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Jerk Me off Videos on Bisexual PlaygroundJerk Me off Videos on Bisexual Playground
HOT AND ATTRACTIVE TV/CD ALLWAYS LOOKING FOR FUN view my videos at the following link click on free porn videos, and do a member search for roxanne category blowjob videos
I have PORN videos for sale or trade. I have 10 straight videos including public sex and cumshots and 10 TRANSEXUAL videos. Please email me with an offer. I am a cute laid back guy looking for some safe and kinky fun. I love to watch/be watched.
hello i am bisexual my name is cody i like to fuck boys and girls but boys are my specialty and i enjoy going on camera i love watching porn videos iam very honost a do not lie sneak or steal so if want a good looking big dicked honest man then call my number i will give you anything you desire and plus i love watching porn movies and videos it makes me really horny and i love to jerk others guys off i like to masturbate my self but you see i dont get the point in this site it should just be for boys and they halfed it the blue would be the boys chat room and all that and the pink would be the girls stuff so if you agree with me then send me a message saying yes or no not on phone but on this site plz convince to change it that way
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I enjoy videos of girls masterbating and talking about their cunts. The more they say cunt, the better. Do you have any videos like that?
I'm horny want fucks and send pics and videos and make home videos and I want someone to eat my wet tight juice pussy out good asf
So agree with Lionessa on this one!
I’m a guy and all guys jerk off I know I do so I don’t mind a couple of jerk off videos but it’s just a sea of them!
It would be nice to have them categorized by different types of sex and even just husbands and wife’s making love would be nice if that was something that they were comfortable putting on
I would like to jerk off to pics and videos and see where it goes from there.
Looking to meet someone to jerk off with, trade pics, videos either in person or by Skype
Hi everybody in know to this never have done anything like this before. But recently I've to watching videos of guys getting fucked by dildos. I do use one on myself when I jerk off but I'm wanting to have someone use one on me or settle for the real thing. Its my first time so be gentle
Just wanted to say your pictures and videos are awesome. I absolutely love the doggie videos. Not a better position out there. Especially if the lady has long hair to play with and pull while your banging her backend. Keep up the hot videos.
so at the end she turned on me about panties etc. I still kept going. I would wait until she passed out and go upstairs strip down the panties I had on and would jerk off in bed. I usually would fall asleep after in her panties. she would come to bed... pull back blanket and take pictures of me..... she would take videos of me... I would usually wake up in the morning to some pictures texted to me....

A couple times she would take over television the next night and play the videos.

when she sent in the morining I would come downstairs in the same pair, make coffee and act like thats normal.... she would call me names etc..

The videos at night,,, I would stand up and pull down my pants showing I had on her panties and I would sit back down..

she would say how big a turn off it is... how I am a fag,,,,,

little did she know that the neighbor husband sold her out at the jerk off night..... she masterbates and plays with my cock through panties.... she talks shit to me... the neighbor siad its pretty hot.... he said she loves playing with your cock in her panties....

one night I said do the little pre cum stains turn you on when you sit and masterbate and play with my buldge in the panties?

do you wonder about ever catching me blowing the neighbor or jerking him off? I know you do.

She laughed and said you are sick.... I said I bet you are soaking wet right now.... let me feel... she said no, I said come on... I walked over... she let me in it was drenched.....

I ate her out and walked back to my chair... I jerked off looking at her on the floor...... her pussy lips were so fat with orgasm blood you could see it through her panties.

She knew I loved yoga pants and panties, thongs since we met in college.... she used that to seduce me many times.

her and her friends in college loved showing me when we hung out.


Fucking Husband While Wife Watches
Whenever I find videos like this, they are all I'll jerk to for days. If my wife would do this, I'd never come up for air. Anyone have pics?
Watching Me Jerking Off
I want to watch yoy jerk off daddy. I want you to jerk off on my face. I would really love for you to jerk off on my ass so another guy can use it for lube to fuck me deep im my ass
Men Eating Their Own Cum
My fantasy mm mm I want to watch you jerk off while I'm jerking off then I slide that dick in my mouth my first cock ever I love watching a man jerk off an cum can we do it together this is my first time I'm fiending to jerk off with someone
Filming Couples Fucking
So my ex let me make a few short videos of the two of us and they came out ok. I'm happy to share if you'd like to see. Anyway the point here is in trying to email them to her I accidentally sent them to my mother. Now mom is a cool cat you know her and I are close and open when it comes to sex so when I realized what happened I called her and told her what had happened. She assured me they would be deleted asap. I love my mom but I bet she watched those videos just because she could lol.
Who has made their own videos? Who likes to chat or have sex on webcams? How do you edit your videos? Home VHS recorders changed the way the whole porn industry worked, and now you can shoot high-quality video with a cell phone. I’ve read that most of the technological advances on the internet for the first twenty years or so were driven by porn producers and consumers.
Mutual Masturbation
Any guys in the Dallas Fort Worth area looking for a jerk off buddie , let me know.....would love to watch porn and have us jerk each other off. I promise I will be a good sissy and keep it out of my mouth.:-P


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!