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Men Tied Up in Pantyhose Tube

Men Tied Up in Pantyhose Tube on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Tied Up in Pantyhose Tube on Bisexual Playground
I like to hold hands tied together with my partner touching tongues and noses french kissing having our legs tied together as well and wrestling while we're tied up
I’m 5 ft 10 in height , I’m married , red head , 165 lbs , all my life I have had a major pantyhose fetish , it started when I was 9 years old , I would get my moms worn pantyhose and wear them , pantyhose has always turned me , I masturbated with them , I love the way they look on women and men , love to sniff my wife’s worn hosiery , and jerk off with them , I love the way my legs look with them on , the feel of them On my legs and cock , I love the look of pussy and cocks in pantyhose, I want to suck a pantyhose covered cock , hose of any kind turn me on
i want hosed persons m or female,..pantyhose, pantyhose pantyhose
Bi curious guy looking to take it slow in exploring this side of me. Love to wear pantyhose and love both men and women in pantyhose. Nothing sexier than wearing pantyhose. Very interested in a couple where the woman and I can "share" the man
I have an intense pantyhose fetish and really want to suck a hot, hard cock through pantyhose, while completely feminized and bound. Love everything pantyhose and want to meet others, all orientations and genders, who share this fetish and a love of bondage. In the southwest.
A closet CD that is finally able to come out of the closet. I am free to indulge my love for crossdressing (pantyhose and heels a must!) and enjoy myself. Still not able to host, but can still enjoy being a CD! I would love to meet others who could help me with CDing! I also have an affection for bondgage, I just love being tied up while I am dressed and playing the damsels in distress.
I'm a male looking for a women to force crossed dress me completely head to tow , bondage, strap on , sissifaction , would love to be hog tied and force to suck cock while she humiliate me with her girls and huge strap on . From North Houston area,
I have a major pantyhose Fitish, An love wearing several pairs tied up with gaged with em , would all so love to be tied down in front of a group dressed i pantyhose and completely like a girl and forced to be penatrated for hrs on in with a sexmachine
I just enjoyed some pantyhose sex! Had my cock sucked and drain while it was still covered by my pantyhose then returned the favor like wise. Then had my pantyhose ripped panties dropped and then OMG!
I will give you my opinion. I do have my HOOD pierced which is the skin above my clit and have had it now for 4 years. I absolutely Love it and have had nothing but wonderful responses from men and women enjoying looking and playing with it. I have no decreased sensitivity if anything it's much more sensitive. I have a curved barbell in it don't want a ring. I will say if she's looking to do this one make sure she does her research because there is a wrong way to do this. Make sure she goes to a good piercer who she is comfortable with because it is VERY personal(on either piercing) make sure they sterilize everything in front of her and use a receiving tube NOT clamps if the needle goes through and nicks the clit she could lose all feelings during sex and so make sure they have the receiving tube(just a plastic tube that goes between the clit and hood so when the needle feeds through it goes in the tube not her clit. I will not lie it was the most painful piercing I've ever had but worth every second of it! Hope I have helped even a little.
why do you think wearing pantyhose is unusual, I have been wearing them for the past 14 years and know a lot men who also wear them. I have a friend that owns a company that makes pantyhose for men, So I don't see anything unusual about it. I have been wearing pantyhose and women's short shorts in public for 8 or 9 years, so get out there and enjoy your pantyhose.
have been on all 4s but have also been tied to a saw horse (there's a name for it but i can't remember it) bent over it and tied ankles tied and men used me for over 2 hours never got to see some of them they just lubed up and slid in me till the came. my friend untied me after and told me what a good bottom sub i was and he would do it again for me.
I fuck a woman in the ass and did not make a mess . Just use some lube and go in slowly. On Amazon they sell anal clean tube kits . You just connected to the shower and stick the cleaning tube inside your ass and flushed with warm water few times


Being Tied Up
I've never been tied up before. I love it when I feel helpless and totally dependent on someone. Being tied up, not knowing when you'll be untied or what a person will do to you while your tied, WOULD BE A TURN ON. Lindawantabe
Forced Sex
I would love to be tied up and forced to suck and fuck hands are tied and my legs are tied open.. so i have to take cock in my mouth pussy and ass...and swallow cum..
Kinky Sex
I love being the Submissive in a B/D S/M relationship with men,women couples or groups. I've been ask what do you want done once you are tied up.My answer is if I'm tied tight enough you can do whatever you want. My purpose of being tied up is to be totally at the mercy of my Mistress, Master. And yes pain and or humiliation is expected. How far would you go once I'm bound,I'd love to find out
M-M-M Threesomes
One of my favorites as well. But one of the best times was the first time I was tied up. I was with two friends that had done me before so I was comfortable when the tied me to a coffee table on my back with my head hanging ogg the edge backwards, and ly legs tied up exposing my ass. They proceeded to take turns fucking my ass until one came over and shoved his cock into my moaning mouth and throat. That soon followed with loads of cum! :) Happy times.
Men In Pantyhose
Got turned on to pantyhose after stumbling upon A stiff cock in pantyhose really turned me on so I tried my girlfriend's on. They feel wonderful against my skin and cock, would like to rub my foot up and down another in nylons. Would love to drop to my knees...
Men In Pantyhose
Hey there...I'm wearing nothing but suntan sheer pantyhose right now...I love wearing pantyhoseand knowing another guy islooking at my nylon cock butt n legs..cock looks hot in pantyhose


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!