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Married Bisexual Dating Sites

Married Bisexual Dating Sites on Bisexual PlaygroundMarried Bisexual Dating Sites on Bisexual Playground
Hey there and thanks for checking me out. Although I've had some success on mainstream dating sites I often find myself in the familiar predicament of when do I tell them I'm bi and what's the best way to do it. I've also used alternative sites, but even on some of those bisexual men are looked at with instant disapproval. Hopefully this site won't be the same as most bisexual dating sites that have very few members actively using it and people willing to be who they're.
I am a bisexual married woman looking for other women to have some relationships, and possibly some fun. Even though I am married, my husband will not be involved. I am open and honest with the right person and just tired of all the sites leading to the porno sites. I want to meet real people.
I'm here because I'm absolutely over conventional dating sites that treat bisexual men with complete disrespect.
Trans-attracted divorced bisexual male, have been closeted about it, so I mostly have been trying to date closeted crossdressers, and soon after I started looking on the dating sites, I realized that would be fun for me also, so I like to dress up too. I'm versatile and prefer to play with others who like variety.
Hey there 20yo male. new to the online dating sites. Im just checking it out
I am fun and love to try new things . I am getting bored with regular dating sites and not finding anyone I like . I like both men and women .....I go towards women more . I would like to find someone to be with in a relationship and settle down but dating and looking can be fun to. I am very outgoing and act like my Aries personality all the way . I don't like to stay home much and like to travel as much as possiable. FantasyFest in Key West is coming up and I will be there for sure . I love festivals and fun events . I am very girly girl and not low matience at all .XoXo
I am looking for a woman near Glen Burnie who is looking for a friendship with the option to be intimate. I don't want a woman who enjoys jumping from bed to bed. I am looking for a long-term friendship. I am not really looking for a threesome unless I am attracted to both the man and woman. They would need to be a married couple who are not swingers who are always looking for another male or female. If there is a better site to find what I am looking for, please let me know. I have tried dating sites for heterosexuals and have only found women who are looking for life partners. I need a woman who is truly bisexual.
I have been on many many bisexual dating sites. None have helped, so I am trying this. Me and my boyfriend are looking for a bi Female or bi curious female for good fun, and maybe more. We are looking for someone in Ohio. If you are interested, please contact us.:D
So ive been looking around multiple sites, traditional dating sites, hookup sites, everywhere i could find that didnt require a credit card, and have had no luck finding someone im legit interested in whos also interested in me. is it something im doing wrong or is it just bad luck??
why don't more bi men want to receive anal??? I understand that it's not something that everyone is into, male or female... and of course you'd want to work up to it, but I would think that a man who has an interest in cock would want more than just a little lick. I suppose this is coming from my female perspective... I want more than just a little lick of a good hard cock; I want it inside of me!

I am married, and my husband is now bisexual. My own bisexual interests led us to these sites, and he and I have explored this together. He loves anal as much as I do, which is wonderful for us when playing together. However we have found it rather difficult to find other men who 1.) admit to being bi-curious or bisexual (of course this site has many more honest men than other sites on that count!), and 2.) enjoy or are willing to explore anal pleasures. It's disappointing to chat with folks and then find out that they only want to suck him off, or even worse: are 'willing' to suck him off in order to be with me.

Anyone have any insight? -kellie
Well, I guess that's the end of that. I never heard back from her. Even a simple no thank you would have been nice.

I'm now telling women I meet on these online dating sites that I am bisexual from the very start.

I want to thank everyone who posted replies, and shared your stories with me.
Hopefully, one day I too can find happiness in a relationship with someone who is understanding of my sexual preference. :)
I am single. I have been engaged 3 times and regrettably none of them worked out. I'd love to be married. Tired of the single life. I've not dated for over 20 years. I've tried dating sites online and they are a joke. I'm considering traveling to asia and finding a mate there.


Bisexual Married Men
I have been married to my wife for 25 yrs and I have to say that it has been wonderfully fun and sexually charged. However, as my wife realizes she does not have a penis and that I enjoy not only Blowjob on a beautiful thick hard Cock but that I Love having a hard thick throbbing Cock sliding in and out of my ass. She has consented to allow me to enjoy myself in this lifestyle with other men and will sometimes join in on the fun if she feels comfortable with a bisexual male we have befriended. Therefore, I am (we are) looking for bisexual single men and married bisexual men who honestly have their wives permission to play and have fun with sexually... ;)
Bisexual Swing Clubs
We are a married bi couple in Eastern NC. We know there is NO Bisexual swing club in the area, however we would like to know the best site to go to to meet bisexual couples. Hug
Mature Married Bi-females
Being married to a bisexual man I am interested in finding another mature Female who is bisexual or bi-curious that would be willing to teach me the joys of making love to another woman...
Hi, Bill here. Bisexual married male. oral but can enjoy most all pleasures. Looking for another bi or bi-curious married or attached male for a "friend with benefits". Looking for someone in or near Johnstown. Hug
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Dating nowadays is so difficult. Many think that just because you go out to search for someone on the internet, you're desperate. I say that's not the way it happens! I'm one who likes to get to know my partners before I have sex with them for safety and complete compatibility! Here in Milwaukee, I'd love to have a sex party with couples, but being bisexual means I need to watch what I'm doing. If you are interested in meeting me, and you are a couple who is open to many different things, send me a hello! I'd love to hear from you! Hug Kiss
Male Female Couples
I had my first bisexual (as opposed to homosexual) activity when I was involved with a married couple with a bi man. ...I had a wonderful time with them and had lots of mutual oral with the man and grew to enjoy it, so II sought out similar couples. Since then I have had many good relationships with couples and have helped many a man to learn to enjoy the pleasures of bisexual swinging.


Dear Bill and Pattie, thank you for your kind and prompt response. Your site is by far among the best dating sites I belong to and will give it a shot for the next 30 days. Thanks again. J-p