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LI Adult Theatre Glory Hole

Bisexual Playground is a great place to discover gloryholes in your area.  Our members share their favorite glory hole locations with one another, be they at adult theaters, bookstores, adult shops, or private locations.  There's nothing quite as thrilling as getting your dick sucked by a stranger, or sucking a stranger's dick through a hole in the wall.  Join our site and connect with others who share their favorite glory hole locations.

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LI Adult Theatre Glory Hole on Bisexual PlaygroundLI Adult Theatre Glory Hole on Bisexual Playground
I'm from North Philly , and I'm looking for a glory hole in philaldelphia area .. I love glory hole . looking for glory hole rest room , glory hole cinema or thearters. Glory hole in video store and in public parks .. I live being suck and I love to fuck women and man...
My girl wants a glory hole creampie. It's her ultimate fantasy. After she gets her solo glory hole gangbang I want to share a glory hole stall with her! I'm so tired of fantasizing about dick, I'm ready to try some!
Bisexual college freshman looking for anonymous glory hole sex. I can only do glory hole sex cause im very active in my community and i dont want a scandal sorry.
interested in Adult theater or glory hole sex
Anon glory hole I have a private glory hole set up Laporte Indiana love to throat
Hi i am a junior in college looking for a glory hole near me in north east nj. i’m bi curious and want to try sucking dick but only via glory hole meet up. wouldn’t be opposed to meeting up with a woman/trans woman either.
only been there once or twice - didn't really know what to do - just a big open theatre with a fuck film on the screen.
I did not know how to get any action started - I prefer the adult bookstore around the corner on Pass Road, by the AF base.
got glory holes. ya just go into a little booth with a video screen and a hole in the wall. suck or get sucked.
In Tennessee, there are no video arcades in Nashville or Knoxville, but in Chattanooga there is one called Cinema One.
No glory holes, but plenty of booths w/o doors. There is also a movie theatre and a longue where a lot of cock sucking
goes on. Memphis has 3 adult book stores with videos
w/o doors in the third one has maybe more black than white patrons. If you want a big cock to suck there are
plenty of black cocks around. There is a $5 charge at all three. The third one is the only one with a glory hole.
If you want a lot more choices, go to Atlanta. There are at least 4 or 5 book store/videos, most all with glory holes.
There’s an adult theatre/toy store on Lake Worth rd and Military trail I’m told is pretty hot. Gay theatre/straight theatre and open booths. Am going to check it out. I like toys too🤪
Pleasureland Museum-sex shop. Here is what I found out.
Lingerie YES

Adult Toys YES

Adult DVDs YES

Peep Shows NO

Adult Books YES

Adult Video Arcade NO

Theaters NO

Glory Hole YES

Buddy Booth Available NO
call ahead and ask the staff things are always changing it seems (574) 674-6260
I love glory holes and when I'm in the area I frequent the adult bookstore in Hudson Fl. Off US 19. I've sucked at least 10 cocks there and in theatre.
Does anyone know of any good adult stores with a theatre or glory holes in the Indy area?
I’ll be there this week and I’m wanting to see some cock


Adult Theaters
I am going to visit my BF in Shreveport, LA. Does anyone know of a good adult theatre there with glory holes?
Glory Holes Florida
Heard there was a public glory hole in Deerfield Beach , FL somewhere. Anyone have any information on this? I've tried the adult bookstore ones... looking for a real authentic glory hole out somewhere public....
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
hello,guys I like to find a adultbook store with glory hole in N.E. PA. I live north of Harrisburg PA. Please e-mail and let me know of any.had a few times at bookstore,Adult,ones. Think it is hot at times with the right guy, but with a glory hole you dont need to think of the guy but that hard cock sticking out;),thanks 4 your time bye.
Glory Holes
I confess that I have never sucked a cock through a glory hole but I have received some very good head. I've experienced them in Chicago and San Francisco. I do want to suck a hard one through a hole one day and I am also addicted to porn theatres - unfortunately, almost a thing of the past. You can't beat the pure sex of it....guys all sitting in a dark theatre with their cocks in their hands. I just love it!
Glory Holes
I''m in hot need of finding Glory Hole action in the Denver Metro-Plex (From Cheyenne Wyo down thru Colorado Springs. They can be in rest area bathrooms, adult book stores, parks, shopping malls, anywhere. I love having my cock sucked thru a glory hole. I like to get naked and put on my nipple clamps on my big nipples and get sucked off! I leave my door opened a crack for people to look in and see me. I would really appreciated any leads!!
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Adult theater/glory hole near gastonia nc??


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