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Bisexual Playground is a great place to discover gloryholes in your area.  Our members share their favorite glory hole locations with one another, be they at adult theaters, bookstores, adult shops, or private locations.  There's nothing quite as thrilling as getting your dick sucked by a stranger, or sucking a stranger's dick through a hole in the wall.  Join our site and connect with others who share their favorite glory hole locations.

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I'm from North Philly , and I'm looking for a glory hole in philaldelphia area .. I love glory hole . looking for glory hole rest room , glory hole cinema or thearters. Glory hole in video store and in public parks .. I live being suck and I love to fuck women and man...
My girl wants a glory hole creampie. It's her ultimate fantasy. After she gets her solo glory hole gangbang I want to share a glory hole stall with her! I'm so tired of fantasizing about dick, I'm ready to try some!
Bisexual college freshman looking for anonymous glory hole sex. I can only do glory hole sex cause im very active in my community and i dont want a scandal sorry.
Anon glory hole I have a private glory hole set up Laporte Indiana love to throat
Hi i am a junior in college looking for a glory hole near me in north east nj. i’m bi curious and want to try sucking dick but only via glory hole meet up. wouldn’t be opposed to meeting up with a woman/trans woman either.
Hello. I've never been to a glory hole and really want to suck me a nice fat cock either at a glory hole or anywhere u want
I have a glory hole I can set up in my apartment if that’s the experience you’re looking for. Just come in, stick your cock through the hole and I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll almost fall down. I never see you. You never see me. Just a quick blow and go. Let me know when you’d like to use my glory hole and we’ll set it up. Totally discreet. Does this sound like what you’re looking for?
Looks like you have a nice cock I would love to be on the receving side of a glory hole with that hanging threw the hole honey.
Looking for homemade Glory Holes to try in and around the Gadsden, Bham area. I am making one and would love some visitors with big hard cocks. Must be clean , ddf and discreet. I am in the Springville area. My homemade Glory Hole opens around 8::30pm. Come test the hole. Serious inquiries only. We can also let you be the giver. Hit me up for directions. Males , females and couples are welcome. Sloppy, slobber drooling deepthroat gagging spit dripping glory hole. Mmmmmm
I grew tired of looking. EVERYTHING is closed.! And, after going through a lot of messages on various websites, I discovered that I wasn't the only one looking. There are a LOT of people searching for a good glory hole. So I made my own glory hole in my garage and posted it on a local website. Oh my God! The business I got!!! All you have to do is open the garage door, come into my garage, close and lock the door behind yourself, you'll see the glory hole setup. Do your thing and leave. If anyone decides to try the same thing, be prepared to be BUSY!
I love sitting at a glory hole waiting to see what is going to come thru the hole. My craziest experience was one day when I took a lunch break and went to suck dick at a glory hole. I’m married and on the down low. I started sucking this young dick throug the hole. I whispered thru the hole and asked if he wanted to come in my booth and fuck my ass! I heard his door open which I knew meant yes! You can imagine my shock and dismay when I opened my door to see a young guy who works with me standing there! He smiled said bend over and he fucked my ass!
The only time I ever went to a glory hole it was with a curious female and although I never used the glory hole nor did she we had a great time in a room down the hall set aside for other accomodations.It was great.She
got her fantsy fulfilled, seeing a guy suck and fuck another guy and I got
everything I could have dreampt of.Yay Yay Yay for the glory holes


Glory Holes New Jersey
The last glory hole i attended was up stairs in a porno book store in New Orleans. I was on a honeymoon with my new bi wife. We went upstairs, she and i both sucked cock (cum) more than once through the hole. What a great time, seeing your wife suck cock thru a glory hole. The only woman that ever did that with me. We are divorced now but i still do glory holes anytime i can find one!
Glory Hole Etiquette
In Raleigh there are a lot of Glory holes. I have been to Pecasus and it is hit or miss but safe. I have enjoyed a few really nice cocks there. Once through a hole and once I just went up to some guy and asked if he wanted his cock sucked and he said yes and we just went into the booth together instead of using the glory hole and I pulled his pants down and got on my knees and gave him a wonderful one hour blow job that was so good. In fact I could see where the guys in the booths next to us were curious and began watching me through the glory hole instead of the movies that were on. I wish I could have sucked them all. Trust me no cum dripped on the floor. Yummmm.
Glory Holes Florida
Love to find a glory hole near Gainesville FL. Have a yearning to get a mouth and ass full at a glory hole.
Glory Holes Colorado
does anyone have / know a private / public glory hole setup around Longmont? never been to one before, thinking about trying out a glory hole. having anonymous sex, getting a bj / hj / fucking at a glory hole, is just to hot to think about. any private / public gloryholes setup in Longmont should be fine, send a message if you have a gloryhole setup / know about one in Longmont (cock is 4 inches, unshaved, can shave you if prefer. can use condoms / lube if you prefer)
Glory Holes Florida
Heard there was a public glory hole in Deerfield Beach , FL somewhere. Anyone have any information on this? I've tried the adult bookstore ones... looking for a real authentic glory hole out somewhere public....
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
hello,guys I like to find a adultbook store with glory hole in N.E. PA. I live north of Harrisburg PA. Please e-mail and let me know of any.had a few times at bookstore,Adult,ones. Think it is hot at times with the right guy, but with a glory hole you dont need to think of the guy but that hard cock sticking out;),thanks 4 your time bye.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!