that cater to bisexuals. I know this works as I am currently dating two bi women and got this info from them. Good luck ladies!Flower
Where at in Iowa. Heck some parts of Iowa is not far from us.
Ok so everything is in concrete now, We are moving to Iowa and will be looking for "friends" to play with! If interested please drop us a line!

We will be in the Iowa Falls Area!

Hug & Kiss

Stefy & Scott
we are a clean bi-curious couple from iowa who are looking for a clean disease free female to join us in fun .should be neat and slender as I am.please only reply if you plan on being in iowa or illinois and are serious about joining us as we are new to this but want to have fun. please see rockk profile. email with any ?s


Looking to meet bisexuals in Austin, Texas:)
I Love Bisexuals! Men & Women ! This is Who I Am !:) Be HappyKiss
Sexy Women
Looking for sexy bisexuals female to play with in Sa tx
I love dark complected bisexuals ~Kiss
Hey there all! I would love to meet some bisexuals in michigan, especially a couple ;)
Have you ever noticed how the hands of sexy, bisexuals, are so pretty.


I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.