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M2m Massage San Diego

M2m Massage San Diego on Bisexual PlaygroundM2m Massage San Diego on Bisexual Playground
I have a lovely bi friend and she and I can play or I would like to massage and orally please you if you like. I am in San Diego
I am 24 years old, bi male who travels to san diego a lot. I am looking for a San Diego friend who I can have a couple of drinks with. :)
I teach and do professional massage. Will do a very special free getting acquainted massage session and maybe more?? Just let me know if your interested in sharing some quality times with me and some of my other massage therapist!!
I am an expert at the art of massage, I have a portable massage table and a set of very warm and skilled hands... looking to meet people locally... I always finish your massage with an oral ending. I am 100% d/d free and expect the same.
Wow!!! very hot male looking for lady (or ladies if for a 3some ;--)) who wants hot passionate sex with a male who knows how to take care of you (for example; I love to eat pussy, not just do because I think you want it or etc). Along those lines give a great massage (big hands, long fingers ;-) and then eat you just for 4play! (getting wet yet, lol). I am very attractive, intelligent, funny and love to fuck! I live in the san diego area for now but move around to northern cali and arizona.
Hey Y'all, I'm Patrick, 6'2" W/M in the northern middle Tennessee area. Been in the swing/nudist lifestyle for 30 years, needless to say I'm fairly experienced with the opposite sex. Ever had a G-spot massage, or a regular massage for that matter. If you want a massage, I'm your guy. Sincerely .. Patrick
My wife and I are going to be in Pigeon Forge next week. I am going to try to talk her into letting me get a massage while I watch. It will only be a massage unless something happens during the massage that changes her mind. I don't think it would, but I'm hoping. If you would be interested in giving my wife a massage with a slim possibility of it being a little more than just a massage, please let me know.
Hi there, I can definitively give a full nice massage to any of you, unfortunately, I'm in South Florida. Whenever you guys come down here, I'll be happy to meet you :)

Diego A.
South orange co to San diego
Very open here
Can provide a high quality massage to her or both.
Open to anything but no scat.
My wife went to a massage guy for a long time then got me a gift certificate to get a massage from him. I remember feeling strange getting a massage from a man.
The massage was grate so I went back. The first massage I wore underwater. The second time he said underwater just get in the way and suggested I be nude. I did. He massaged me several times and kept touching personal areas but I thought surely he is not trying anything since he massages my wife too! Then one day I was laying on my back on the massage table. He was running his hands under me to masssge my ass. His face was right over my dick then suddenly I felt his chin whiskers rubbing against my duck!
Things progressed from there and not we 69 onbthe massage table when I go! He comes a gallon!
Too bad we are so far apart. I would enjoy giving her a Yoni massage with his help and him a Lingham massage with her help. Check out my post in the General Discussions Forum titled “Has Anyone Given or Received a Yoni Massage?”

There is some good info on the Beducated site.

Maybe you could start a Tantric massage group to practice and play!

Have fun...A
Hi Warper: As you can see from the photo it turns me on so much to give a massage, especially as she reaches climax. For a Lingham massage the trick is to keep that high level of arousal but not take him all the way. To receive a Tantric massage is a blessing and well worth the time you and your partner(s) will moth invest in it. With a four or six hands massage it can go a little faster, but part of the purpose is the slow methodical build in arousal.


Bi Truckers
San Diego here. Just contact me here and tell me where you park in San Diego and I will service you
Being Sexually Manipulated
Be nice to have massage therapists gay or bi make a knock at my door and say a free massage pich, witch i will so willing say please. Cum in.. !
Full body massage and oral to mf couple in Dallas, Texas. A gentleman you will really like desires to meet a male/female couple locally to treat to a full body massage ending in erotic massage and oral for each. No reciprocation required, but none refused---your choice. Hey guy's its worth checking into.
Can anyone tell me if there are any masturbation clubs in Fort Wayne, and where they are located? Also looking for someone who gives a sensuous or erotic massage with a happy ending. If this is your profession, then I'll gladly pay your massage fee.
I offer a full body, naked massage to men and women of all ages, colors, and sizes. The massage will be intensely sexual, with the focus on your complete satisfaction. This is a free service.
Foot Massages
Although I'm not particularly into feet as a sex thing, (other than just part of an erotic whole body massage) I too give a pretty good Foot Massage.. .. .. I'd be happy to demonstrate, But, I assure there will be more than a foot rub.:):-P:)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!