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Bisexual Playground Chat RoomBisexualPlayground has the most warm and welcoming chat rooms for bisexuals and bi-curious people on the internet.  You are bound to make friends, meet other people who share your interests.  Our rooms are fun and easy to use, with emoji support, the ability to share pictures, and instant message other chatters.

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Jerking Chat Room on Bisexual PlaygroundJerking Chat Room on Bisexual Playground
Got this thing about wanting to be naked in the same room as a guy jerking off in front off me.
I am entreprenuer minded and can easily be talked into submission with the right woman talking to me.I like to masturbate on my webcam but its just not enough for me anymore,I want to experience a lesbian act with me in the same room and possibly participate with the two women.I think that rimming and fingering ass's is highly erotic and will make me cum almost immediately.but my partner is not into these acts ,so I resort to j/o in chat rooms on my cam hoping to link up with a woman on her cam masturbating as well.I'm not interested in paysites or pornbots and I dont want to see another guy sucking or jerking off either.I do have to be discreetabout the arrangements as well no one and i state no one knows of this feeling but me and now the millions of viewers whom have seen this description of me.
I travel for business and am always looking for some adult fun when I am in my hotel room. I enjoy oral (giving as well as receiving) on females. I haven't been with men yet, but am a bit curious. May be start slow, jerking off...
Hi,i am 5' 10",178 lbs,blue eyes greying hair.I am very Bi-Curious,and like to fantasise about Bi experiences.I find myself Stroking.Would like to find and chat to another with same interests.I like Smooth as i am mostly smooth.I have about a 6.5" Cut.I would like to chat to someone my age or older to explore together.Some Mutual jerking would be nice.
6'4", 230, mod hairy, 6+ cut, usually big loads, like jerking with a buddy amd mutual jerking watching porn.
Love watching porn and jerking off. Clean, neat and nice. Looking for a jerk off and chat buddy. Ongoing and regular.
Well this is just my 2 cents for what its worth...I personally believe the conversation in the chat rooms is meant for the members in there only. Chat is not a place to provide others who choose not to participate entertainment.

Idling in chat after so long gets one booted so just coming in to watch the chat is not something I would suggest.

People do not need to see what is being said in a room before they "take the plunge." The rooms are chat rooms. Chat means have a room where others gather to talk.

When I go into chat, my intent is set to hold conversations with those in the room. It is not to allow myself to be spied upon by people I do not know who may or may not use what I say to a particular member as basis for them coming into the chat room or not.

Anyway, thats just mho

While the listing of members participating in the chat room is helpful to those who are considernig entering the room, it would be even more helpful to see the chat currently going on by those members. That would help in making the decision to join or not join the current group in the room. It would also give new members a preview of what goes on in the chat room before they take the plunge. And sometimes it's just enjoyable to watch the banter in the chat room without participating. Just a thought, folks.
What Mark Thinks:

I agree to a point tammy

If cybering is not allowed in the lobby then all words like cock, dick, pussy, Fuck etc...

Should be caught by the Chat program by reading the text to be sent and not allowed to be sent to the chat room.

the chat program should tell the user the text was not sent to the chat room, and why.

this will fix the problem (somewhat)

oh and "Pink Taco"

And for the other side

Personally I think some mods might be a bit too strict and where something that was just play-full chat turned into the chat room then being emptied. i have not seen the chat room being used for hard core Cybering where someone was masterbating as they were chating.

Disclamer: I also don't own this site so it's just my 2 cents
The IM feature is used for other reasons besides cyber and to say one is horny! lol

When I try to answer an IM I end up with a complete new full page that I cannot minimize opening up. This full page blocks the chat room so I cannot follow chat which defeats my main purpose for being in the chat room.

Having the ability to whisper (in other words keep any private convo with someone in chat right there in the chat room) would make it a lot easier. As a moderator I would not need someone to send me an IM from another network to let me know I am needed in chat.

If a member in chat has a question they want to keep private, they can whisper. If you get a bad email, have a member harassing you, have a need to ask the moderator in chat a question, it can all be done quietly without anyone else knowing what you are doing.

Being able to whisper, one could hold private conversations with more than one person.

No one in the chat room would even know if anyone is whispering unless they are the ones doing it so why it would even matter is beyond me.
I'm on another site that has a video chat room, and what generally happens is those people tend to overflow into the other chat rooms and cause a disturbance. What i've found and this is only my experience with this kind of set up, video chatters are usually major attention whores and they disrupt the flow of chat. If and it's a big if, the webbies ever decided to allow video chat i sure hope that it would be contained to 1 room and 1 room only. It's hard enough to chat without a pic parade ensuing, so can only imagine if you had to deal with pics AND vidoe!
biddy most common problem with the chat room is its supported by java so if the chat room is loading but you cant chat then you have to dl the java softwar which is free that might help you with the chat room issue as far as emails go not to sure about never had any issues with the emails here hope some one ells can help you with that.
nice to see a tsgirl in stroudsburg ;-) email me when you get that working


Getting Caught
Got caught by my old room mates girlfriend while riding a huge dildo and jerking my dick.
Men Masturbating For Women
I have had this fantasy for a long time. Maybe I read it somewhere or something but it sticks in my mind. I am to serve a room full of professionally dressed women completely naked. I have drinks on a tray, when serving every once in a while the women who are talking to each other reach out and rub my cock or balls This makes me very hard. I am told that I wasn't suppose to be hard, so now I will have to perform. I am to stand in front of the room of about 8 - 12 completely dressed women. They all focus on me as I am told to close my eyes and rub my own cock. I am really getting into jerking off (both in reality and in the story at this point) when I am told to open my eyes...alls these women are focused on what I am doing. It is too much for me, but before I cum, I am told that I need to cum in one of their wine glasses...which I barely make it over to. I shot a huge I have the option of drinking the glass or being screwed in the ass. It is then that I notice another naked man in the back of the women....what to do. I rearly make it to the wine glass when I am jerking off to this idea...
Glory Holes
Hot Some Great Spots in San Jose...and this tall horny guy will take you there! just let me know....not pushy..:) really enjoying chatting with folks in the chat room and look forward to meeting you in person...
Caught By Family Member
Many moons ago I was staying at my Aunt's house. She was just divorced so my mom had me stay with her for a little while. I was almost 13 woke up hard so I started jerking I looked up and saw my Aunt looking so I stopped. She said keep going and walked over and sat on the bed and watched licking her red lips. This happened a few times. Then one morning she woke me up by jerking my cock then she wrapped her red lips around it. After that every time I went over I got a good morning blow job. Through the years she showed me alot about sex till she remarried. But every so often she would give me a bj.
Caught By Family Member
My sister and I had been fucking for about six months. We were in the living room with my sis bouncing on my cock. Mom never got home early so we figured we’d be daring. Well mom came home early, sis saw her and smiled. Mom watched for a few minutes and just said to come talk to her when we finished. We did and went into her room still naked, and my cum running down sis leg. Mom asked how it started, and how long we’d been fucking. She said she was shocked sis wasn’t pregnant yet since it was obvious no protection was used. She made an appointment for sis to get on the pill. That night we had a family conversation and it was decided sis would move into my room and her room would be kept for appearance.
Mommy/Boy Role Play
any ladies want to chat with a younger bi guy please feel free to email me, would love to chat


What they like best about the site: the chat room wooooooohooooooo