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MAN EATS CUM OFF WOMAN FACE on Bisexual PlaygroundMAN EATS CUM OFF WOMAN FACE on Bisexual Playground
I am 5'7" brown eyed baby doll short hair average body type. I luv receiving oral as well as watching a man give another man oral. I am very dominate so I expect and enjoy getting my way. I have always wanted to use a dildo on man while another man gives him oral. I want a man or woman to give me oral until they cum. I want to use a dildo on a woman while a man eats her until they both cum and then they both eat me until I cum. I want to dildo a man while another man eats me as he's fuckn another woman I'm getn juicy just thinkn about it. Cum let me be your guide to pleasure let me be your Dom and you my sub you won't regret it
I am a wild girl when it comes to men but who knows what I will do with a woman since I've been dreaming of having one for so long. I am fun outgoing. I love to be lick and fucked with liquids and would love to try a dildo. I want a sexy female to stuff her pussy in my face while she eats mine. I am open to try anything except bondage. I want to please you and be pleased. I promise to fufill to fantasies if you help me fufil my own.
I'm a 46 year old full figure woman. Who's kind hearted and loving. Who is Sexually depress. Not getting any. I had sex with a woman once and enjoyed. Would like to experience that again. Would love to have a threesome but is very shy. Loves the way a woman eats my pussy no man can complete.
We are a fun loving couple that's totally in love with each other. My wife knows that I've always wanted a threesome with another woman and she's ready to give me that. We want a woman to show my wife attention only though, I'm not allowed to have intercourse with the other woman, just watch her and the other woman have sex. I can have sex with my wife while she eats the other woman's pussy though. We've been looking for about three weeks now and no luck yet. I hope this site can help !
open minded, willing to try anything once. would love to watch a woman suck his dick while i eat her and another woman eats me.
Handsome Black Male Brown skined, Green eyes, shaved, HORNY Living in Las Vegas, I do not Drink, Smoke or do DRUGS of any kind. I Seeking a Female Masturbation Buddy here in Las Vegas, a Woman who wants a Man who want to give her Oral, a Woman who LOVEs to Watch a Man Masturbate as she watches him and Guides him through, a Woman who will join in and Masturbate with me. A woman who want to Masturbate on Cam as well as Face 2 Face I LOVE 2 Watch and Be Watched as I Masturbate I work as a Videographer (Adult and Family) Work out of my own Studio ALWAYS Looking for women to shoot who love to get in front of a Cammera and SHOW OFF what she HAS, I Love to Take my time giving ORAL sex to a woman, I LOVE getting in front of a Cammera and Jacking off for a woman who loves to watch, I LOVE to Masturbate FACE 2 FACE, I Love to eat Pussy while being Masturbated,
I love eating pussy until the woman pushes my face away because she is to sensitive from coming multiple times. I could eat her for hours. I was just wondering who eats pussy better.
I would love for a man or more than one to cum on my cock and to slide it into a shove it deep into a girl then as I’m about to cum aim my dick at my face while someone fingers/eats my ass them cum all over my face 🥵
OK, so I am a 39 year old Italian woman (I've been told that I look 29) who is in a committed relationship with a great guy who is just as wonderful in the bedroom as he is outside of it.
The sex has been great, and he is BY FAR, my best I have no complaints...HOWEVER, we are both dying to fulfill a fantasy that we've had for a long time...yet have never followed through with it.

WE WANT TO HAVE A THREESOME with another hot woman!!!

I have been dying to feel a woman's body on mine. I want to kiss and be kissed by a woman badly, and so it is our goal to finally do this!

My man eats my pussy like a fat kid eats cake, as he is obsessed with it...But I want to feel a woman's mouth!

We want to share you with each other, and so that we may both feel the touch and kisses of 2 at the same time.

I won't be jealous of my man, as long as I get attention too. He will not disappoint! We are both very sensual and so it will be a marathon rather than a sprint!

Are you interested?

Our first priority, is that you are clean! We are both disease and drug free.
Check my profile for more details. We are hoping to get together next weekend! Don't miss out.

P.S.-We have several pics of us that we will be happy to share with the right woman.

It can depend on what the guy eats and if he smokes mine tastes sweet because I eat a lot of fruit it the guy eats spicy foods or a lot of garlic it might not taste that good
I’ll bet your squirt tastes like candy. Put a dime in my eye, twist my ear, and park on my face for an hour. I’ll show you age has nothing to do with how a person eats pussy.
I’m a bi married woman and to date I have never pursued another woman face to face! I would love to be comfortable enough to ask forwardly but due to my professional image and fear of my family (children) knowing my secret interest, I coward out of asking. Is there a non creepy, discreet and simple way of asking another woman if she is interested ..... that has actually worked for you ladies?


Women That Want Submissive Men
I am a older guy but not too old to do it right with the right woman,and YES I do like a dom woman it does not mean a lot of pain no it mean that I want a woman that knows what she wants and will demand that her man do it to her including licking her hot ass kissing her feet and have her sit on your face fuck your tongue and face cum on your face into your mouth and if she wants she might give you a golden shower and have you lick her clean that is being dom for me that is a dream come true but that's not any woman she got to be right for me to do that any hot body woman checking me out ,I am yours to dom
I love anal sex! My fantasy is to get ass fucked by a woman wearing a strap on while my husband eats my pussy! Then to ass fuck the woman with a strap on! I am getting hot just thinking about it!
Face Fucking
i love when a woman sits on my face as i eat her pussy and she locks on and rotates that hot pussy, rotating that hot pussy over my face,and tongue as she fucks my face and i just lick and suck and savor all the juices from that nice hot honeypot and sweet nectar pussy, i love to eat pussy and more pussy and let someone watch as i bring us both off to a climax, there is nothing bettet than a hot woman with a hot twat and juicy pussy fucking my face, like slip sliding away, cum and give me more today.pjKissKiss:-P:-PHugHugFl owerKiss:-P:-P
Eating Cum From Pussy
I had a married woman that contacted me as she wanted her crempie to be licked from her or sit on a mans face and force feed him the creampie. She asked her Husband and he wanted no part of This so we worked out that every so often she would have sex with him in the morning and have him fill her pussy with Cum and shortly after he went to work I would ring the doorbell and be let in and lay on the floor face up. She would sit on my face and rub all the cum on my face and make me lick it up and let it ooze out then she would return to her bedroom and I would leave with a sticky Face LOL
Women Fucking Other Women's Faces
One of my favorite positions for oral sex with a woman. She straddles my face, her wet pussy pushed into my face, her hands on the headboard while she rides my face hard cumming in my open mouth. Woooo hoooo!:-P
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What they like best about the site:  hopefully get to meet new woman, that might actually be worth my time.