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Man Caught Masturbsting in Public

Man Caught Masturbsting in Public on Bisexual PlaygroundMan Caught Masturbsting in Public on Bisexual Playground
Bi guy.I like to get fucked in the ass and mouth, want to expereance it all, i like the taste of cum, like public sex with out getting caught, like to jack off in public and watch
I'm a person who's into anything and everything,you name it and I'll do it.I like to be more on the wild side,like giving blowjob's in public,getting fucked in public bathroom's taking a chance of getting caught man that's a rush.I'm a virgin to anal sex and just looking for some big cock to be my first.
I am the real deal.. Im trying to find someone who shares my interest in voyeurism. I love the thrill of getting caught... public sex, public masturbation, etc.. I have Loads of pics with other people, so do not save images shared. Im fit, 6'1, 210lbs, black hair, dark complexion, attractive, and I love to show myself to anyone interested!!!
Spontaneous and carefree. Love the challenge of the thrill of almost getting caught in public.also versitile, i like it all.
I am a open minded,very athletic male who loves the outdoors,hot tubbing,skinny dipping,playing in public.(thrill of getting caught)
I,m funny blue eyes love to have fun sex in public places such as-dark bars crowlded evavators r estaurants anywhere with the risk of being caught
Been nearly caught quite a few times, but never actually caught. I guess I've lived a charmed life, because before I started dating, I jacked off everywhere. Then once my wife and I married, we had sex in public in lots of places. But never got caught.
I love public sex it's such a turn on the thought of getting caught..I was fucking a ex once in a car in a field place and we caught a bloke looking through bushes wanking off
I have been caught by mother several times and caught In public then they would join In!!!!!
Sex out doors is great, but after my ex and I got almost caught in semi public, I mostly prefer private out doors and not getting caught. Although I do love to leave the hotel curtains open 😛
I love sucking guys in public areas where we might be caught. Been caught a couple of times but just keep sucking until the guy blew his cum.
got caught 69n with my best buddy at 12 yo in his pup tent by his mom.funny she never said anything about it to either of us.when i was about 25 yo i got caught getting a bj from a gay guy in a campground bath house at 2 am but it was just by another ex girlfriend caught me licking her best friends pussy in a hallway and i guess thats why she is an ex,she just couldnt understand.was caught many other times and caught quit a few others myself but ill never tell !!!


Public Masturbation
I love public sex and masturbation, and love being caught. just not by the police. :) every job I have had since being a teen I always let myself be caught my last week before I quit. turned me on coming to work the rest of the week with the rumors flying. I have sucked guy off andbeen caught too, that fun too.
Getting Caught
Seems that one of the hottest times I had was several years ago, when I was in a LTR, and my partner came home during lunch unexpectedly and walked in on a hot guy sucking my dick. It was a scene, and my friend freaked and bolted faster than lightning, but I found a vicarious thrill in being caught. I secretly desired my partner to join us instead of stopping the action. Ever thought how fun it would be if your husband or wife came in unexpectedly and also got turned on by it? It could be an accidental discovery of MMF or MFF interest! Alternatively, being caught if in a public or semi public place would be fun, so long as it wasn't law enforcement. Yikes. But to have a hot guy walk in on two guys jacking off in the public restroom, or knowing that the people you are staying with on vacation (old college roommate, huh?) was trying to peek in the door of the guest room you were staying in, just to watch you and yours go at it, hoping he'd be invited. After all, he can vividly remember knowing that you were wacking off some nights in that bed, and he pretended to be asleep, but the hardon that he had wouldn't go away. The ideas go on and on. Write me with thoughts, or better yet, do a journal entry here. Hope you have fun... Laughing
Having sex in public places can be a lot of fun especially if there is the danger of getting caught. :)
Public Masturbation
I love to masturbate whenever the need strikes my fancy, however, in public the trick is not to get caught or often anyone... :)
Fingering Women In Public Places
For some reason unknown to me I just love having any kind of sex in public! my guess would be the chance of getting caught?
Male Nude Flashing
I'm always taking the risk of being caught sunbathing in the nude in sei public secluded areas...ðŸ”ĨðŸ”ĨðŸ”Ĩ💋ðŸĪŠðŸ ˜Ž


Thank you for the reminder. Scott & I have decided to sign up for the lifetime membership. I believe that I have completed the transaction appropriately and will be mailing you the payment for $99.99 tomorrow. By the way, thank you for creating this site. Both of us work a lot of hours and even though we are a good looking, hot couple, we are having difficulty meeting people with similar interest. This site is especially helpful when looking for another bi male. My husband and I are not keen on the idea of admitting this desire to the general public. Thank you for opening this door of communication, we hope to at least chat with some interesting people that share this same frame of mind. Take care.