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Lesbians Hold Down Friend and Force Fuck Her

Lesbians Hold Down Friend and  Force Fuck Her on Bisexual PlaygroundLesbians Hold Down Friend and  Force Fuck Her on Bisexual Playground
Need a man with a HUGE cock to hold me down and fuck my throat.I need you now, come over and fuck my throat rougher and wilder than you ever experienced your life. I definitely want it rougher than do you think I do, not only can I take it but I'll be loving every second of it. LOVE gagging, choking, and breath play. Grab my head and force your dick all the way down my throat to your balls and hold me there while I cough and struggle
hi I'm Carmela i i like rap music, and i like to watch lesbians fuck,i like thinking of having sex with lesbians, i think its good,my feelings are crying and mad
White male little heavy horny for men 55-75 tight ass haven't had any in long time must have hard cock not into oral but will if incurged to do it little force helps my ass is begging for action fuck me hard make me take it and beg for more if u have a friend call him. If you are a couple I only do it if the husband will fuck me
I luv lesbians,lactating lesbians too,and like to fuck and lick pussy
Older white man bottom only, little heavy brown long hair to hang on to from the back want long hard cock in me force feed my mouth and then hold me down and have your way with my ass hell call a friend give me what I deserve
Young 20 year old want to try good experienced large cock. Force fuck me and don't let me quit. If you got a friend or two I wanna be ravaged and worked
I was in the Air Force when I was 18 station at Nellis Air Force Base I had several men pick me up and suck me off one night my friend and I were out and the guy picked us up and suck both of us always wanted to suck my friend after that I did suck one of my friends was in the Air Force and I had several other cocksucking experiences I also sucked off my cousin whenHe was 12 and I was 14
I'm sorry incest is incest. It does not matter if the person is a child of 5 or an adult of 25.

Being married to a woman makes in my book that man a parent or parent figure to any children in that relationship no matter their age.

The same would go for two gays or lesbians who may share a child whether through adoption or whatever.

It is incest for a man or woman to fuck a son or daughter period.

Just because someone grows up and "becomes more mature or considered an adult" does not change the picture.

It is sick in my book and nothing will change that.

One person even had balls suggesting it was ok to force themselves and to hold down the guy to have sex with him.

There was one major word left out of all those posts. CONSENT.

It was stated the the womans son was straight. NEVER in my book is forced sex ok.

Incest fantasies are just that. A role playing between people. It is not forcing one on someone who does not give consent
I think some men are not truly bi and just want a blow job and don't care what gender gives it to them. I love sucking cock and consider myself truly bi. But also, when I am being blown, man or woman, I hold their head and talk to them and moan. I also fuck their face. One of my favorite position when being blown is have them hang their head over the bed and I fuck them in the mouth. It is easier to 69 as well like this for two men. I am only 7 inches but I grab their head and force my cock in their mouth as far as I can, if they are into it, and most are.
Even in Mass, there are the boxes of rocks, and not all of them have a penis either. I have had women who have slept with other women asking why a lesbian friend "chose" to have sex only with women. Geeeezzz! But let's not just pick on those who misunderstand lesbians. Going to gay bars in San Diego, I swear I heard women talking about how they could get a particular guy in bed since "everyone knows guys will fuck anything with enough incentive". ;-p Even us dedicated bi's wouldn't fuck anything, just the thought of W - ick, ick, ick, eeewww, eeeewww, eeeewww, I think i'll throw up now.
I definately agree. .... And if I could add .... I dont like the "interest" layout at all. ..... Has a topic, lets say lebians for example .......... ya click it thinking you will see Lesbians d you see nothing but the one picture that you clicked on then hit Back & scroll down to see another pic that is titled lesbians ya click it & its the ONE picture. why even click it, ya already see it. - seems to me........ they would be catagorized so ya click the pic Lesbians & when you do, theres all the pics that show lesbians. - instead the Interests are just randomly placed & most have a Comment right across the picture, terrible layout for the "interest" pics. IMO
I'm looking to be force to become a she male sex slave for a Fem Dom or a Female run house hold or very kinky couple.


Captive As A Pet Sex Slave
I want to be someones slave so bad. I even made a collar leash whips and ankle and wrist restraints. I want some on to force me to fuck n suck then. tie me up and have their way with me. Then leave me there for one of their friend to do the same.
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
There is nothing hotter than having a woman force you to your knees and have her boyfriend force fuck your mouth. So humiliating and such a turn on at the same time.
Rape Role Play
I am fantasizing a group of people come in to my house tied me and my wife up and start forcing us to suck all their cock and force me to watch them fuck my wife one by one and do double penetrating to her together after they finish with my wife, then they force my wife to watch them fuck my ass and watch them put two cock in my ass together and force me and my wife suck and swallow all their cum
Cock To Cock Rubbing
Many times in the book stores i have a guy come in and rush for the cock to give me head. i slow em down and get close and do some cock to cock through the clothes. if my new friend understands then i get close for a kiss, surprisingly a lot of men like this kissing, i get all handsi with em and then unbutton my pants and they are around my ankles, lead their hands to hold my cock, just hold it not to start beating it, then i get their pants down to their ankles. let the cock rubbing begin! Holding each others cock with a french kiss is out of this world. then i will move to get his cock between my legs while i am facing him, its a ball fuck with a kiss. most men who have not tried this in the booths start grinning and pump real fast. my cock is real hard and rubbing on their stomach, i reach around and grab both cheeks and keep the fuck going. i will then go down and lick his balls to get em wet, then i get to ball fuck them. This guy one time came all over my stomach while i was ball fucking him, it was incredible to feel the hot cum and slippery cock on my stomach. we were kissing while it happened.
African American
Again I say, I'm a total virgin to BBC.I need a Dominate Blackman to introduce me to BBC. Train me to be used by only Black men. Force me to gang bang groups of Black Men. Force me to fuck and suck BBC in any public place. If a Blackman shows me his BBC I'll have to suck it fight there. Make me his sissy white bitch, his whore, his prostitute. He will totally control me. Lindawantabe
Fucking Guy While He Fucks Wife
I totally love having a male friend fuck me in the ass while I'm fucking my wife and enjoy how sexually intense it can get. I also enjoy it when my wife allows a male friend to fuck her and he requests that I fuck his ass at the same time...Wink


Thanks for the nice welcome! We are Synthea and Chuck and we look forward to meeting like minded others through this great website. It's great to find a site such as this for bisexuals, as so many other sites either cater to straights only or gays/lesbians only. Thanks again!