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Men in Stockings and Panties

Men in Stockings and Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundMen in Stockings and Panties on Bisexual Playground
im a 61 year old who loves to dress up in sexy panties, thigh high stockings and a bra. I have been married since i was 19, and have had these thoughts going thru my mind for years. i would go to the adult book store in dallas and watch gay movies wearing panties and stockings under my jeans and would slip them off and wait for some fag to come over and feel me off. sometimes i would play with their cocks, it was such a turn on having their cock in my hands, feeling it getting hard, i wanted to suck it but i was to afried to. my wife passed away 9 years ago and i haven't had sex with another person since then. now i want to do want i have alway thought about, being with another guy in panties doing everything i had wanted to do, sucking and fucking with a man in panties.
I like nylon stocking and nylon panties . I play in stocings and panties 3 times a week . My girl loves to play with me in stockings and panties . My girl also loves nylon stockings and panties . I would like to have a relationship that has no demands on or drama and enjoy the time with a crossdressers , coples that enjoy crossdressing and a bi girl in her 50s . My girl would like to try girl on girl . She loves big wemon with bib tites.
I'm a guy who loves and wears bras, panties and stockings. Most of my wardrobe consists of women's clothing. I'm attracted to male anatomy, but not the male attached, if that makes since. I'm still attracted to women in every way. I'm not sure where i'm at in the crossdressing or fetish world, but all i know is that i couldn't or can't imagine a day without wearing panties, bras and stockings. It's exciting and a huge turn on for me.
Bi sexual male who enjoys wearing sexy panties/stockings and enjoying sucking cocks in panties
we are a mid 20's bi cup in tucson we luv to get kinky and wild i like to dress up in her panties and stockings ooo it turns her on so much she likes to put her dildo's down her panties and make me rub her cock
I am 5'10" 180 lbs,,clean shaved,,not panties and stockings sometimes,,,love xxx bookstores and hglory holes,,,panties are sometimes very hot,,,mostly a submissive but always so horny for cocks or cunts
I was 55 when my step daughter caught me in her thongs and stockings.i was in her bed jerking off when she walked in on me I was shocked when she walked in but she closed the door and said does mom know your in my bed and wearing my panties and stockings I said nope she joined me on the bed and sucked my cock for was nice having a 23 year old sucking on my then she alls me up when she needs something moved upstairs in her little word to let me know she has new panties for me to wear for her so she can suck me off again.
Yes please. I get hard even when I'm alone in panties. Stockings are even better. I had a friend who used to dress me up for his pleasure and now and then I'd wear a camisole or stockings under my normal clothes always wondering if anyone would notice. Did my pant leg slide up and flash some stocking or did my shirt hang down at the hardware store and maybe someone saw my cami or maybe did another guy see my panties flash when I went to the restroom? All very exciting to help fill those cockless days.
I love my panties, and my stockings and my bras and camisols and body stockings,
I'm in pink lacey panties and stockings with three beautiful TS Ladies with huge cocks. They are teasing me and telling me how cute I look in my panties and stockings...I get on all 4's across one of their laps on a couch and start to get spanked. One gets in front of me and makes me suck her big cock. The other one gets behind me and helps the one spanking me, by playing with my panties. Telling me I have a nice tight asshole as she fingers me. And then telling me I look like such a naughty little girl, its more like a pussy. They are verbally humiliating me as I suck all three of them and get my panties pulled down. They take turns fucking my pussy, double teaming my mouth, making me gag and choke on their cocks, double teaming my pussy until they cum all over my face and deep in me.
I started out just wearing panties and I did so for a couple of years. Then a gf of mine turned up one day with some sexy lingerie and stockings. After getting me dressed in a basque with matching panties and stockings. we had the greatest sex. It was some time later that I bought a selection of lingerie and started dressing occasionally. As time went on I found myself dressing every day which now included dresses, heels and makeup.
thank you all for showing us your panties,,,, very. very pretty
love wearing my panties , bra, stockings, and high heeeels,,,,,,,,LOL


Males In Panties
I've always had a liking to womens panties, especially the lacy kind. I have grown to liking stockings and high heels now. Would love to find someone that could help me fulfill this fantasy. To wear panties all the time and to wear stockings and heels around trhe house. A big turn on for me.
Men Wearing Lingerie
Jack off buddies wearing panties and stockings
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
I'm looking for another slim guy who enjoys satin panties and stockings as much as I do.
Forced Crossdresing
love to cross dress in blk stockings blk nylon panties & mini skirts if in the uk & are intrested email me
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
I would like to play with another crossdresser while both wearing garterbelt, stockings, silky panties. Nylon nightgown or slip would be nice, too. Mutual fun.😜
Bi Men Or Couple To Make Me Their Slave
I love to deepthroat huge cock dressed in panties or sexy stockings and dress while she gets fucked and loads of cumm to slurp off her


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